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Ele is the Great Sage of Miitopia:Team Sun. There are many rumors about her, as she never stays long in one place and no-one knows where she comes from. Ability-wise, she is unrivaled in electric magic. In fact, she has gotten so good that she has figured out to control metal via electromagnetism!

She has a friendly, energetic exterior and is extremely optimistic. However, underneath that, she is quite lonely and misses someone who is no longer in her life dearly. Not to mention, her "optimism" stems from the fact that she would rather ignore her problems than face them.


  • Ele.OS' full name is "Eleanor Operating System."


Ele.OS' source material is a song series called Reboot Me! It's a song series about a sentient computer that's abandoned by her owner because she's infected with a virus! You can watch it in order here!

  1. Reboot Me
  2. Please Subscribe
  3. Into Oblivion
  4. So Open
  5. Error Error

The reason she's in MTS? Well, one of the other Reboot Me characters really reminded me of another role, there's no way i wasn't casting her in that role! And since Ele is my favorite Reboot Me character, if I put anyone from Reboot Me in, i had to somehow incorporate Ele.OS as well!