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Utilizes spirit-based magic and classic scaring tactics and trickery, as expected for ghosts.

-Job description

Ghost description

The Ghost is a fan-made job. It focuses mostly on magic and inflicting debilitating status ailments.

Their weapon of choice is the Lantern.

Their clothing is called Sheet.

Ghosts have high Magic, above-average Speed and decent Attack and Defense, but low max HP. Their skills mostly revolve around debilitating or tricking enemies with some damaging skills mixed in. Notably, reaching the higher levels grants them access to skills that have a critical hit chance on their own instead of relying on other conditions (Cool's Pressure Point quirk, "distracted" enemies, etc.).

The Ghost's default attack is single-target only.


LV. 1 LV. 50 LV. 50, best equipment, & max food buffs
HP 9 115 214
MP 6 94 193
Attack 6 85 265
Magic 7 193 438
Defense 6 76 247
Speed 6 90 189


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Extra Notes
Frighten LV. 2 2 "Scare an enemy straight to prevent it from doing anything. Does not always work." Gives a "scared" status to the target if this skill succeeds. Scared enemies won't be able to take any action until the status wears off. Does not work on bosses.
Shadow Divide LV. 5 3 "Create ghostly copies of yourself to trick enemies. You won't take damage if the copy is attacked." First use results in a single copy. Second use after that results in three copies (max), but this requires that there's only one Ghost Mii in the party (counting guests). If the copy is attacked, it'll immediately disappear.
Mega Frighten LV. 10 4 "Attempt to scare all enemies. If they end up scared, they won't be able to take any action." Targets all enemies. Does not work on bosses.
Shadow Strike LV. 14 5 "Command a shadow to attack an enemy when it least expected it. (magic)" Basic magic attack.
Imitation LV. 19 0 "Strike an enemy back with its own attack used against you. (auto)" Activates at random after the user gets damaged by an enemy. When this happens, the user will automatically counter attack with the same attack that damaged them prior to skill activation.
Trick Attack LV. 23 7 "Disappear, then deliver a surprise attack." Functionally similar to the Thief's Sneak Attack.
Evil Charm LV. 28 7 "Cast an ominous spell to weaken an enemy." Gives a "weakened" status ailment to the target, causing it to inflict half of its usual damage until said status wears off.
Cleave LV. 32 15 "Summon a sickle-shaped spirit to attack. Has a random chance of inflicting a critical hit. (magic)" Single-target. Has a random chance of inflicting 1.5x more damage.
Phantom Claw LV. 37 20 "Conjure up a ghostly claw to slash an enemy. Has a random chance of inflicting a critical hit. (magic)." Single-target, more powerful than Cleave. Has a random chance of inflicting 1.5x more damage.