Deals stupendous damage, blasting away enemies with magical power.
The Mage is a Miitopia class that appears in Miitopia: Fiend's Call.


The Mage is the master of elemental magic and spells to demolish enemies and grant friends magical might. They are atrocious in melee combat though but their spells make up for it.

  • Their preferred weapons are Canes.
  • Their preferred equipment are Robes.


To fulfil the 'squishy wizard' archetype and balance them a bit, Mages now have lower Defense.

Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 10 184 283
MP 8 175 274
Attack 7 46 251
Magic 6 194 504
Defense 5 55 331
Speed 10 96 195


The skills Mages can learn. Skills in bold are new skills added in Fiend's Call.

Skill Learned MP


Description Extra Notes
Fire Lv. 2 4 "Toast a single enemy with mystic fire (fire magic)." Basic and deals fiery damage.
Lightning Lv. 4 6 "Zap an enemy with lightning. Also hits enemies on either side (volt magic)." Hits 3 monsters, 2 if hitting either ends of the line. Main target suffers most damage.
Frost Lv. 6 8 "Freezes an enemy and two more random enemies (ice magic)." Chosen target is always hit and two other crystals strike two random foes. An enemy can be hit multiple times.
Sleep Tight Lv. 8 6 "Make a friend doze off, recovering their HP as they sleep. (magic)" Causes ally to go to sleep. First turn, they heal 1/2 of their max HP, healing the other half next turn if still asleep.
Explosion Lv. 10 14 "Invoke an explosion, sending all enemies up in flames. (magic)" A basic area-of-effect skill striking all enemies.


Lv. 12 6 "Make a friend's weapon really big for one attack (auto, magic)." Damage increased, but multi-hit weapons hit one enemy.
Mega Fire Lv. 13 15 "Char-grill a single enemy with searing flame. (fire magic)" May inflict Burn.
Mega Lightning Lv. 14 20 "Sizzle an enemy plus those on either side with fierce lightning. (volt magic)" May inflict Paralysis
Mega Frost Lv. 15 25 "One enemy and two unlucky ones are deep-frozen in glacial ice. (ice magic)." May inflict Frozen.
Mega Explosion Lv. 17 30 "Invoke a huge explosion, sending all enemies up in flames. (magic)"
Barrier Lv. 20 18 "Erect a barrier in front of you that reduces all damage taken. (magic)"
Giga Lightning Lv. 25 40 "Zap an enemy plus this on either side with fierce lightning. (volt magic)"
Giga Explosion Lv. 30 45 "Invoke a huge fireball that deals huge damage to all enemies. (magic)"
Giga Frost Lv. 35 45 "Traps an enemy and two others in a miniature ice age! (ice magic)."
Tower of Flame Lv. 40 50 "Bake one enemy to a crisp with a mage-tastic flaming pillar. (fire magic)"
Ultra Explosion Lv. 50 100 "Invokes a blue plasma ball to obliterate all enemies. This spell's power prevents use of magic for 2 turns. (magic)" The strongest Mage spell. After, no spell can be cast for 2 more turns.
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