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miitop is Miitopia but it makes less sense

miitop is pronounced as "me-tope"

The differences



There are 6 new jobs, with two secret/secreter jobs.

New jobs

Secret jobs and secreter jobs

Secret jobs are jobs that can only be unlocked after defeating the Darker lord

Secreter jobs are jobs that can only be unlocked after defeating the Dark sun

Changed jobs

Several jobs have been changed in miitop, as the level cap has risen.


The story of miitop:


After the Dark sun was defeated, it exploded with a force so powerful that it destroyed the island of Miitopia and recreated it.

Pre-Dark lord defeat

Greenhorne (tba)
Neksdor (tba)
Realm of the fey (tba)
Karkaton (tba)

Pre-Darker lord defeat

Powdered peaks (tba)
Peculia (tba)
Nimbus (tba)
The skyscraper (tba)
Otherworld (tba)

Pre-Dark sun defeat

New Lumos (tba)

Post-Dark sun defeat

Space (tba)
Ocean world (tba)
Deep ocean (tba)
Otherotherworld (tba)
City world (tba)
Pixel world (tba)
Voxel world (tba)
Dark world (tba)
Paper world (tba)
World world (tba)
Underworld (tba)


The end (tba)

New Worlds

  1. Space
  2. Ocean world
  3. Deep ocean
  4. Otherotherworld
  5. City world
  6. Pixel world
  7. Voxel world
  8. Dark world
  9. Paper world
  10. World world
  11. Underworld
  12. The end

New food

New personalities

Personality mixing

A new feature in miitop is that a mii can have two personalities, and the mii would obtain the quirks of both. There would have to be some constraints to this, because two personalities could cause conflicts.

  1. Non-existent + All
  2. Introvert + Extrovert
  3. Introvert + Adventurous
  4. Quiet + LOUD
  5. Smart + Stupid
  6. Bad + Kind
  7. Stubborn + Kind
  8. Adventurous + Laid back
  9. Laid back + Airheaded

New locations

List of locations (tba)

New monsters

List of monsters

New weapons

List of weapons

New armor

List of armor (tba)

New medals

Medal name How to get Reward Difficulty (0-10)
Example medal Kill a monster +5 HP sprinkles 1 (very easy)
Spaaaace! Unlock space +1 shield sprinkle 9 (close to impossible, bc new lumos)

New Quests

  • TBA

New NPCs

  • TBA (probably when i finish the story)



  • there is no trivia