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The Final Weapon is a powerful optional superboss hidden in the Labyrinth of Fear's Final Tunnel and is fought after defeating the Quest boss version of each -Drone enemy at least once then defeating the usually-last-boss of the Labyrinth, the Ancient Golem, in 15 turns.

Its boss theme is 'The Dark Lord', switching to 'The Dark Lord's Wrath' at 25% HP.


The party is fully-healed and all sprikles refilled. They enter a dark, black chamber and see the Weapon on the ground.

1st Mii: Huh? Is this a secret room? Look!
2nd Mii: It seems to be a robot.
4th Mii: Is it scrapped?
The robot starts and powers up and the Pioneer bursts in.
Pioneer: ... I thought this machine was a myth! It's the Final Weapon!
1st Mii: Final Weapon?
Pioneer: A robot created by a long-dead scientist who hated Miis. This robot feels no mercy and was programmed to destroy.
2nd Mii: Yikes!
Pioneer: But the residents of Nimbus managed to lure it here and shut it down, only waking if anyone entered its room.
1st Mii: ... Oh no!
Pioneer: You must defeat this robot and do not let it escape at all costs! You can do it!
The Pioneer flees and the robot attacks. The boss transition is black.


The Final Weapon has a black shell and white nodes. Its Mii face is actually artificial and it has two exhausts emerging from its head, which has a crack in it. The inside of its shell has a purple outline and this robot has no closed form, meaning it starts the battle opened unlike other robots.


The Final Weapon has 3 forms, signified by the color of its Mii eyes. It switches the form randomly every 5 turns or after taking 1,000 damage. When it switches, it gets the first action.

Red-Eyes form is focused on pure offense; this form takes x1.5 damage from Ice attacks.

Action name Description
Punch Punches a Mii, dealing damage and inflicting Fear.
Wheel Sweep Drives past a Mii quickly. The shockwave damages a Mii and adjacent Miis.
Warning Before it uses 'Black Hole' or 'Black Beam' it will do nothing, with the message:
'Final Weapon is preparing something...!'
Black Beam Fires a black lazer at one Mii, dealing heavy damage.
If the target is not wearing Legendary Armor, has a 25% chance to instant-kill.
Black Hole Same as Scientist skill.
Deals magic damage to all Miis.
Ultima Lazer Turn 1, it targets a Mii.
After, deals catastrophic damage to the target and heavy damage to adjacent targets. Bypasses shields.

Blue-Eyes focuses on debilitating the party to try and cripple them so its other forms can finish them off; this form takes x1.5 damage from Fire attacks.

Action name Description
Jobseal Used once each time it uses this form.

A hex strikes a Mii. Any Miis of the target's job cannot use its skills for 5 turns.

Shatter A steely gaze dissipates 1 Mii's Barrier and buffs. Only used if a Mii has a barrier or buff.
Guard Drop Sprays a strange gas which causes all Miis' guards to drop. This lasts for 3 turns.
Aging Plague Douses 3 random Miis in purple sludge that may inflict Aged.
Calamity Bomb Turn 1, it charges.
After, damages all Miis and inflicts one of the following: Burning, Frozen, Petrified, Paralyzed, Fear, Anger or Sleep. Changes form.

Green-Eyes stays back and summons other enemies to face the party. As it stops attacking, it can be whaled on if you can dispose of its reinforcements quickly; this form takes x1.5 damage from Lightning attacks.

Action name Description
Summon Drone Summons a V1 of any of the 7 Drones. Caps at 3 reinforcements.
Summon Enemy Summons a Doo-Whopper, Twerpea, Yeti, Fire Demon, Orochi, Wild Mouse or Glamorous Pharaoh. Caps at 3 reinforcements.
Stay Back (auto) During this form, the Weapon stays behind the formation and takes 50% less damage.
Alpha Strike Before it changes its form, kills all reinforcements and uses Mega Explosion on the party.

The robot permanently becomes Gray-Eyes at 25% HP, when its theme changes.

Action name Description
Frenzy Claw Strikes two Miis with dark claws, dealing high damage.
Pain Shift A hex swaps the HP of two party members.
Exhaust Deals light Fire damage to the whole party, with a high (75%) chance to Burn.
Gaze Pulls a scary face at 1 Mii, causing Fear.
Big Bang Redux (auto) Once upon death, the Weapon lives with 1 HP and uses a lazer which reduces all Miis to 1 HP.

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