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Eclipse (A.K.A. Lord of Order and Chaos, "Name" (in the Journal)) is the main antagonist in Miitopia: Bringing the Party Back Together!. They are a castable role, with their name appearing as "Name" Eclipse.


Eclipse resembles the Darker Lord/Evil Sage more than they do the Dark Lord, but they have elements of both. They wear a purple crown upon their head. Their face is gray on the right, and white on the left, resembling a clown of sorts. They have a golden flame beneath their right eye, and a blue flame beneath the left. Their hair is similar to the Dark Lord's except with small bands of color. Their cloak is tattered and has the same bands, just in higher frequency. Their torso is an astral gradient that resembles a sunrise/sunset. They also have legs, which appear as inky tentacles when they decide to stand. Behind them are 12 colorful and faint flames that rotate clockwise. This outer layer represents the sun's corona, which is most visible during an eclipse.

Their hands are the same as the Darker Lord's, only they are also either white or gray, and the coins are half blue. Their wand resembles a sun and moon. Their medalion specifically resembles the Darkest Lord/Dark Sun

Eclipse is themed after the Sun and Moon. The name fits.

The Sun form of Eclipse has sharp edges, a torn and patchwork cloak, longer hair, visible bones in the hands, and is all gold. The Moon form of Eclipse is mostly shiny with soft edges, a visor, metallic hands, a flowing solar panel-esque cloak, and is all blue.

Once defeated for real, Eclipse is revealed to be a normal Mii with a jester's hat and an outfit similar to their battle-born look. This variant is later dubbed Dethroned Eclipse.


Eclipse acts like the average villain: menacing, cocky, and down-right BAD! Though they act more comedic than the Dark Lord, they do not hesitate to bring about their view of "justice". Though, behind the scenes, they have a soft spot for their monster minions, making them appealing on purpose. It seems like Eclipse has a deep personal connection to the objects used to create the Eclipse Elite squadron.

They admire the determination of the Mii party, but they despise the monster party, seeing them as "traitors". They dislike being bored, often leaving during battles for this reason. They also won't pick fights with people that will clearly overpower them, such as the Great Sage, although this sentiment changes later on.

After the events of "From Bad to Worse", Eclipse becomes a fun-loving and average citizen of Miitopia. They clearly regret all of their past mistakes, but they're not quite ready to own up to them. After all, they were somewhat in control of the Big-Bad-Eclipse back then. Despite this, they try their best to improve themselves.

Story Role

At the moment, Eclipse's past is unknown, but it's speculated to be similar to the Dark Lord's because of the similarities.

Eclipse wields the same face-stealing powers as the Dark Lord did all those years ago. They actively use face parts to make monsters stronger on a conquest to turn the whole world faceless. They appear in every chapter at least once until "From Bad to Worse", posing a consistent threat until defeated. They kidnap the party of the heroes at the end of every other world, starting with Neksdor.

Eclipse is fought three times: once in "Blast from the Past!", "Follow that Rainbow!", and "From Bad to Worse". The first two times, Eclipse flees midway through the fight. In "Blast from the Past!", Eclipse exits at half health, leaving Fading Memory "Ex-Dark Lord" to finish the fight. In "Follow that Rainbow!", Eclipse (in either Sun or Moon form) will be interrupted by Multi-Class Master "Globetrotter" at a quarter health remaining. Acting "polite", they will allow this newcomer to have a piece of the party, allowing them to escape.

Eclipse's costume after being freed.

In "From Bad to Worse", Eclipse will bring both of the previous battles together to finish the fight once and for all. Eclipse sent out a false lead on the location of the last Ex-Hero, the tourist supposedly vacationing in Galados. When they arrive at the Celestial Stadium, there is no sign of this hero, but instead, Eclipse appears! They mock the party for falling for such an easy trick.

The party is given the satisfaction of landing the final blow to Eclipse, shattering the foe into two. The one who was cursed into Eclipse is freed from the clutches of the malevolent creature, giving this chapter of the story closure. Though... the other half...

In postgame, Dethroned Eclipse appears at the Traveler's Hub. They have a variety of skills taken from other jobs, but their attack damage is... poor.

Battle Mechanics

In all three of Eclipse's battles, Jobs are arbitrarily given either a "sun" or "moon" modifier, as well as some of Eclipse's skills. If a party member is hit by an attack with the same modifier as them, the attack deals less damage or becomes less effective. If the modifiers are different, the attack does more damage or becomes more effective. The difference isn't too great, but it can change a battle's outcome.

Sun Jobs

  • Warrior
  • Cleric
  • Chef
  • Scientist
  • Flower
  • Princess
  • Elf
  • Angler
  • Dragon
  • Meteorologist
  • Sheriff
  • Rock Star

Moon Jobs

First Encounter

In the Dark Lord's Collection area of the Passage of Time Museum, the first fight against Eclipse begins. Eclipse stays in their base form the entire fight.

Action Description
Attack A simple attack in which Eclipse slams a hand down on a target.
Spacial Disorientation Confuses a target with a display of lights. Confused targets may accidentally hurt friends when attacking. Can be blocked or ignored.
Extinguishing Relationship abilities (ex. Lend a Hand, Show Off, and Pincer) may not be as effective from time to time because of the boss' raw ability of denial. (auto)
Chaos Arrows Scatters three infernal arrows across the field, hitting three random targets. May induce Excitement or Burn. (sun)
Piercing Shot A single-target bullet of light that bypasses shields, but doesn't do a lot of damage. (sun)
Lawful Ring Binds a target with a glowing blue ring. Drops speed and prevents the usage of the affected's weapon. Can be fixed with Safe Spot. (moon)
Nightmarish Claws With a quick swipe, this attacks deals damage to the whole party. Has a tendency to remove status effects, but don't count on it. (moon)
One More Time! The boss acts again. (auto)

At half health, regardless of how long the party has actually battled them, Eclipse will exit out of impatience. The party doesn't gain EXP from them, but Gold and Grub are awarded if possible.


  • It is impossible to defeat Eclipse during the first two encounters, no matter how strong the party is. Eclipse inexplicably holds on, even when they should be knocked out.
  • It's stated that the Homemade Pie is the favorite food of Eclipse. It's not as cool as the Ultimate Delicacy, but it serves its role well.
  • Eclipse has a soft spot for animals. If the player character has a Job closely related to wildlife, Eclipse will point this out with glee.
  • Eclipse's manipulation of relationship mechanics is tied to the new monsters having more relationship-like interactions with each other. If they control the relationships, they can most likely resist them that way.