These are all of the Monsters and Bosses that appear in Miitopia: Harsh Edition


Name Boss? Location(s) Journal Number
All Monsters From the Original Game True and False Basically Anywhere 1-251
Siren False All of Galados Isle 252
Freezing Mummy False Southern DLC Island 253
Coolpole False Southern DLC Island 254
Ultra Dangerous Bomb False Northern DLC Island 255
Unicorn False Nimbus, Northern DLC Island 256
Grape Cloud False Nimbus, Northern DLC Island 257
Egglet False Northern DLC Island 258
Retroputer III True The Golden Flight 259
Reader of Dreams True The Golden Flight 260
Bright Lord True The Golden Flight 261
Bright Sage True The Golden Flight 262
Bright Sun True The Golden Flight 263
Rainbow Cumulus True The Golden Flight 264
Goldie True The Golden Flight 265
Miitopia: Harsh Edition
New Classes


New Enemies

SirenFreezing MummyCoolpoleUltra Dangerous BombUnicornGrape CloudEgglet
Retroputer IIIReader of DreamsBright LordBright SageBright SunRainbow Cumulusƃoןpıǝ
Bold = Boss

New Grub

Plump Fish TailPlump Fish Tail ★Plump Fish Tail ★★Fluffy HorseshoeFluffy Horseshoe ★Fluffy Horseshoe ★★OmgletOmglet ★Omglet ★★

New Locations

DLC Island(s)The Golden Flight

New Personalities