The "Brave Lady" (Japanese: ブレイヴレイディ Brave Lady) is a monster that appears Postgame in Uncharted Ices. It is one of the hardest and most annoying monsters in the game, due to its Sacae's Blessing.

Defeating it relinquishes a pair of Mii eyes, a nose and a mouth.


It looks exactly like Brave Lyn in Fire Emblem Heroes with Lyn's face blanked out. It is surrounded by a brown frame. On its face is a pair of Mii eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Enemy statistics


Action Name Description
Attack Hits a Mii with its frame corner.
Quake A frame corner hits the ground and damages the whole party with wooden spikes.
Fascinate (auto) When it activates, instead of the Mii attacking the monster, it becomes fascinated and distracted at the painting, causing this monster to counterattack.
Sacae's Blessing All skills that allow a party to shoot more than two times consecutively, the second hit and onwards will always miss. (eg. Lend a Hand, Double Scratch, Pincer, Hot Shot etc.)

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