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Childish is a fan-made Miitopia personality. Its quirks have something to do with naivety/immaturity. All quirks but Celebration have the potential of putting the player into disadvantage if the player is unlucky enough to trigger them.


Quirk name Description Activation rate
You First

When the Childish Mii gets their turn, there's a random chance that they decide to give their turn to someone else, pushing the Childish Mii to the last turn of the current round. "Someone else" can be either a random ally (though not guests) or even an enemy. If the latter happens, a random ally will berate the Childish Mii, possibly starting quarrels.

This quirk can't be used by the player-controlled Mii unless Autobattle is enabled. Also, this quirk will never trigger if the Childish Mii actually moves last in the turn order.

Gift Pass If at least one ally doesn't have a full inventory, having the Childish Mii attempt to use a Snack will cause them to give it to said ally instead, placing it into their inventory. This boosts their relationship. 100%
Celebration The Childish Mii may randomly congratulate an ally who has finished performing their battle action, boosting their relationship. 50%
Curl Up When about to be damaged by an enemy's single-target physical attack, the Childish Mii may panic and then curl up to defend, halving damage taken. Unlike Stubborn's Patience quirk, this comes with a side effect: The Childish Mii gains a "crying" status. 20%

During an enemy's turn, the Childish Mii may cheer on it, causing it to perform the same action as the one used in its previous turn instead of another action it's supposed to use.

This quirk will never trigger as long as no enemies have performed their battle actions yet. This quirk will also never trigger if all enemies only have one battle action or if the enemies/bosses have the "One more time!" trait.