In addition to Miitopia's existing Grub, new Grub appears in Harsh Edition.


No. Name Dropped By Fullness Effect Description Image
197 Plump Fish Tail
  • Siren
35% Boosts HP and Attack "Might be a little bitter, but it's extremely high in protein!" Plump Fish Tail 0
198 Plump Fish Tail ★
  • Siren
40% Boosts HP, Attack, and Magic. "A Favorite food for many sea life, and humans too!" Plump Fish Tail 1
199 Plump Fish Tail ★★
  • Siren
50% Boosts HP, Attack, and Magic. "What, do you think this has a Porpoise to be tasty?" Plump Fish Tail 2
200 Fluffy Horseshoe
  • Unicorn
20% Boosts Magic. "Horses can wear it, and it's edible as well! What else is there to be glad of?" Fluffy Horseshoe 0
201 Fluffy Horseshoe ★
  • Unicorn
35% Boosts Magic. "Now, the previous was high in sugar! Added in carrots for extra-protection and for healthy-eaters!" Fluffy Horseshoe 1
202 Fluffy Horseshoe ★★
  • Unicorn
40% Boosts Magic and Defense. "This Horseshoe is purely made out of veggies! Mm, salad." Fluffy Horseshoe 2
203 Omglet
  • Egglet
60% Boosts Speed "FINALLY something to fill you up in Harsh Mode!" Omglet 0
204 Omglet ★
  • Egglet, G()ld|3
80% Boosts Speed, MP, Magic, and HP, "The yolk is TRIPLE in this Omelet! We hope you are not allergic to Egg Yolks!" Omglet 1
205 Omglet ★★
  • G()ld|3
100% Boosts All Stats. "This is the Only Omglet that has two stars. We hope that you will share this with everyone!" Omglet 2