Hypno Queen is the first original boss on Electipotenza Lane. She can be found as a normal enemy after you fight her normally.


She looks like a black and white Ice Queen. Instead of snowflakes, small hypnotic spirals flutter around her.

When Found

Lead Mii: *Yawn* Man, I'm really sleepy.

Second Mii: Yeah, now that you mention it, I'm mega tired too...

Third Mii: Same.

Fourth Mii:... (They're staring blankly at something.)

Second Mii: Hey, [Fourth Mii], you ok?

Fourth Mii: Hm? Oh, y-yeah, I'm fine. My thoughts were wandering and my eyes caught something. I couldn't look away!

Offscreen Voice: You're all getting very, very sleepy...

(battle starts)


Action name Description
Attack Standard attack.
Deep Sleep Hypnotizes a Mii into a deep sleep. This takes the Mii out of battle until they wake up. Works 25% of the time.
Nightmare Lures the targeted into a nightmare. Works 75% of the time.
Look Into My Eyes Locks eyes with a Mii, immobilizing both of them. This is the first stage to the attack. Always works.
Take A Deep Breath Takes a deep breath, restoring HP. The Mii targeted by Look Into My Eyes does the same thing, without the HP. This is the second stage to the attack. Always works.
When I Say Sleep... The Mii targeted with the two attacks above will go into a trance, attacking teammates and stealing items and weapons. This is the final stage to the attack. Always works.
Why Are You Hitting Yourself? Hypnotizes a Mii into severely damaging themselves for 5 turns. Works 55% of the time.
Dipped Mii's Heart Into Darkness Can inflict the Evil status. Works 50% of the time.
One More Time! (auto) Allows another action.
Self-Hypnosis (auto) Can't attack, but is invulnerable to damage.
You Can't Look Away (auto) During an attack, the Mii will stop and look at Hypno Queen in which she will hit them.

After Battle

Lead Mii: Hey, I feel a lot more awake now!

Second Mii: I bet it was that Hypno Queen fellow making us sleepy.

Third Mii: Yeah.

Fourth Mii: But I will admit... Being hypnotized was a little fun. Not the things I did of course, but I liked the feeling!

Third Mii: I guess when this is done, we'll buy one of those hypnotizer kits!