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Black Desert is a location found in the Miitopia Tales DLC, specifically in Tale 5: Great Sage. It is a direct continuation of the previous area in the tale, Desolate Valley, though the player cannot go back to the valley once they arrive in this area. This area resembles a blackened Neksdor Desert with the same dark Karkaton sky minus the cacti.

Clearing this area by reaching the spot that a Clever Imp is on allows further story progression, which will render this area inaccessible for the rest of the tale.

When it comes to Sprinkles, all Sprinkle types are usable in this dungeon.


  • Reach the Clever Imp.


Note: The Clever Imp itself is never encountered in battle, only in that end spot.

  • Deadly Demon
  • Super Alien
  • Angry Queen
  • Licorice Jelly
  • Black Harpy
  • Calamitous Armor
  • Very Dangerous Bomb