The Hydra (悪弊 Akuhei Bad thing) is a powerful postgame boss that will appear at the end of The Fiend's Tower in Miitopia The Fiend's Strike Back. Its theme is boss 2 as its the guard of the Tower Of Dread. Its gimmick is using eye laser than using burp.


it appears as a red dragon with 3 heads that has tons of metal patches.


Action name Description
Bite Requires 1 head to use.

Heavy damage to 1 Mii.

Burp Makes Miis angry
Eye Laser Identical to Tank's Laser.

Fires a ray from its eye which damages the whole party.

Death Stomp Rarely uses but makes the Miis die instantly
Megaton Bite Requires atleast a head to use.

Charges on first turn. If 500 damage is not dealt, deals massive damage to three Miis.
If its other Heads are broken, the Hydra falls for 1 turn after.

Ultra Laser Identical to Tank's Ultra Laser.

A red laser deals high damage to the whole party.

Once/Twice More! (Auto) Attacks twice if a head is destroyed, thrice if both are.

Its heads can be struck separately and take 1 damage from most sources.

Post defeat

The Hydra's curse lifts to bring the Miis to tons of post game areas.