The Ancient Golem is a powerful postgame boss that will appear at the end of the Labyrinth of Fear in Fiend's Call.

The Ancient Golem uses 'Boss III' as its theme.


It appears as a brown golem with one Mii eye and two smaller horns shaped like arms, which move with the boss.

Its arms can be broken in battle. Breaking the right arm causes it to stand upright.


Action name Description
Punch Requires either Arm to use.
Heavy damage to 1 Mii.
Bodyslam Deals damage to 1 Mii and light damage to adjacent Miis.
Eye Lazer Identical to Tank's Lazer.
Fires a ray from its eye which damages the whole party.
Ironclad Guard The Golem shields its face with its head arms, halving damage for 1 turn.
Megaton Punch Requires either arm to use.
Charges on first turn. If 500 damage is not dealt, deals massive damage to three Miis.
If its other Arm is broken, the Golem falls for 1 turn after.
Ultra Lazer Identical to Tank's Ultra Lazer.
A red lazer deals high damage to the whole party.
Once/Twice More! (Auto) Attacks twice if an Arm is destroyed, thrice if both are.

Its arms can be struck separately and take 1 damage from most sources.

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