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The Elves are the main protagonists in The Elves' Plight. Their goal is to save everyone infected by the miserable curse and defeat the villainous Banshee. You can control your character, however, the party members choose their attack automatically.

They are first introduced in Wayward Woods in their habitat.


The Elves wear a raiment, the colour depending on their favourite colour. They could ask for an upgrade, which may up their defence and have a different style to it. They also wield a bow which they use to perform skills in battle. This can be upgraded as well.


  • Elves have a higher chance of disliking food, but when they do find a food that they really like, the stats will increase a lot more. They tend to mostly prefer some salad and sweet-based grub.
  • Status Effects from events and monsters appear more, because they are very emotional. This makes it difficult for them to attack properly and focus.
  • They use the same Elf equipment. However, they could be picky and dislike the item when it arrives and wanting to return it, or they could ask you to give them more money to buy sweets as well as the item.
  • They hardly get into fights at all, nevertheless they can still squabble over some things and won't see eye to eye. They will still get along and cooperate in battle if their quarrel isn't too major.
  • All elves have the inability to get sick, although they can feel a little dizzy after they have eaten something they really hate or touching something dangerous. This makes them lose focus and become more prone to tricks.

Starting Skills

The Elves start at Level 1 with a basic skill, and as they level up they learn more. Depending on the type of elf they are, it will change how they determine in battle.

Skill Learned MP Cost Description Elf Type
Burning Arrow Lv. 1 5 "Set an arrow alight to cause a fiery stock." Fire
Call Of The Forest Lv. 1 6 "Call for the harmony of the forest to hopefully revive a lost friend. (magic)" Earth
Dew Aegis Lv. 1 4 "Rain down an arrow or two in order to protect a friend from all kinds of magic." Water
Starlight Bow Lv. 1 6 "Leap up in the air and by the power of the stars crash down onto an enemy." Darkness