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"Lost Elf" Phantom is a fan-made monster that can be found in the Miitopia Tales DLC. It is a boss monster in Tale 3: Youngest Fab Fairy. It is encountered three times throughout the tale, where the last encounter has it split up into three parts that are fought simultaneously. Despite being split up, the stats aren't split into each part, and they're also powered up. The tale's explanation for this is due to it absorbing the intense heat from the deepest part of Source Cave as power.


It is a foggy-looking ghostly being colored dark gray. It has claw-like hands. In its full form, the Lost Elf's entire face is attached to it.

In the final encounter, it splits up into three parts. One part holds the eyes, eyebrows and glasses (if any), one holds the nose and other non-glasses miscellaneous Mii parts (moustache, etc.), while another one holds the mouth. Its hands are retained on the one part with the nose and miscellaneous Mii parts.


Action name Description
Attack Inflicts damage on one party member.
Eerie Light Makes one Mii dizzy. Dizzy Mii characters have a random chance of stumbling instead of performing an action, inflicting damage on themselves.
Dark Look

Locks a Mii out from using the Safe Spot. Normally lasts for the whole battle, but wears off if another Mii is inflicted by this status. Can be stacked with other status effects.

Only used by "Lost Elf" Phantom's Eyes.

Night Head

A sinister ramming attack. Damage is equal to the targeted Mii's current level, thus it ignores Defense and its buff (like Forest Aegis).

In split-up form, this is only used by "Lost Elf" Phantom's Nose.

Tongue Lick

Lick a Mii to inflict physical damage. May induce "scared" status on the affected Mii. Scared Mii characters cannot perform any action until the status wears off.

In split-up form, this is only used by "Lost Elf" Phantom's Mouth.

One More Time! (auto)

Allows this monster to perform two actions in one turn, each aimed at a different target.

Only used by "Lost Elf" Phantom's Nose.

Its full form can use all of the possible skills except Dark Look but lacks the "One more time!" trait. Its low HP is offset with its high magic resistance, high Speed, and annoying status effects, considering that the Youngest Fab Fairy fights this form on her own (meaning no Safe Spot usage).

Meanwhile, its split-up form, despite the Youngest Fab Fairy being helped by the Eldest Fab Fairy, who can inflict massive damage on either part (if not outright defeating it) using non-magic attacks, can still outspeed the two just as well as its full form. In this form, the stats are not divided. In fact, each part's stats basically gain a boost compared to its full form's stats. While they retain their relatively low HP despite the boost, they make up for it by having more ways to annoy the player. Dark Look from the Eyes part will prevent healing via Safe Spot without fail, and the status can be stacked with another negative status effect, preventing recovery from it either. Thankfully, the Dark Look's effect wears off if the other Fab Fairy is affected, so use that chance to recover using Safe Spot if needed. Meanwhile, the Nose part can perform two actions in one turn, giving it more chances of annoying the party.