The Malvagio is an enemy in Cosmic Duels that appears in Galados Isle's Seaside Grotto during the quest 'Reaper's Scythe'.

It is one of the enigmatic Otherworldly Foes, entities who resemble Miitopian fauna, but cannot use Mii parts.


Malvagio is a large, all-blue Fiend with a white face. It wields a thin, rusted scythe.

When Malvagio landed, it saw that all Fiends had the same eye, so it copied it too, but it is not a true Mii part.


Although not as deadly as a Fiend, this alien can still inflict 66 unblockable damage if it wants and if the party is unlucky, it can dip most of the Miis' hearts into darkness.

Action name Description
Slash Slashes a Mii, damaging them.
'Scythe' Swings its scythe and deals 66 shield-bypassing damage to 1 Mii.
Double Dip into Darkness Attemps to dip two Miis' hearts in darkness with a 75% chance.
Once More! (auto) This enemy can act twice in one turn.


  • Malvagio is spanish for 'evil' or 'wicked person'.