Devious Tadpoles are strong purple Tadpoles who serve the Emperor "Mii" Frog.

They appear in Quests containing the Frog as enemies.


It is a purple-skinned tadpole with a silver stomach. Its tail also has silver fins.

Its Mii parts are a pair of angled eyes, a moustache and a mouth. It always uses a smiling mouth and thin moustache.

Weakening the Boss

Exactly 5 Devious Tadpoles will appear in a quest with the Emperor Frog as a boss. Defeating a Tadpole will reduce the Emperor Frog's stats per Tadpole.

The stat totals are elaborated on its page.


Action name Description
Ram Slams into a Mii, dealing damage.
Bubble Breath A stream of bubbles damage 2 random Miis.

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