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Dark Tornado is a fan-made monster that appears in Level-Up Dimension.


It's a black (with red shading) whirling tornado with a pair of Mii eyebrows, eyes, and a mouth attached to it.


Action name Description
Attack Inflicts physical damage on one party member.
Super Wind (auto) Has a very low chance of activating when it performs an attack. If it activates, it charges up its attack then rushes into its target, inflicting 8x more damage.
One More Time! (auto) Allows this monster to perform two actions in one turn, each aimed at a different target.

The Dark Tornado's gimmick, unlike Spring Breeze's healing, Flaming Wind's "burn" status effect, and "Traveler" Wind's tornado move that can blow away a Mii from the battlefield temporarily, relies on its auto skill that has a low chance of triggering whenever it performs an attack. Be wary despite its simple skill set, as 8x physical damage is basically a one-hit kill. For the first few levels, it's weak to magic attacks, only gaining more resistance as the challenge goes on. At higher levels, it's more preferable to use physical attacks instead.

Because of its simple battle actions, the power-up system will only reward the player with a Mega Skills Up (reduces MP usage by 1 and boosts skill damage by 1.5x) halfway through, just so the player can finish this monster quickly. It's considered to be one of the relatively easier Level-Up Dimension monsters to challenge if one can deal with its high Attack and gradual resistance to magic unless bad luck causes it to activate its auto skill constantly.

Like all Level-Up Dimension monsters, there's a rare chance of a level skip after a level is cleared, the likeliness of it happening increasing the more party members are in a critical state (less than 25% of their max HP). In Dark Tornado's case, skips are not given starting at LV. 21 until LV. 25 has been cleared and are no longer given if its level is 46 or above.