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Cloudy Cliffs is a location found in the Miitopia Tales DLC, specifically in Tale 5: Great Sage. The area consists of a path made out of clouds. It is considered to be the more dangerous part of Nimbus, as it contains far more dangerous monsters compared to the main Nimbus areas. The Robots' teleportation service is located at the eastmost part of the area. Despite being located in Nimbus (to the point that it shares Nimbus's music), this area is completely disconnected from the rest of Nimbus, so there is no way of leaving it until it is cleared.

As part of story progression, clearing this area will warp the player to New Lumos, and as there is no Dominic for transport there, the player cannot revisit this area for the rest of the tale.

When it comes to Sprinkles, all Sprinkle types are usable in this dungeon.


  • Reach the Robots' teleportation service.


  • Poppy
  • Iron General
  • Dark Medusa
  • Deadly Demon
  • Red Orochi
  • Calamitous Armor
  • Hamburger Surprise