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Dark Matter Burger is a fan-made monster that can be found in Level-Up Dimension.


It's a completely black (with bright green shading) Burger monster covered in black fog-like substance. Like the Extra Spicy Burger, the Dark Matter Burger has a pair of Mii eyebrows, eyes, and a nose attached to it.


Action name Description
Attack Inflicts physical damage on one party member.
Eat Eats a Mii, removing them from battle until spat out.
Spit Out (auto) Spits out its catch when damaged enough or defeated.
Nuisance Cancellation Glares at one party member with a positive status to remove it. Does not always work.
Lucky (auto) Has a random chance of activating prior to using Nuisance Cancellation. If this happens, Nuisance Cancellation will have an increased hit rate in that instance only.
Two More Times! (auto) Allows this monster to perform three actions in one turn, each aimed at a different target.

Dark Matter Burger's AI is smart enough to use Nuisance Cancellation whenever there's at least one Mii with a positive status (except being shielded). Normally an action with very low hit rate, one of its auto skills, if activated, can give a slight boost to its hit rate. Other than that, it behaves mostly like every other Burger boss monster in Miitopia, battle-wise. Stat-wise, it starts out with the usual weakness to magic attacks, but it will gradually gain more resistance as the challenge goes on to the point that only high Magic jobs can put a dent into it via magic attacks. It's very speedy, too.

Like all Level-Up Dimension monsters, there's a rare chance of a level skip after a level is cleared, the likeliness of it happening increasing the more party members are in a critical state (less than 25% of their max HP). In Dark Matter Burger's case, skips are not given starting at LV. 21 until LV. 25 has been cleared and are no longer given if its level is 46 or above.