Haven Hollow is a cave in the middle of Karkaton Waste that initially serves as the hideout of the escaped Teammates during the story.

Its function is expanded as the Great Sage moves into the Hollow and starts a service where s/he can alter the properties of certain skills for a fee. These can be swapped at will, if you have the gold.

Skill Variations

Here are the skills that the Great Sage can alter within the Hollow. Altered skills can be changed back for half of the skill's price by selecting it again. Unless specified, the skill's cost remains the same.

This list is incomplete. More will be added as jobs are added.

Class Base Skill Cost New Skill New Skill Desc.
Warrior Darkeye Slash 2,500G Darknose Slash "Slice an enemy, dealing heavy damage if they're wearing a nose."
Warrior Darkeye Slash 3,500G Darkmaw Slash "Slice an enemy, dealing heavy damage if they're wearing a mouth."
Warrior Proud Protector 5,000G Solemn Shield "May protect any Mii from harm, even Evil and resented Miis (auto)."
Mage Enlarge Weapon 3,000G Boomerang Weapon "Halves the power of a Mii's weapon, but it can hit all enemies. Only works on single-target jobs. (auto, magic)."
Mage Barrier 2,500G Bubble "Erects a yellow barrier which prevents the Mii from receiving status effects for 5 turns (magic)."
Cleric Aura 3,000G Bright Light "Bathes every monster in divine light, hurting them all a bit (magic)."
Cleric Righteous Anger 2,500G Team's Wrath "Reminds a Mii what they're fighting for, causing them to become Angry at the enemy."
Thief Whirlwind Blades 7,500G 100 Knives "Hits the enemy a blinding number of times. Always deals 100 damage piercing defense."
Thief Rock Rain 3,500G Boulder "Instead of a rock rain, drops a boulder on one enemy's head for huge damage."
Cat Lick Wounds 5,000G Cleansing Tongue "Lick the wounds of others with your sterile tongue. No longer works on yourself, though."