Catboy is a fan-made monster.


It's basically a larger Kool Kitty but colored dark blue with white stripes. Mii eyebrows, eyes, and a mouth are attached to this monster's face.


Action name Description
Attack Inflicts physical damage to one party member.
Mega Power Spends one turn charging up power, boosting damage inflicted by the user by 1.3x in the next turn only. Does not stack with repeated use.
Hit Combo Inflicts physical damage multiple times, each to a random party member, in a single turn. Damage is increased for every successful hit, starting at 1.2x base damage and maximized at double the base damage. Will only stop if the user ends up stumbling (40% base failure rate, increases by 10% per successful hit that turn).

This monster will always appear with at least one Catgirl when encountered. There's never more than one Catboy per encounter.

Despite its low stats for a post-game temporary dungeon monster, its tremendously high HP and damage-boosting skills make up for it, which can easily destroy unprepared teams. It is possible for this monster to use Hit Combo right after Mega Power if the AI happens to roll the former action right after the latter action in the next turn, so be very wary. Also be careful if for some reason the party consists only of Tanks, which can't reach 100 or more Speed, allowing this monster to always outspeed them.

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