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Once the Dark Sun is defeated by any group of monsters in the arena, you will unlock the TRUE superboss.

When it's unlocked, it will always be last in the Journal under the name ??? and showing a silhouette of itself, unless it has already been used.


It's very similar to the Dark Sun, except 3 of its coins are missing, 3 of its parts nearing the coins are missing, and the main body has some cracks in it. Like the original, it has an eye and a mouth attached to it, though it's got a very creepy look...


To bump up the difficulty, it can now use more moves at certain HP amounts.

Action name Description Starts using at
Attack Uses its remaining coins to heavily damage one target. 100%
Black Hole Generates a black hole, doing heavy damage to all targets. 90%
Phantom Strike Six coins leave the Dark Sun and strike six random targets for mediocre damage. 80%
Meteor Shower Upgraded version of Asterioids. Strikes seven random targets. 70%
Very Scary Face Attempts to inflict Fear on all targets. Does not affect bosses. 60%
Target/Extreme Laser Targets two targets, and when attempted again, shoots a powerful laser at the two, doing catastrophic damage. 50%
Powerful Nightmare Attempts to put everyone in a nightmare. Does not affect bosses. 40%
Feline Frenzy Damages all targets twice. 30%
Raging Storm Splash damage that affects five targets. Middle takes the most damage, near-middle takes normal damage, and far-middle takes least damage. 20%
Ultimate Big Bang Sets all targets directly to 1 HP, ignoring the damage cap. Displayed message is "Weakened!". 10%

Upon defeat, the Dark Sun finally breaks apart, revealing a black heart... (Page will be made for this soon)

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