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"Prince" Mummy (Japanese:「王子」ミイラ `Ōji' mīra) is a boss is Miitopia: Elven Retreat. It is the Prince from a Nearby Land's brainwashed monster form.

It appears as the boss of the hidden path in Underground Maze.


This Mummy resembles the Prince, by wearing his hat and having a similar colour of bandage. Its mouth is huge, taking up most of its body. It has four large visible teeth and seem to be hollow inside. It wears the Prince from a Nearby Land's face.


The Genie and Prince.

After the struggle of finding the Genie and attempting to stop his hypnotic ways, he controls the Cursed Prince to become a monster. To find where it is hiding, you need to find a lever. Pulling it will open the secret path to the boss.

After the fight, stealthily grab it's feather and later tickle the Prince with it fully removing the hypnotic sence from his body.

Restoring his face will bring normality back to him, until the Town's faces end up getting stolen by the Dark Lord.


  • The "Prince" Mummy enters the battle, jumping around, trying to bite the Fairies. If it successfully bite them, they would be idle for about 5-10 seconds.
  • Sometimes, they end up also swallowing your bow whole and you won't get it back for some time. Weaponless fairies cannot use skills and use a weak barehanded attack. When defeated or after a while, it spits out its catch.
  • The mummy spits a sparkly fire at all fairies, dealing moderate damage.

This enemy has a high chance of dropping Mummy Jerky ★, and a slightly lower chance of dropping Mummy Jerky. The "uncommon ★" has more of a chance of dropping because its a boss.

Enemy Statistics

"Prince from a Nearby Land" Mummy
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
Mummy Enemy.png 350 45 20 12 26 Underground Maze



  • It is the final of the evil forms that the Prince from a Nearby Land went through. The first is is normal form, and the second is his Cursed form.
  • Without the feather containing the hypnotic sense, this enemy would just be a normal Mummy.
  • It has similar stats to the "Desert Celebrity" and "Dancing Guide" enemies, which is what they are inspired by.