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Hardy is a fan-made Miitopia personality. Its quirks have something to do with either toughness or stress/pressure.


Quirk name Description Activation rate
Point Strike

The Hardy Mii may randomly apply pressure instead of performing any other battle actions when they get their turn. Gives "tense" status to either the Hardy Mii or a random ally (does not work on guests) when this happens. Depending on the battle message, a "tense" Mii will either:

  • Have their damage boosted by 1.5x. ("The tension gives [Tense Mii] more power!")
  • Have damage taken reduced by half. ("The tension makes [Tense Mii] tougher!")
  • Have their Speed increased, much like one of the buffs from the Praise assist. ("The tension makes [Tense Mii] want to rush!")

Can override other emotion-based status if the target Mii already has it.

This quirk can't be used by the player-controlled Mii unless Autobattle is enabled.


When performing a regular attack, there's a random chance that the Hardy Mii will attempt to damage the target in such a way that its HP is immediately reduced to the same amount as the Hardy Mii's current HP (or simply inflict 999 damage if the difference is too massive). If it fails, the Hardy Mii will stumble and leave themselves open, causing the target enemy to freely attack them (damage taken multiplied by 1.5 in this instance, unlike failure from Kind's Spare quirk) and a random ally to berate them, possibly starting quarrels.

This quirk will never trigger on bosses or enemies whose current HP is lower than the Hardy Mii's.

30% (50% chance of success)
Stiffen May go into a defensive stance when an enemy targets them with a regular attack, reducing damage taken by half. Functionally identical to Stubborn's Patience quirk. 20%
War Cry

When the Hardy Mii gets their turn, there's a random chance that said Mii will threaten a random enemy with the Mii's war cry (if not set, the speech bubble will instead show "ROOOOAAARR!!!") instead of performing any other battle actions, giving the enemy a "weakened" status. Weakened enemies will inflict half damage until the status wears off.

This quirk can't be used by the player-controlled Mii unless Autobattle is enabled.

Grimace May show a creepy grimace to an enemy about to attack the Hardy Mii, forcing it to cancel its action and moving its turn to the last in the current round. 10%