The Labyrinth of Fear is a postgame location unlocked in Galados Isle at the same time as the Tower of Dread. It is a large enemy gauntlet themed after every world and contains both powerful versoins of normal foes and new monsters.

Its entrance appears above the final spot of Uncharted Galados, meaning it must be cleared before the Labyrinth can be reached.

There are six stages in the Labyrinth and they must all be completed without the party dying once, but the Labyrinth can be left off at any time once a stage is cleared. If the party falls, the stages after the first disappear until the previous ones are recompleted.

Most of the rounds are enemies from that area, excluding (Terror) Fiends.

NPC bosses which appear use a random Mii the same way Travelers do. Named Mii bosses use the corresponding Mii.


Stage 1: Emerald Tunnel

The area is a green-tinted form of the Pyramid, representing Greenhorne.

Round Enemies Notes
1-4 Easin Hills Enemies Rounds 1-4 enemies have doubled stats

to balance them being weak enemies.

5 Goblin
Mage Goblin
Red Goblin
Forest Goblin
Space Goblin
6-9 Arid Frontier Enemies
10 Gold General "Princess"
Strong "King" Golem
Uses "Princess" and "King" Miis.

Stage 2: Topaz Tunnel

The area is a yellow-tinted form of the Pyramid, representing Neksdor.

Round Enemies Notes
1-4 Neksdor Desert Enemies
5 Minotaur
6-9 Underground Labyrinth Enemies
10 "Mii" Sword

Pharaoh "Genie"
"Mii" Shield

11-14 Pyramid Enemies
15 Glamorous Pharaoh x 2
Pharaoh "Genie" II
Pharaoh "Genie" II
can replace Glamorous Pharaohs.

Stage 3: Amethyst Tunnel

The area is a purple-tinted form of the Pyramid, representing the Realm of the Fey.

Round Enemies Notes
1-4 East Realm Enemies
5 Tomato Bros. Uses Fairy Fans Miis
6-9 Citrus Cave Enemies
10 Arachno"Mii"
11-14 Bigg Forest Enemies
15 Red "Eldest Fab Fairy" Frog
Red "Fab Fairy"pole x2

Stage 4: Ruby Tunnel

The area is a red-tinted form of the Pyramid, representing Karkaton.

Round Enemies Notes
1-4 Karkaton Waste Enemies Fiends don't appear.
5 Paincloud "Mii"
Magma "Mii" Slime
Burning "Mii" Golem
6-9 Karkaton Peak Enemies
10 Cerberus Uses 2nd Teammate Miis.
11-14 Dark Lord's Castle Enemies
15 "Dark Lord", the Dark Lord

Stage 5: Quartz Tunnel

The area is a white-tinted form of the Pyramid, representing Nimbus and the Peaks.

Round Enemies Notes
1-4 Nimbus Enemies
5 Ancient Robot x3
6-9 Sterile Plant Enemies
10 Robo-"Mii"
11-14 Ghontu Cave Enemies
15 Yeti
16-19 Tschilly Peak Enemies
20 Gold Orochi

Stage 6: Final Tunnel

The area is an orange-tinted form of the Pyramid, representing itself and is the final stage.

Round Enemies Notes
1 Pyrodrone (V1)
Cryodrone (V1)
Vyrodrone (V1)
2-4 Uncharted Galados Enemies
5 Doom Sword
Replica Dark Lord
Doom Shield
Replica Dark Lord can call forth more Swords/Shields.
6-9 New Lumos Enemies
10 "Terror Fiend" x4 Four Mimic eyes in disguise.
11-13 New Lumos Enemies
14 Snatcher Eye Can become New Lumos enemies.
15 Ancient Golem
??? Final Weapon Defeat all 6 V2 regional Drones at least once
and defeat Ancient Golem in 15 turns or less
to fight this boss. Otherwise it is skipped and you win.