The Destroyer "Mii" Frog is a boss Frog that appears in L50 Traveler Quests.


A huge red frog with a white belly holding its prisoner's face. Its belly turns redder as it gets fuller. It also has two 'fins' above its eyes.

Its belly expands once it Inhales once, the expands again at four Inhales.


Action name Description
Splash Jumps and causes a splash, hitting 1 Mii and adjacent Miis.
Inhale Sucks in lots of air into its belly.
When used 8 times, the frog can use Very Bad Breath.
Very Bad Breath Unleashes a deadly red stinky belch, inflicting catastrophic damage at all Miis.
Twice More! (auto) Allows three actions in one turn.
Stagger (auto) If the Frog receives 1,000 damage in 1 turn, it falls backwards (as if defeated) and cannot attack for 3 turns. This also empties its belly. On the 3rd turn, it gets back up.