The Doppler is a special rare monster that is capable of copying a Mii and assuming its stats.

Dopplers themselves have one move, but always go first, picking a random Mii (except Guests).


They can be seen in their default forms (pictured) briefly before they act, but when they use their move, they are shrouded in purple mist, before morphing into their target.

They will then look exactly like the Mii but will look angrily at the party.


Action name Description
Dopplicate Transforms the Doppler into the target Mii, copying all of its moves and skills.


  • Dopplers, unlike other monsters, can run out of Magic, but it takes as long as it does for your Mii to do so.
  • If two or more Dopplers are present, none of them will copy the same Mii. If the copied Miis have a relationship, they will mimic it too.
    • They will break their 'one copy only' rule if there are more Dopplers than party Miis.
  • Dopplers can use copied Revival skills, but can only use them on other defeated Dopplers. Healing skills can be used on any of their allies.