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"Lone Wizard" Star is a fan-made monster that can be found in the Miitopia Tales DLC. It's one of the bosses in Tale 1: Besmirched Noble's Son. It's fought alone.


It's a cartoony yellow star with the Lone Wizard's face on it. It's always seen floating mid-air.


Upon reaching the deepest part of Magic Cave Depths, the Besmirched Noble's Son begins calling out for the Lone Wizard, the person he has been looking for, only to be greeted by this monster.

Defeating this monster will free the Lone Wizard's face.


Action name Description
Attack Inflicts physical damage on one party member.
Psychokinesis Inflicts magic damage on one party member. If the target is "dizzy", the damage is multiplied by 1.5x.
Speed Star Quickly rams into one party member. Despite making contact, it inflicts magic damage.

Inflicts this monster with a "sleep" status, allowing it to recover HP and removing negative status effects like "weakened". This status wears off after either a turn has passed or this monster gets hit in this state.

Has a random chance of being used when its current HP is less than half its max HP.


Inflicts magic damage on one party member. Has a low chance of inflicting "dizziness".

Dizzy Mii characters have a random chance of tripping when attempting to attack, causing them to take damage instead. Wears off after a few turns.

Since this boss is fought alone, it's highly recommended that the Besmirched Noble's Son stats are well-invested with grub before attempting to battle it. Especially on Magic, as this boss abuses magic attacks. Another way to reduce damage taken is by "weakening" it with Yell, which this boss is susceptible to. Be wary of its Mindpower + Psychokinesis combo if the former skill manages to inflict "dizziness", considering that Safe Spot is unusable due to the party only consisting of the Besmirched Noble's Son alone. Unlike most bosses, this boss lacks the "One more time!" trait.

Once its HP drops down to half its max, try to deplete the rest of its HP as quickly as possible because at this point it has a random chance of sleeping mid-battle to restore large amounts of HP and can even remove its "weakened" status if the boss still has it.