The Magnetaurs, Rubitaur and Sapphataur are a boss duo in Fiend's Call that appear on the first node of the Great Pyramid as a pair replacing the Kind Golem minibosses.


Both of them are Minotaurs with black skin, one eye and wielding a massive hammer. They are clad in spiekd armor and have huge horns.

Rubitaur is red-tinted and Sapphataur is blue-tinted.


The residents of Neksdor Town, upon rescue, warn the party of a dangerous pair of magnetic cows. Upon entering the Pyramid, the pair are on the map screen and cannot be passed until their demise.

Enemy statistics

Fiend's Call Enemy Rubitaur & Sapphataur
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
200 (Both) 50 (Rubi.)

25 (Sappha.)

10 (Rubit.)

30 (Sappha.)

20 30 (Both) Great Pyramid


Action name Description
Hammer Smash Deals high damage to 1 Mii.
Hammer Quake Deals damage to the whole party.


Deals damage to 1 Mii and light damage to side Miis.


Deals damage to 1 Mii and light damage to side Miis.
(Requires both)
A 'Taur hides behind a Mii and cannot do anything. They cannot be hit.
(After Position)
Only usable after 2+ turns after Position by the other 'Taur. Deals heavy damage to Mii the other 'Taur is behind, if any.
If its partner if dead, the remaining 'Taur gets two actions and an attack buff.

The Magnetaurs use the Position/Magnetize combo whenever possible. If one dies, the other goes berserk.

If one of the pair die while the other is Positioned, it will return to the battlefield then become enraged.

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