Deals great damage and sizzles foes alight. Just for ones who give the most painful way of death.


Lvl 1 Lvl 50 Lvl 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 11 200 299
MP 7 150 249
Attack 11 129 411
Magic 6 92 191
Defense 2 99 210
Speed 6 110 209


Bold denotes new skills

Skill Learned MP Cost Description Extra Notes
Fire Lvl 2 3 "Sizzles an enemy with a small fire spell." (magic)
Lightning Lvl 5 5 "Zap three enemies with the power of lightning." (magic) Strikes three enemies, middle target suffers the most damage.
Barrier Lvl 8 7 "Creates a barrier that reduces damage" (magic) Can be used on allies. Reduces all attack damage by 50%.
Dancing Potion Lvl 13 10 "Grab that dancing potion and have a chance to make enemies dance!" Has a chance to make all enemies start dancing. Bosses can't be affected. Does not always work.
Mega Fire Lvl 14 12 "Burn an enemy with a bigger and better fire" (magic) An improved Fire Skill.
Explosion Lvl 16 10 "Send an explosion that deals great damage to foes." (magic)
Mega Lightning Lvl 20 13 "Electrocute those foul enemies with the Mega Lightning." (magic) An improved Lightning Skill.
Giga Lightning Lvl 29 18 "Call the Gods and slice enemies with this skill." (magic) An improved Mega Lightning skill
Mega Explosion Lvl 32 20 "Explode all enemies with this massive explosion." (magic) An improved Explosion skill
Tower of Flame Lvl 33 40 "Bathe the enemy in a hot tub of Fire." (magic) An improved Mega Fire Skill
Giga Explosion Lvl 36 45 "Roasts all enemies with a massive fireball." (magic) An improved Mega Explosion Skill
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