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(ALL OF THESE ANTI PIRACY MEASURES ARE FAN MADE) If the game is pirated or if the game detects cheating, these measures will be enabled. After beating the main story and resetting, if you bought the game legitimately, there will be a pop up notification saying "Do you wish to enable Anti-Piracy Measures? These can be toggled.".


Rarely, if you are idle for 3 hours, Cheater! will come after you. This virus is the most powerful and major virus explained in this wiki, and if you lose to it, it will hack your game. There is a small chance it will summon a Computer Coronavirus, explained soon in this page. No one likes getting this virus.

Error 23

Error 23 will come after you if you cheat with a cheating device, hack the game, or if you mess up the game's code. It is error 23 because somewhere 23 is a number of misfortune. He can summon MissingNo. And freeze your teammates, as well as send an actual virus to your device, look at the article for more information. Was inspired by MEMDATA, as well as slightly inspired by anti-piracy in maskaloop and harsh edition. Only comes after you if do

This is error 23

something wrong to your game, If you actually bought the game, you encounter his older sister, Error -23, in a secret glitch area, when she is not at her full power, because she is 23× more stronger than her brother, and her brother is supposed to be Impossible!

Evil Miis

Teammates will sometimes backstab you and join the monster side.

You will permanently lose a teammate and you will fight them lots of times.

It is impossible to replace them or make up with them.

This will keep happening more and more as you progress through the game more and more till the final boss fight and you have one teammate left and then they back stab you and join the bad guy and then you are out powered and, out numbered out planned. You get blasted to bits and the screen freezes right after you get blasted to bits and your save gets wiped and if you try again the same thing happens but then as soon as your screen freezes it will freeze longer then the first time and then the 3ds will go back to the home menu saying what it says when dust is in the circuits "an error has occurred. The system will now restart" and it restarts how it usually does except when it starts to turn back on a message will appear at the home menu that will say "?" then " :( " then " D: " then "why" then "you will be punished" then " D:< " then "good bye and good riddance" and will delete all the data that ever was on it and permanently turn off making it unplayable.

Toddler Miis

Miis will only do 1/8 of the damage they would have normally done. They also will never have any total HP higher than 17. While this is active, Miis will be very short with small bodies and big heads. Their dialogue will be replaced with "*coo, babble*" as well.


MEMDATA is an error handler. It has no stats, but it has a full move set of OHKO that will never miss. It only appears when the game's enemy generator has been tampered with or corrupted. It has the sprite of the first enemy you fought

Butter Hands

Miis will often drop their weapon, halving their damage. Combined with the Toddler Mii debuff, this makes all damage pitiful. Occasionally after a battle, a notification will say "____'s weapon was lost to the wind..." With the Mii in question on their knees with a sad expression. This means that the Mii's current weapon will be forever lost and the Mii will have to use their hands until they ask for a weapon.

Dissatisfying Food

Food will not fill your belly, but it won't raise stats either. In fact, some food will Decrease stats. All boss and Roaming Gourmet exclusive food will be replaced with Mushy Mulch. It significantly decreases most stats.


If the game detects cheating once, the Great Sage will appear on screen. He will have a stern expression and is waving his staff. He will say "You must cease this behavior! The Dark Lord is enough to worry about without you mucking about!" He will then fade away into a dark screen.

The game will reset any changes made by the cheating. If the game detects cheating again, the Great Sage will appear again with an angrier expression waving his staff faster. He will say "I told you to stop! This sort of acting will give you great punishment!"

If you cheat a third time, the Great Sage will appear onscreen. "I told you to stop and you didn't listen! This is your punishment! Time Reset!" His staff will glow bright red and the light engulfs the screen. The game file is reset.

If, for whatever reason, you cheat AGAIN, the Darkest Lord will appear on screen. "You failed to heed these warnings. Now take this as your eternal punishment!" The player will be thrown into the final battle without their job, allies or weapon. They will be at their base level. Naturally, the player will be demolished, soft locking the player into an endless loop of Game Overs. This will not cease until the player resets their game and reverses their cheating.


This only occurs during quizzes. If you get the answer of the 1st or 2nd question wrong on a quiz in a pirated copy, the game crashes and all save data will be deleted.

If you manage to get to the 3rd question however, the question will be "Are you a pirate?" and the only answers are "Yes" and "Yes." Both answers are WRONG.

In Who Am I? and Who Is It? only

All the miis will appear black and in a T-Pose state.

In General Knowledge only

Acts the same as usual, however the 3rd question is replaced by the are you a pirate question.

In Silhouette Shenanigans only

The mii appears in a T-Posing state and once the mii is revealed, it appears to be the dark lord.

(I will put more stuff in a page of this anti piracy measure)

Once you get the question wrong, the quizmaster says "You can't be a criminal at all. There is no escape." and the game crashes and all save data will be deleted.

In Ghastopia only

You will fight 10 maniac fiends at once, and there will be a permanent quarrel between the player mii and all other miis. For more information, Click here.

In the Blocktopia Series Only

Future Kub: ........

Future Kub: ........

Future Kub: ........Um........

Future Kub: ........

Future Kub: ........

Future Kub: ........So........ You know how like, you Corrupted the game........ Or something........?

Future Kub: ........

Future Kub: ........

Future Kub: ........ Well........ I-- I'm afraid I'll have to delete your Save File........ Even if you got very far into the game........

Future Kub: ........

Future Kub: ........

Future Kub: *Sigh* You did this to yourself........

(The game is then Deleted. If there isn't any save data, the 3DS Shuts Itself off.)

In Blocktopia Version II Only

There is an Exclusive Monster that will appear if you haven't scanned in an Amiibo Yet, acting as an Anti-Piracy Measure.

Click Here to learn more about it.

Kurta Ruin Expansion Only

If you lose to the Evil 5, a germ known as Computer Coronavirus will be sent to your 3DS. When this happens, a video showing Pikachu being pinned to a wall appears, then a email will be sent to Poke Ball The Imp and then she comes to your house and she will imprison you and the 3DS (or PC) will explode.

Here are the quotes.


(Email is sent to Poke Ball The Imp)

Poke Ball The Imp: Thx! I gonna make that victim explode!

(Teleports to victim's house and creeps to their bed)

(Punches victim)

3DS: *explodes*

Your 3Ds is now Impossible to fix.

In Harsh Edition and Maskaloop Version Only

IF you pirated the Game when it boots up, a conversation with Goldie and a Default Mii will happen. Here are the quotes:

Goldie: ................................................................
Goldie: ................................................................
Goldie: ..................You see.......................................
Goldie: ................................................................
Goldie: Something went wrong. REALLY wrong.
Goldie: My game got STOLEN. Do you know what YOU'VE done?!
Goldie: There is no choice, but I'll have to KILL you.
1st Mii: ?

-The Mii is hit and killed from a Golden Scythe, ending the Cutscene and going back to the title-

These actions will repeat forever and ever and ever on a pirated copy.

Miitopia Insanity's Anti-Piracy and Anti-Cheats

If the game detects the game is Pirated, then an image will pop up when booting up the game. The Images has Goldie with a Trollface on it, saying "Nice Job, Loser.".

The Sprite of the Piracy Image.

If the game detects your cheating with A Cheating device, and not the Cheat Menu, Goldie will appear like the Great Sage and give you a stern Warning: "DO NOT CHANGE I GAME'S CODE, I REPEAT! DO NOT CHANGE THE GAME'S CODE"

If you cheat again, Goldie will appear more Angry and say with text that nearly covers the Screen: "YOU ARE JUST TRYING TO MAKE LIFE EASIER, AREN'T YOU? WELL, STOP DOING IT, OR I WILL WIPE THE FLOOR WITH YOU!"

If you cheat yet again, A Siren will Play, and Goldie will say: "You are making me angry! Stop tampering with my game's code, OR ELSE!"

If you cheat once More, Goldie will appear, this time Covering half the screen, and her text having scary-looking text that is shaking. "If you do this Once More Time, I will end all of you. STOP NOW OR FACE YOUR DEATH!"

If you cheat a 5th time, then Goldie will say "THAT'S IT! NO MORE MIIS AT ALL! HI-YA!" Which then, will crash the game, and make it unusable, as Goldie (The Game Itself) deletes all the files on the cart/file, making it blank with nothing on it.

In Miitopia: Seven Cursed Beings

In Miitwopia only

If the game detects you hacking, cheating, or pirating, the game will lock you into extreme mode. Not to mention, Reborn(Rather than the Great sage, as at this point in the story, the Great Sage is out of commission) will frequently warn the player every chance he gets: on the title screen(where it replaces the normal title screen) and on the screen where the game asks you if you want to continue. If you don't reverse the cheats or buy the game by the time you fight the Keeper of the night, well...

The Miis with no name

Mii #1: Come back, Shane!

(Jacob attacks and kills the protagonist)

Jacob: My Name's Not Shane, Kid!

(Jacob hops onto an SD Card and flies into Space with it.)

Jacob: I'm Blastin' Off Again

(Jacob flies into hyper-space; with, "THE END' Showing up on screen)

(In the physical version, the Jacob VR headset un-straps itself from the player)

(In the digital version, SGWM Delete itself.)


When you cheat or pirate a game, these will happen.

All grub becomes a greyish blue blob called ???. The battles will be extremely hard and items are disabled. All the music will become mute. At the end you will see your character.

Protagontist: Bye..........

The game will be deleted and the game will become unplayable.

Miitopia: The Smiiquel

When you cheat or pirate the game this will happen:

Dark Sage: ...

Dark Sage: ...

Dark Sage: ...

Dark Sage: Um....

Dark Sage: There's a huge problem with this game.

Dark Sage: You! You copied the game!

Dark Sage: THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW, (3DS username).

Dark Sage: Since you did something illegal. I will delete all of your data of Miitopia: The Smiiquel.


A dialogue box says "Deleting save data..." and has the 4 loading dots below the text.


The game closes and cannot be entered ever again.

Pokeballuser890's made up anti-piracy cheats

Note: They can be used by anyone. I don't mind anyone taking this.

If you pirate a game then these measures will happen. They will be picked randomly.


(The God would kidnap the player's teammates as the Dark Lord would in the first three worlds)

(Protangonist wakes up with no powers)

Protangonist: I don't remember this. ITS HAPPENED FOR THE FOURTH TIME!!!

God: You just got godded. FOR PIRATING THE GAME!

Protangonist: I wasn't cheating, I was being sensible!

God: I don't care. Once you started your journey, you got my antique charm. I gave you a job. You defeated your first monster, and defeated both the Dark Lord and Darker Lord, and got some friends. The reason why I took your powers and friends is because you pirated the game.

Protangonist: So, what am I going to do now?

God: DIE! (They are revealed to be Goldie. She then kills the player and steals it's soul) Bye! Losers! Hahaha hahaha!

Text: Any of your progress has been deleted. Try not to enter the game again.


(When the Dark Lord steals the faces in Greenhorne)


(The Dark Lord would steal the Protagonists face, showing the game over screen, and resetting the game)


(If the game detects cheating, and the player presses a random button, a message saying "You Suck. You pirated my game. Go put the game back in the store and buy it properly. If this happens again, I'll be calling the FBI to arrest you!" with no exit button. The player cannot interact with the game and is forced to close it.)

In Miitopia: Deluxe Edition

When the Game is Pirated or Hacked, this happens:

Hunter: ...

Hunter: so this game that you got is

Hunter: *thinks* how do i say this?

Hunter: pirated or copied without permission from the original creator...

Hunter: since you done that, i must do that i wish i don't want to do this...

Hunter: *pulls out a ruler* I'm sorry... *protagonist's name*...

Protagonist: !?

*the protagonist gets knocked out and the screen fades to black and then a message pops up that said: Your Data of Miitopia: Deluxe Edition has expired, *3DS or Switch username*

In Miitopia: Awakening

If you boot up a pirated copy of Miitopia: Awakening, and finish creating your 1st Mii, this will happen:

(If you pirate the game)

Rudy's Inferior Form: ......................................

Rudy's Inferior Form: .......................................

Rudy's Inferior Form: Hey.

1st Mii: What?

Rudy's Inferior Form: So I have a question for you: Did you pirate my game?

1st Mii: No-

Rudy's Inferior Form: SHUT UP. I KNOW YOU DID.

Rudy's Inferior Form: Y0U 2T01E M7 G4ME, 4ND 1 D0N'T 499R0VE 4T 411! (YOU STOLE MY GAME, AND I DON'T APPROVE AT ALL!)

1st Mii: What is going on he-

Rudy's Inferior Form: 711ENCE! 70U 72411 9ER1S2! (SILENCE! YOU SHALL PERISH!)

1st Mii: Please don't, I'll do anythi-

Rudy's Inferior Form: 1'M 4 11TT1E D1791E47ED W1T2 70U! (I'M A LITTLE DISPLEASED WITH YOU!)

(Rudy then proceeds to impale the 1st Mii with her tail, deleting the game)

(If you used an emulator)

Rudy: So, I see you are using an emulator to play the game...

1st Mii: Yeah, so?

Rudy: WHILE THE SWITCH WAS STILL FOR SALE! I'm not just mad, I'm disappointed in you.

1st Mii: And?

Rudy: If you used an emulator while the Switch was discontinued, I would spare you. But nooooooo, you just HAD to be like "Ooooh, I'm gonna not buy a Switch because I'm a cheapskate!" EVEN WHEN YOU HAD THE MONEY!

1st Mii: I swear, I had nothing to do with this-


(Rudy then proceeds to blow up the game's data, deleting it)

Rudy: I hope you learned your lesson, because if not, I WILL DO THIS FOREVER!

(alternate ending if you didn't have the money)

Rudy: So, you're using an emulator to play the game...

1st Mii: Yeah, so?

Rudy: Normally, I would be like "YEETUS DELETUS" on your save file, but I will show you MERCY.

1st Mii: Oh...ok.

Rudy: However, I will not give you the Grand Temple or whatever I named it. You will have the rest of the postgame, but don't go complaining when you can't fight my Superior Form. So, I hope you have a splendid time, and when you have the money, get a Switch and a copy of this game, and copy your save data to there.

1st Mii: Ok!


Miitopia 2: The Doom Impending Measures.

Mii 1(You): Huh? Where Am I?

The Dreamer: Well... Well... Looks like you stole the game. That. Is very bad.

Mii 1: Ummmmm.... I uh, dont know what you are talking about.

The Dreamer: I was nice, and let you get past my Lorochi. But the moment you stepped out of Bookworm Tower...

Mii 1: I...

The Dreamer. Everybody knows you did it. I can just imagine...

The Real Great Sage: Get ready! Whatever he Imagines becomes real!

(The rest of your teammates appear.)


Mii 3: What do you say we teach him a lesson?

Mii 4 5 and 6: Yeah...


Real Great Sage: Wait! Let me deal with this cheater.

Mii 1: *Gulp*

Real Great Sage. I was nice, untill I remembered you cheated. KAPHOOEY KAPOOIE! YOUR CHANCE OF NOT CRASHING GOES KABLOOEY!

(The dreamer and the Great Sage do things that make the game lag, and hopefully crash. If it doesnt work, this happens...)

The Dreamer: How...


(The game crashes, before is a rainbow explosion.)

In Miitopia: Generations


1st Cheat- Your Kitsune Teacher: (mii name)? What did you do? I taught you to be good. Just dont do it again.

2nd Cheat- The mii who has the highest relationship with your mii: Why’d you do this. Cut it out! It’s bad enough of what we are trying to do! We don’t need you doing this! Please cut it out.

3rd Cheat- The Corrupted Entity: STOP! I’M THE EVIL ONE! NOW SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR GAME! Locking game 1-100%, Game successfully locked.


The ghost of the protagonist mii from the first game: This game is copied, so you cannot play it. It may not be your fault, you might have gotten this as a gift, so i am not gonna create an explosion in your face but you still cannot play.


If the game is pirated or hacked, The game will activate hard mode. Here's the differences from the actual game:

-Hybrids are unlocked at level 40 instead of level 15.

-Enemies are much harder

-You can only have the worst personality in the game, Whiny.

-The max level is lowered to 45.

-You require more XP to level up.

-Love, Darkness, and Misfortune are unlocked at level 10 instead of immediately like usual.

When the player beats the final boss, instead of exploding, they will say, "Did you REALLY think that you could just (hack your way through/steal my game)? Well you are wrong, and i am ending it HERE!"

After that, they jumpscare the player, crashing the game and resetting the game file.

Then they'd get rid of the hacks (Hacking) or make the game unplayable, softlocking it until they shut down (Piracy)

Miitopia: Part 2?!

After the protagonist from the last game becomes the new Dark Lord and steals their teammate's faces, this will happen:

New Dark Lord: Wait a minute, I forgot someone...

New Dark Lord: Ah, I know! You! You pirated this game, don't you lie to me!

New Dark Lord: Now I shall give you an even worse punishment!

The New Dark Lord clearly "steals your face" and then the game is locked, unable to be played.

If you hacked or cheated in the game, this happens:

  • Great Sage: I just realized...you...
  • New Protagonist: What is it, [Great Sage]?
  • Great Sage: It seems you hacked (or cheated in) the game.
  • New Protagonist: No? Where did you get this information from?
  • Great Sage: I know it. Lying won't help you, [New Protagonist].
  • Great Sage: And this is your punishment.
  • New Protagonist: But after all we've been through... I didn't—

The Great Sage then undoes all of the cheating or hacking.

  • The Game: Anything you have done to the game has been undone. Please do not hack or cheat again.
  • New Protagonist: Huh? I thought I would...
  • Great Sage: I’m not evil. And there’s no need to thank me for that.

New Protagonist: Oh...(thank goodness...)

Great sage: just don't cheat again okay

If You Cheat Or Hack Again Thiss happens

Great sage: what have you done you unleashed the cheat and hack doomsday

New Protagonist: Uh!!

great sage: the only way is to delete all save data

the game: all save data has been deleted now retuning to tile screen

An Anti-Piracy Measure That's Not Bad (Free to use, but used for Miitopia: Minor Reprise)

(After assigning all roles...)

Scaredy-Cat___: Um, hello...

Main Mii: ?

Scaredy-Cat: I-It looks like you, uh, pirated this game...

Main Mii: What?

Scaredy-Cat: Uh, the others wanted me to tell you...

Scaredy-Cat: "Piracy is no party"... so if you could...

Scaredy-Cat: Please return the game...I don't want you to be arrested...

Main Mii: Okay! (You accepted the Scaredy-Cat's quest!)

The game card pops out. No other anti-piracy measures are taken.

Miitopia 4DS

God: Sorry [Protagonist].

God: But it seems you pirated the game.

God: The 4DS dosen't like you anymore.

God: I'm afraid that I'll have to take your powers.

(God seals away the protagonist's powers.)

Other Mii (if there is one in the protagonist's room): I'm leaving you.

(The teamates leave the protagonist's party.)

Great sage: (Protagonist) i can give everything back on on condition you report this pirated game

if the player chooses yes

great sage: time reset

(the 4ds spits out the game card until you report the pirated copy

the game then deletes all save data created by the anti-piracy screen

if the player chooses no

great sage: critical system error

corupted sage: i am the corupted sage of nintendo you will report my game one have no more chances enage battle

( The protagonist and the teammates get back together and beat the corupted sage and jump to a non-pirated cloud data of miitopia 4ds

the player reports the pirated game and the protagonist and the teamates go back to the game and they all lived happily ever after

the end

Only in Miitopia: Elven Retreat

  • Mischievous Witch - "Hey...what have you done?"
  • Mischievous Witch - "This is well...y'know- illegal."
  • Mischievous Witch - "But..."
  • Mischievous Witch - "I don't want to delete you from this game."
  • Mischievous Witch - "I want to help you! Tee hee!"
  • Mischievous Witch - "Cmon! Lets get out of this place, before your sisters find out!"
  • Mischievous Witch & Player Fairy sneak away.

Miitopia: The Adventure Continues

If you pirate the game, the Angry Spirit comes and deletes your data.


The Angry Spirit appears

Protagonist: What on earth?!

Angry Spirit: Hello [Mii's name]. I am Angry Spirit. I am here to torture you.

Protagonist: What did I do?!

Angry Spirit: You pirated the game! That's not right!

Protagonist: What?!

Angry Spirit: Yes. I'm going to have to make you start over!

Screen fades to black, and the game over screen appears.

Miitopia: Fates of Adventure

If you pirate the game, a scene called Possessed from Piracy happens.


The protagonist, Sakura, Elise, Corrin, the protagonist's allies, and the Great Sage are standing on a clearing.

Protagonist: Okay, what now?

Sakura: H-hang on! Where did Takumi go?

Elise: You're right, Sakura! He's nowhere to be found!

Great Sage: He's most likely taking a breather.

Mii 2: Maybe, but it shouldn't take this long!

The background goes black, and Sakura and Elise squeak in fright.

Corrin: What happened?

Great Sage: [Protagonist's Name], what happened?

Protagonist: Why are you asking me?!

Great Sage: You must have done something. The rest of us don't deserve this!

Protagonist: Well...I might have accidentally pirated the game...

Corrin: You WHAT?!

Mii 2: There's no time. LOOK!

Possessed Takumi stands in front of the group.

Corrin: What on earth...

Possessed Takumi: Someone...has betrayed us...

Sakura: Oh no!

Elise: Who just did this?!

Great Sage: It must be an effect of the piracy. Someone, snap him out of his trance before he does anything bad to us!

Corrin: I'll get Azura!

Corrin runs off.

Possessed Takumi: Piracy...[Protagonist's Name], you are going to pay for your betrayal...Hoshido has fallen...Nohr has fallen...Valla has fallen...Miitopia has fallen...Piracy will not be accepted!

Sakura: What are you saying Big Brother? Snap o-out of it!

Takumi lets an arrow loose, knocking the protagonist unconscious.

Sakura: NO!

Azura (offscreen): You are the ocean's gray waves...

Corrin runs back to the group, with Azura following.

Takumi: Huh? What just happened?

As he says this, the clearing comes back and the protagonist wakes up.

Protagonist: W-what happened?

Great Sage: You were knocked out by an arrow...

Takumi: I'm sorry. But please don't pirate the game. I think that's what caused me to get possessed.

Azura: I'll undo all the hacking and piracy that happened. You are the ocean's gray waves...

As she sings, bubbles swirl around her, and the screen turns blue for a moment, then white text says, "Piracy and hacks now gone".

Azura: There. But please don't pirate the game.

Protagonist: I'll try not to.

Takumi: Thanks. Now let's regroup.

Great Sage: Good luck!

Mii 3: Thanks!


This is only for the Rock Paper Scissors game. Trying to play Rock, Paper, Scissors while on a pirated copy or using cheats won’t work, as the confident robot will decline and say “I don’t play with cheaters. Get lost!” You’ll then be booted back to the Inn. Going back again will get the reply of, “I told you to get lost! What are, you deaf or something!?” and then boot you back to the Inn. This will repeat no matter how many times you do it.

In Miitopia: Neskdor Festival

Friendly Cobra: YOU PIRATED THE GAME!?

Friendly Cobra: PIRATES...


The player is led to a battle against the Friendly Cobra.

Miitopia: The Second

Miitopia: The Second’s main Anti-Piracy/Anti-Cheat system is that, aside from some other things, when it boots up, it runs some checks to detects piracy and cheating. If it finds one of the checks ticked off, it will play a small cutscene that lectures the player before the tittle screen. The lecture’s content varies depending on what was ticked off in the check. The music that plays during these lectures is the same one as when a Mii is jealous of another Mii(dunno the name right now). There are some other, minor things as well.



If the game is found the be pirated, then the Guardian Spirit will inform you of this, and then go on a tangent about digital piracy being an easy way to get things, especially if they’re hard to find or expensive, but at the same time a determent to the economy as it scams the creators out of a reward for their hard work. He’ll then inform you that he can’t punish you, as he’s not sure if you truely pirated the game or got scammed, but he does tell you that a certain post game dungeon has become locked off to you, and then allow you to play the game.


If the game is found to be cheated, then the Dark Lord will appear, using the face you set for him when he first appeared in Easygoin- unless you cheated before you booted up the game, in which case, he’ll appear as the Dark Curse(and lampshade it). Instead of lecturing you, however, he’ll praise you, talking about how you we willing to hack the game to get an unfair advantage and how he likes people like that, and then proceed to loose the point and praise you for things you might not be (or could be):arrogant, willing to step on others, willing to gain an advantage by any means, and other stuff you might hate to be called. He’ll then mention that your heart is dipped in evil, like his, before mentioning that a person like you might be of some use to him. He’ll then say he looks forward to meeting you in the game, and allow you to play the game. The entire idea behind this lecture is to make you feel terrible for cheating: after all, you’re the hero, and being praised by the bad guy isn’t good for a hero....

Piracy and Cheating

If both of these are ticked off, you’ll just get a message before the title screen that says “Cheating on a pirated copy? Owch, (system/profile name)....” before being allowed to play the game.

Disabling the Anti-Cheat Detector Easter Egg

If you disable both anti-cheat detection systems(the easier to find one and the hidden one), when you boot up the game, you’ll get a message that says “Clever Girl.....”, before allowing you to play the game. When you enter an Inn, you’ll receive a unique Knife for the thief class- a Raptor Claw, which increases critical hit chance and Luck as well as Attack.

Locked out of the Bonus Dungeon

The post-game dungeon, Hallowed Halls, is not only one of the most difficult parts of The Second, but also the location of the Bonus Boss, and the strongest weapons for each class. Naturally, pirating or cheating will lock you out of it.

There’s a in-universe reason for this- the gates of Hallowed Halls will only open for those of ‘pure’ hearts. In a unmodified copy, your Mii will be allowed entry after some talk and stating that your Mii’s heart is ‘pure’. However, if the game is found to be pirated or cheated, the gates will remain shut after the talk, and the gate will state your Mii’s heart as ‘not pure enough’ if you pirated the game, and ‘impure’ if you cheated the game, and your Mii will dejectedly walk away, returning you to the world map. If you both pirated and cheated it, the gate won’t bother with the talk, telling you to ‘sod off’ before booting you back to the world map.

Default Class Set To Thief

When you first get your class, you will be set to Thief by default, as a jab at your methods. This won’t affect the rest of your party, and when you lose your class the first time, you will be able to choose a different one.

The Piss Goblin

On the world map of a cheated or pirated game, a special type of enemy will be appear- the Piss Goblin. This yellow and lime Goblin has a full face of randomly selected parts, and will move around the map when you move. If you run into it, you start a battle with it.

The Piss Goblin seems like a dangerous enemy at first, but isn’t that hard once you understand how it works. It’s coded to always be a bit stronger then your whole party’s current base stats without weapons, and it will scale with your level as a result. That’s not the dangerous part, as strong weapons can bridge the power gap easily. The dangerous part is it’s special attack. Aside from attacking normally or throwing a rock at your party, it can down a jar of piss, which will Repulse/Gross Out your entire party. Being in the Repulsed/Grossed Out status means the afflicted Mii will waste their turn due to having seem something disgusting. With the whole team unable to act, it’s free to deal damage to the party, as Repulsed/Grossed Out won’t go away on it’s own, only via Safe Spot, and the time one Mii is recovering is time the Piss Goblin can be spending beating down your team. While it can be defeated(and pretty easily once you’re prepared), it will respawn the next time you leave an Inn. It also drops the worst food item when defeated, but decent amounts of EXP and Gold.

It’s possible to ward it off- a post-game item can be found from a random quest, called the Piss Stone. Acquiring this item removes the Piss Goblin from the overworld, as you can now summon it at will with the Piss Stone.

Miitopia 1DS

There is an unused Anti-Piracy measure in Miitopia 1DS that featured some placeholder text, nobody knows why it is like that.


Protagonist: I didn't mean it!

Great Sage: You will pay by my power, goodbye, (Protagonist), who is actually (1DS Username)

If a teammate watched..

Teammate: I thought you were a hero, not a villain! You deserve this!

The game crashes if you load this in via a cheating device. It was only found when extracted from the code.

Duolingo Owl

If The Game Detects A Missed Duolingo lesson duo will appear

Duo: You Forgot your (Insert language you are learning here) lesson !? YOU MUST PAY FOR YOUR SINS, (Protagonist)!

Protagonist: Duo, I thought this WAS AN ANTI PIRACY MEASURE.

Duo: Never mind.


Gucci: Umm, This Game is hacked dummy. thats it

Miitopia: Codename 22


Protagonist: I didn't mean it!

Goldie: You will pay by my power, goodbye, (Protagonist), who is actually (Switch Username)!

If a teammate watched..

Teammate: I thought you were a hero, not a villain! You do not deserve this!

Goldie: Wow! What a Newer villan! Your punishment for this will be a lock in to Tomodachi Mode!

Goldie will then activate Tomodachi mode. Here are the differences from the actual game:

-Hybrids are unlocked at level 40 instead of level 15.

-Enemies are much harder

-Resentment and sickness make a return. And happen randomly. The Mutual friend is introduced. If they don’t make up, she kills them brutally, deleting them from the game and replacing them with the way they were before they quarreled.

-The max level is lowered to 45.

-You require more XP to level up.

-When the player beats the final boss, instead of exploding, they will say, "Did you REALLY think that you could just steal my game? Well you are wrong, and i am ending it HERE!"

After that, they jumpscare the player, crashing the game and resetting the game file.

Then they'd hire a hitman to kill the player in real life. Please don’t pirate this, or your Nico Nico Kneecaps will be broke!


  • Oddly enough, if the anti-cheating is disabled by cheating, it will still kick in. This is due to a back-up anti-cheat that’s much harder to find. If this is disabled, it will prevent the games from running at all(expect Miitopia: The Second; see that entry for more details).
  • This was based on the Goldie page and Miitopia: Harsh Edition's anti piracy measures.
  • The 4th Warning after The Great Sage deletes your Save File is the only time that you can fight someone without a Job. The Besmirched Noble Son doesn't really count, since you don't really play as him and instead watch it happen.
  • Future Kub's Anti Piracy Measures checks if you have Cheated, Pirated or Switched another Version of the Game while another one is still on.
  • The Some Game With Miis piracy message references The Town With No Name. It’s an older reference, but it checks out.
  • If the third Option Happens, it will Delete the one that was Switched in. NOT the new one. (For Example, if you switched Voicetopia for Blocktopia Version II while it's still running, when you come back, the Voicetopia Data will be Deleted.
  • Future Kub's Spech is Similar to Monika's Speech at the end of DDLC Right before the Song.
  • Obviously if you pirated Miitopia 4DS, a new data will start if you lose a battle.
  • The Possessed From Piracy scene in Miitopia: Fates of Adventure is similar to Takumi getting possessed in Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and Birthright. The only difference is between the three is that in Conquest, Takumi bites it.
  • After you beat the Friendly Cobra in Miitopia: Neskdor Festival, The game crashes, deletes all its save data and becomes Miitopia. If you lost to the Friendly Cobra, the game only deletes all its save data.
  • Miitopia: The Second does not do anything extreme to your game or Switch. This is because the creator understands that money isn’t infinite, and that destruction of your game system, both physical and/or digital is kinda stupid, bad press for Nintendo, and a waste of money(but then again it does encourage you to not cheat- or find a way to turn off both anti-cheat detectors and still find a way to boot the game up). Plus, the games and systems won’t always be easy to find or for sale in retail. Ironically, he got the most flack, as a lot of people missed the intentions behind the Dark Lord’s cheating “lecture” and the double anti-piracy detection disabled Easter Egg, and thought he was supporting cheating!
  • The Mischievous Witch clearly doesn't mind cheating. Hm.
  • It is believed that in Codename 22: the text from Miitopia 1DS was taken to use due to time constraints.