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"Here We Go Again..." is the first chapter of Miitopia: Bringing the Party Back Together!. It takes place in Greenhorne, and spans the whole way from Easin Hills to the beginning of Castle View.

The next chapter is "Royal Feud".

Opening Cutscene

The opening cutscene is presented much like Miitopia's first cutscene: flat and storybook-like. It's explained that the previous heroes (shown with simple faces) saved Miitopia from a horrid curse a few years back. They spent a good time taming faceless monsters and conquering the Tower of Dread, judging by the visuals. The world began to change! Despite being all good friends, they decided to step down from adventuring to live out their own lives. With all the monsters tamed, what was there left to do? They handed off the Antique Charm to the family who once held it in order to ensure its safety, as no one would EVER expect a quaint village to have such a powerful object.

Years later, unrest bubbled up on the horizon of Miitopia. Out of nowhere, a villain by the name of Eclipse appeared. Their plan? The exact same as the Dark Lord's: steal faces, make monsters, put faces on said monsters, and use this to reach some ultimate goal... and they MUST be stopped. These new monsters seem to have something the old monsters didn't, but the narrator can't put their finger on it...

The Beginning

Our story opens up on Greenhorne, the destination of a travelling hero. The narrator acts much like a nature documentary's commentator just to be humorous. The soon-to-be hero comes to a rest at the western edge of the land, exhausted by the travel from the Hub. Something half gold, half cyan flashes in the sky, and it only gets brighter.

This raises alarm for the Mii protagonist to burst into town and try to convince everyone that something is up, but by the time they say this, it's too late. A flood of monsters with faces invades Greenhorne, causing chaos. Eclipse partakes in the attack by firing orange arrows and blue rings to intimidate and keep the Greenhorne residents in the town via barracade. They announce that they're here to take all the faces in Greenhorne, sparing no one.

A faceless monster who was simply resting in town is startled by all the action happening at once. They hide behind the market stall and await a time to escape, no matter what it takes.

The Sassy Teenager, the protector of the antique charm, immediately thrusts responsibility on the protagonist to fight Eclipse. The Mii protagonist knows nothing about combat, not ready to fight evil off yet. The teen runs off to get the Antique Charm, but when they return with the heirloom, a Sniffetch tackles them, causing the Antique Charm to break in half. One of the halves loses its color entirely.

The Mii protagonist salvages the half of the charm that maintained its color. While they make sure the teen is doing well, the monster slips out through the chaos and picks up the other half. In a moment, Mii protagonist and Monster protagonist realize that the other has the missing piece. Though, before they both can say anything, the monster flees the scene! The Mii protagonist chases them, but bumps into thhe barrier as the monster escapes. It appears the barracade can only be crossed by monsters and NOT Miis.

Eclipse steals the faces of all the citizens of Greenhorne except for this newcomer. The evil overlord claims that they love a good rivalry, after all. They leave, keeping the town encircled by the barrier.

The Guardian Spirit

The Mii protagonist isn't trapped for long, for the Antique Charm begins to glow and speak! It's the Guardian Spirit, and they give the Mii protagonist a Job. With this newfound power, the protagonist is able to attack and break the barrier of arrows and rings!

After a brief celebration, the two decide to talk about Eclipse. The Guardian Spirit felt a power unlike the one of the previous Dark Lord. It was far stronger, as if the power was triple that of before. The best way to handle this is to bring the Ex-Heroes of Miitopia back into the spotlight, and help them take out Eclipse. Upon hearing this, the protagonist has a moment where they gush over the heroes, much to the spirit's amusement. The spirit also wants the other half of the charm back, as that raw strength could be abused by a villain.

The protagonist decides that they must spread the news to the Royal Court.

The Radical Spirit

As the monster flees town, monsters new and old with faces on them encircle them. They're drawn by the monochrome half of the charm, but the monster protagonist can't fight all the monsters off alone! That's when the charm awaken to reveal a new voice. A surfer-dude-esque voice offers the monster a face and a Job! When the monster gains the job, they fend off a few of the foes. The rest flee when the monster proves their strength.

Appealing to the monster's emotions, they believe "that big nasty dude" will continue to steal faces and put them on the old monsters. The monster Protagonist worries, but Radical Spirit says that they can keep the Job... for as long as the charm stays split. The monster cares not for the Miis who lose their faces, but instead for ALL the monsters who are taken advantage of. This won't stand! The monster hero continues their journey.

Saving the Town

The Mii protagonist recruits new allies to save the citizens of Greenhorne! (Once the Monster List is complete, this section will be finised up.)

This is also when the Miis encounter Eclipse a second time, where Eclipse is bored by the heroes' slow pace. Now the villain will steal their faces!

...And then the fiend is hit in the face with a stick. Surprise, the Reborn Mii is here! They're not magically adept, but they temporarily distract Eclipse with their taunts, bringing attention to themselves and away from the party. This leads into the Great Sage's entrance, which leaves Eclipse absolutely outnumbered (and the player character having a fan moment). Eclipse shrugs this encounter off, knowing that the ensuing battle "would be too soon in the process". The challenger "reassures" the six of them that the fun is just starting as they leave.

The player character is still in shock over the Great Sage appearing, while the mage themselves finds the attention embarrassing. The Reborn seems a bit upset with Eclipse getting away in the meantime, wishing to bring that clown down. The Great Sage still maintains their aversion to violence, not needing to tread on a hero's journey. The Sage and Reborn acquaint themselves with the party, promising that the heroes of old shouldn't be too hard to find. The Mii party won't be so lucky next time, but the Great Sage has faith that the party can fend off evil on that scale in the future. The Reborn cheers on the party in the moment.

The two leave the party to their business of traveling to Greenhorne Castle. It takes a while for the protagonist to recover from their fateful encounter.

Long Way Around

The Monster protagonist and their growing posse decide to take a different way through Greenhorne, which involves stepping into territory near Nuedaun. Those pesky Mii heroes would surely fight them on sight. That place is pretty rocky and rough, but the flowers in the meadow here provide great cover.

The monsters spot the Reborn Mii and Great Sage chatting from afar, so they listen in. There's information about Eclipse being exchanged between them, but what really piques the interest is the speculation of there being another Dark Curse. If the Dark Lord was possessed the whole time, then what about Eclipse? Are they also being played like a puppet? The Reborn doesn't like to hear such a thing, fearing their own past will haunt them forever. The Great Sage tries to comfort them, despite the strong evidence for the theory.

The monsters don't seem to understand all of the situation, but they will keep the info handy. Whatever this means, it can't be good. That "Dark Lord" guy was enough of a hassle to begin with. It's agreed that the fight to free the monsters continues!

The monsters fight many "mini-bosses" along the way, which are just normal monsters, truly.

An Order from the Commander

The Mii party arrives at the start of the Castle View, but cannot progress. A Royal Guard says a last-minute change in plans from the Commander requires the Cryptozoologist to be safe. They were supposed to be back from the meadows days ago to bring back data, but a flash in the sky has the whole patrol uneasy. Hearing about the Cryptozoologist, an Ex-Hero, the protagonist is ready and raring to go!

Along the way, the party tries to figure out what a Cryptozoologist is while fighting Woolias and Ramsies. They find massive crop circles on distant hills, and worry about the fact that MAYBE an alien is here.

The party finds an odd pink sheep in the bushes. When they try to interact, the sheep levitates, revealing itself to be "Cryptozoologist" Ewe F.O.! The party defeats this foul beast, expecting the stolen face to come flying off. However, that's not the case; the monster instead turns into the Cryptozoologist. The hero is crushed, believing that the Cryptozoologist went rogue and became a monster out of some wizardry. The Ex-Hero reveals that this isn't true... but they also don't know how they became a monster. There was a flash in the sky, and a few moments later, they lost control, becoming an obsessive observer of the new sheep monsters to the point they would toss them using the tractor beam! The party doesn't seem to have much a reason to doubt this.

Once they finally ask what a Cryptozoologist is, the party tells them about Eclipse. The Cryptozoologist promises to help them find the others, despite currently being out of a Job. After the party loudly announces they need to deliver this information to the Royal Guard, and they take off. The researcher, realizing the Commander of the Royal Guard is also an Ex-Hero, gasps and sprints after the travelling team.

Cutting Corners

The monster party continues their stealthy mission into the Royal Garden. If they can sneak by the patroling guard, they can get through the castle! It just so happens that the lawn ornaments have also been turned into monsters, however. It becomes a chore to handle all the Phoemencoes and Gnomes, but the four persevere. They notice that bushes are all torn up and flowers losing their petals. They blame this on "society". The monsters justify breaking all this property by claming that the gnomes are just creepy. They also play in the sprinklers in some events.

The first first massive obstacle is Gargargle, a flowery gargoyle that acts like a Mii Trap. This garden protector turned boss is eventually pacified, but refuses to move. It's only when the monsters tell her about Eclipse that she begrudgingly gives up guarding the path ahead. She does warn them about strange happenings in the Butterfly Dome, but doesn't elaborate on it.

Ahead, in the torn-up and shredded Butterfly Dome, it seems like there's a clear shot through and into the castle. However, a lawnmower revvs to life, becoming "Royal Gardener" Lauchmower! The monsters fight back and eventually win, freeing the corrupted Royal Gardener, but also wrecking the dome further. This bewilders the monster party, but it turns out that the poor gardener... simply became a monster, like the Cryptozoologist. Radical Spirit chimes in and says that "everybody feels like a lawnmower with rockets tied to it at some point". The Gardener became obsessed with perfection to the point where their "fixes" ruined the Royal Garden! It's still unknown how this happened, but the monsters accept this turn of events and venture forth without the Royal Gardener's help, leaving the rescued Mii behind as they worry about the state of the garden.