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"Flower" Tree is a fan-made monster that can be found in the Miitopia Tales DLC. It's one of the bosses in Tale 1: Besmirched Noble's Son. It's accompanied by two Nose Rocks during battle.

The Besmirched Noble's Son is basically hopeless against it, so regardless of battle result, the tale will keep going. The King and his Royal Supports will then arrive to assist the Besmirched Noble's Son in the next attempt. Be wary that this monster can still inflict huge damage to the Besmirched Noble's Son, so Safe Spot usage is still necessary.


It's a tall pine tree partially covered in snow. It has green leaves and brown trunk. It has two elongated branches that function as its hands. It moves with its roots.

In Tale 1, the guest Mii (a Flower) has their face attached to it.


Reaching the end of the first half causes the guest Mii to lose their face and have it attached to this monster. There are two boss fights involving it.

The first one is fought with the Besmirched Noble's Son alone. Regardless of result, it's a treated as a loss for him until the King and his two Royal Supports join him in the second one. Defeating this monster frees the Flower's face.

Afterwards, the Flower Mii admits that they're too exhausted to continue, but the Besmirched Noble's Son assures them that he can continue on his own. While the Flower Mii is disappointed that they can't finish their own adventure, they assure the Nobleboy that he can do better. Meanwhile, the King tries to tag along, only to be unable to enter the next part of the cave due to the hole being too small for him.


Action name Description
Attack Inflicts physical damage on one party member.
Snowfall (auto) Starts the battle by generating snowfall, which lasts for the whole battle. Characters and monsters that can't stand the cold will take damage after finishing their turn.
Grass Flute

Plays calming music with its branches, putting a Mii to sleep. Does not always work.

A sleeping Mii will use up their turn sleeping, allowing them to recover HP and MP. Wears off after said turn is over or if they get attacked in this state.

One More Time! (auto) Allows this monster to perform two actions in one turn, each aimed at a different target.

The Besmirched Noble's Son, the Left Royal Support, and both Nose Rocks this monster is accompanied with are susceptible to snowfall damage. Safe Spot allows the player to negate this on one of the Mii characters, though.