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Not to be confused with the enemy from Fanofkinopio's fanon.
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The Mermaid Icon.

An elegant singer. Is insanely good on Defense, Attack, Magic, and MP, but has a cost for Speed and HP.

-Job description


A Mermaid.

The Mermaid (サイレン; Siren) is a fan-made job by CrazyMew37. It focuses mainly on Defense, Attack, Magic and MP. You obtain this job by completing The Golden Flight in Miitopia: Harsh Edition, and by beating 6 Minigames in Miitopia Insanity. Has the same clothing type list for the Imp.

Their Weapon of choice are Fishes.

Their Clothing of choice are Tails.

The Mermaid's default attack hits only 1 monster.


Lvl 1 Lvl 50 Lvl 50, Best equipment

& Max food buffs

HP 5 98 197
MP 15 153 252
Attack 19 158 408
Magic 21 172 480
Defense 17 189 504
Speed 0 0 99


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Extra Notes
Seashell Throw Lv. 4 8 "Throw some seashells at two random enemies"
Song Lv. 6 10 "Sing at your foes to make them dance!" Inflicts all enemies. Does not always work.
Double Fish Lv. 9 12 "Summon another fish to smack at your foes. (Magic)" Does not always work (80% chance to work).
Squid Squirt Lv. 12 15 "Summon a Squid to squirt it's ink at your foes to slow them down. (Magic) Does not always work. Slows down enemies by 50%.
Tail Slap Lv. 14 13 "Smack your tail at a monster. Might cause damage to yourself." 30% chance to get damaged.
Shark Bait Lv. 17 18 "Summon a shark to bite a monster. Sometimes bites the party as well. (Magic)" Does not always work. May cause resentment.
Siren's Song Lv. 20 21 "Sing a glorious song to enemies to put them asleep." Does not always work. Affects all enemies.
Bite Lv. 24 24 "Bite at your foes to get grub, or sometimes accidentally bite your teammates because of your temptations." 25% chance to bite a Mii. May cause resentment and will cause damage to the Victim.
Fishy Quartet Lv. 27 30 "Summon 3 more fish to hit 4 foes with. (Magic)" Does not always work, more likely to get a weak attack.
Pretend Suffocate Lv. 30 35 "Pretend that your suffocating to fool your friends into healing you." Does not always work, can cause resentment.
Lunge Lv. 34 42 "Lunge yourself to collide with 2 enemies." More likely to do critical damage.
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