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Miitopia: Bringing the Party Back Together! is a fan-made sequel to Miitopia created by Pigeonpullover. The game takes place after the events of the first game and focuses on two stories: one of the Mii heroes and one of their monster rivals.


After the heroes of the previous game saved Miitopia, there was peace once again. Miis learned to coexist with the monsters remaining after the Dark Lord's attack. Even New Lumos proved to be safer with all the monsters tamed!

The team of ten heroes from the previous game are said to have split up after all was done to pursue new goals. It was a definite promise that they would reunite one day when the world needed them again. The team gave the Antique Charm to a Greenhorne resident for safekeeping, and they were gone once more.

Years pass, and suddenly, a nasty force called Eclipse created new waves of monsters and snatched the faces of Miis across Miitopia. Once tamed monsters are now being corrupted. A traveler is determined to stop this like the old heroes would, but Greenhorne is attacked by monsters the moment the new hero arrives. The raid leads to a major disaster: the Antique Charm is launched out of the Greenhorne resident's hands and split into two when it hits the ground. The hero and a monster (of player choice) are speedy enough to grab one half each, but the monster flees from the town to avoid getting hurt.

The traveling Mii's half of the charm is the same as the last game's: a noble but fun-loving voice of a guardian angel. They suggest to set out with a new team to recover the old one. The OTHER half is a laid-back and chillaxed supporter who is "totally down" to give a monster a power boost and fight off the new and improved beasts created by the Eclipse. Both teams will be at odds or forced to cooperate to knock the new baddie down a peg. What the split charm means for the previous heroes is unknown...

Mechanical Changes

Mii mechanics from the previous game still work like how they used to in the last game. Except, surprise! Monsters! The playable monsters in this game had multiple variations in the last game (example: Rock Moths are the base enemy for Jade, Gold, and Black Butterflies).

Jobs also have rivalries, meaning the characters are in competition with others of a certain job because of their similarities or differences (ex. Mages and Magicians both use "magic"... kinda). Rivalries tend to increase relationship level-ups efficiently, but also are a lot more fragile than the standard job.

SICKNESS MECHANIC BEGONE FROM THIS GAME. It's inherently flawed. You can't fix it.

There's a way to buy Grub, but it ain't cheap! Check the Daily Grub Menu!

Camping events will continue to occur in postgame.

The Eldest and Middle Fab Fairies will now have Traveller's Hub favors, along with various NPCs (as long as they aren't a part of a delivery favor).

For obvious reasons, the Dragon (Dominic), Dark Lord and their Phantom of Evil variant, and any part of the Darker/Darkest Lord do not appear in the monster journal.

When under the Crying status, the Player can still select attacks (similar to how the AI is).

Relationship Buffs

  • Forgiveness - If in battle, Resentment may not be gained from an action that would normally cause it. Doesn't always work...
  • Confrontation - If one of the friends is under a status effect from an enemy, slightly boost the stats of the confronting friend.
  • Iron Will - Through sheer determination, regain a bit of HP and MP when a friend is knocked out. Stacks with Avenge.
  • Breaking Limits - Slightly reduces MP used by a skill. More is reduced when more people join in. Doesn't stack with Slack Off.
  • Pensive Moment - When in a Quarrel, instead of becoming moody with the target when they defeat an enemy, there's a chance they might rethink their choices, slightly lowering the meter. Doesn't always work...

Clerics have had a slight buff:

  • Calm now works on Anxious party members. (May also be applied to Nightmare, but I dunno. To test: does it work on Cranky or Vacant party members?)

Flower AI has been fixed up:

  • Flowers will now use Flower Power less often on allies that are under Praise/Excitement, and will often look out for allies that cause resentment through attacks (You can tell I really don't like AI's Flower Power).

Imps have only one change:

  • An Imp's Charm will raise relationship if the move is successful.

Mages have one change:

  • Barrier is now just as variable as Forest Aegis, being able to be used on all party members. (Also, the usage quote is different.)

Tanks have been changed a little:

  • Tanks can wear amiibo-themed tanks. It's not the same as wearing the amiibo costume, but it's close.
  • Wild Shot is less likely to miss entirely (still possible, though).
  • Human Cannonball can have a "voluntary" shot, but only at higher relationships.
  • Repair will also restore a little MP.
  • New Skills - False Surrender (fakes giving up to draw more attention from monsters) and the auto skill Scouting (Small chance to counter plenty of monster attacks, no matter the target. Uses up a little more MP than Counter Arrow)
  • A normal attack still costs 2 MP, but if a Tank runs out, they can still attack. It just does WAY less damage, similar to having a weapon stolen. This means that tanks can ALSO attack without a weapon. (wahoo!)

Thieves have only one new adjustment:

  • Relationships are still boosted when Huge Trap successfully protects an ally, even when the Thief is currently using Sneak Attack. Doing this and leveling up the relationship will have the Thief comically missing from the animation.

Vampires have one relationship booster:

  • Illusion is an auto skill that may frighten a monster when they try to physically attack a party member. Doesn't deal damage, but the status effect does skip a turn.

Personality Balances

  • In order to make the personality more viable, Stubborn has had its "Again" quirk activation raised (3% -> 10%), and the activation rate of "Bluff" has also fallen (20% -> 10%).
    • Considering making some skills Un-Bluffable? (Such as Love and Peace, Forest Aegis, and Enthrall? I understand blocking healing moves, but this is just too much...)

If any new additions come to mind, they will be added.

Aesthetic Changes

  • Returning areas look a little different.
    • Traveler's Hub is a more open area. Have fun.
    • Greenhorne has more flowers and farming fields near town, as well as a campsite. Castle now has a garden. There's a bee kingdom now, too. Northern Greenhorne feels just like hiking.
    • Neksdor has neon lights and GIANT FOSSILS on the surface. The underground is cooler. There's a new oasis subsection to the south with ruins to explore. South side has a wild west vibe.
    • It's a rainy autumn-like condition in The Realm of The Fae. Some paths have massive thickets, but others are wide open. Some monsters are also way larger.
    • Karkaton has started to grow plants on the Ascent. The old Dark Lord's Castle has been preserved as a museum. The Haven becomes a major area in the second half of the game.
    • A lot of Powdered Peaks is under a harsh snowstorm. Some glaciers have also drifted westward, making new paths. The area is generally larger.
    • Peculia no longer has portals, mashing all the areas into one, but overgrown with Peculia's strangeness. Eerie Road has grown to have monster housing like New Lumos.
    • Nimbus now resembles a space station, or at least is higher in the atmosphere. Special domes in the clouds facilitate safe environments (since, you know, people don't live this high up).
    • The Skyscraper has been retired by the Reborn Mii, leaving it devoid of dangers, and the door has been resealed.
    • Otherworld is currently unreachable, but it is known that monsters from Otherworld are in Nimbus
    • Galados Isle is in a state of perpetual night. Development has begun to make housing on the isle, but it was cancelled when the sun didn't rise again. Uncharted Galados now no longer resembles RotF (instead, it looks like a jungle to begin with, extends into a beach with pillars of water into the sky, and ends in a sacred garden) and has been extended.
    • New Lumos is threatened by a crisis that turned the monsters into post-apocalypse type enemies: the sun. There are puzzles, hidden paths, and many random events along the way, but that's a mechanical thing. Tower of Dread has been renovated into a whole story arc. The Tower of Despair is mostly submerged and cannot be accessed, but it still has a cameo on the map.
  • A recurring symbol throughout the game is Scorpion Grass, a blue flower found in wet areas.
  • The Reborn can be any gender; this doesn't affect the story in any way.
  • When a party member offers to Lend a Hand or use Pincer with someone they are in a Quarrel with, the Quarrel-holder may express disinterest in the decision instead of being enthusiastic. The move is still used without consequences
  • Monsters who lack arms, legs, or other important body parts wear Job attire differently and hold weapons in odd ways.
  • Tears from Crying are now layered behind a relationship arrow instead of over it.
  • When a battle is won, those with status effects may do a different pose than their Job pose, if they can do one at all.
  • When a battle is won with one party member and the rest blown away, a different animation plays.
  • Tanks "walking" on a stage where footprints appear will leave treads behind instead. Cats will leave behind pawprints.
  • When a Cat is riding a running horse (Saddle Up I and II) and an enemy is encountered, the Cat will try to land on their feet during the battle transition.
  • The exterior of an Inn varies depending on where it's found (ex. New Lumos Inns have other signs hanging off the side, Realm of the Fey (overworld) Inns have massive gardens out front and a greenhouse look, and Passage of Time (Dark Lord's Castle) Inns are set up like exhibits in a museum). The gates are also different, too.
  • Added more "fitting" music to battle areas such as the Nightmare Tower and Manor Macabre, but this can be toggled to have the main battle theme of the area play. Automatically entering these areas will unlock the music in the journal is disabled.
  • Inn rooms can have a little more on display. As a treat. Presents on display would be awesome.
  • At some point at Galados Isle, the playable characters' Journal is destroyed. The Scolarly Pioneer replaces the data that the player had beforehand in an intentionally poorly-made notebook with scribbled sketches, spelling errors, blurry photos, and imperfections. The Journal is fixed not long after, but the player has the option to switch back to the notebook style.


Character Description
New Hero The Mii Protagonist in the story. Holds one half of the Antique Charm. A MASSIVE fan of the old heroes.
Monsterous Hero A monster who was once weak, but gained powers (and a face) from the other half of the Antique Charm.
Stuff of Legends A general term for the previous nine non-player heroes. Can be imported from a Miitopia save.
Multi-Class Master (A.K.A. Globetrotter) The previous player character who possessed three classes. Also can be imported.
Eclipse The big-bad-evil-guy who forever lurks on the horizon. Such wrath, such violence.
Guardian Spirit The voice that is sealed within the Mii Hero's half of the Antique Charm. Same as in the previous game, they are light-hearted, wise, and a role model.
Radical Spirit The being within the monsters' half of the Antique Charm. They talk like a surfer, crack jokes, and are generally passive. They created the face the Monster Hero has.
Barista An NPC found in Inns during outings or while resting at the Inn. They work with a Griffin with no face attached to it. They serve up daily specials: Grub that can be bought using G.
Lifeguard Encountered in locations near the ocean, such as beaches. Carrying that whistle of theirs, they ensure no one drowns or is attacked by sea monsters. A friend of Rad Spirit's.
Arcade Cabinet Master of the Inn's arcade room. They promote a roulette wheel and rock-paper-scissors tourney. They also opened up a virtual boss training room in the back.
Deliverycat A cat who delivers letters to both teams, even between them at times. They keep a level head with a casual disposition around the Mii team, but they are awkward and reserved around the monsters.
Sassy Teenager This Mii doesn't obey the rules and combats authority! They're the previous protector of the Antique Charm. Lives in Greenhorne.
Sketchy Farmer A bit of a sly, yet charming speaker who charges a lot of gold for their products. Also in Greenhorne.
Gossipy Child A child who spreads absurd tales to the other tots in town. In a twist of fate, these playground rumors turn out to be true from a gameplay sense eventually.
Paleontologist The one who treks the barren dunes of Neksdor. They seek creatures who are long extinct, back from when the land was underwater.
Fab Fairy Fan Club President In the Elven Retreat, the three Fab Fairy Fans have ascended into a large fanbase! This dedicated leader acts neutral, but truly believes the Youngest Fab Fairy is the best.
Frog Catcher It's unknown if they are a witch or not. They set out of the retreat every morning to catch frogs by surprise! So far, they have collected at least 31. A friend to the monster party.
Ex-Dark Lord Quit their job as a New Lumos lookout once the monsters were pacified. Operates the ominously awkward museum, "the Passage of Time".
Gentle Scientist The founder and creator of the Stairway to Nimbus! Went missing after a mysterious incident that shut down the facility overnight...

New Jobs

New Personalities

Playable Monster Types

  • Rock Moth
  • Goblin
  • Jelly
  • Mole
  • Mouse
  • Imp
  • Nose Rock
  • Snurp
  • Griffin
  • Cactus Stack
  • Fossil
  • Scaredy Scorpion
  • Twerkey
  • Snail
  • Owlet
  • Hobgoblin
  • Pengy
  • Crystal
  • Bread
  • Orochi

New Monsters

This list is incomplete! But hey, anything can happen...

Eclipse Elites:


Somewhere between the stories, the land of Miitopia diversified and prospered. The world is bigger than before!

Greenhorne - Starting location for both games. Greenhorne's hills are filled with flowers at this time of year, making it a lovely sight for travellers.

Nuedaun - A rocky ridge between Powdered Peaks and Greenhorne. Ancient and astonishing rock formations have been unearthed, bringing a new light onto the geology of the continent.

Neksdor - The desert in the middle of Miitopia. It's become slightly more neon since we last saw it.

Evapourae - Somewhere south of Neksdor. This was once a large oasis, but now it's all filled with tumbleweeds and bones. Does seem good for exploration...

Realm of the Fae - A world where things that are normally small become huge! Seems that parts of the land near the lake are flooded.

Abbadun Facilities - This used to be a market of sorts, where travelers could exchange goods with the fairies. No one is around to control the monsters...

Karkaton - It appears that ash makes the soil of Karkaton good for growing plants! The volcano still brims with as muchh vigor as it did before.

Passage of Time - Used to be a castle for an evil overlord, but now it's a museum! The Ex-Dark Lord runs the place, as it's a reminder of the mistakes they made while possessed.

Stairway to Nimbus - A staircase so tall, it goes all the way up to the clouds! Though, it's been locked for a few years now...


Chapters are milestones for the player to keep track of. Soon, individual pages for these chapters will be filled out. Chapters are very short, despite their deceptively daunting natures.

Greenhorne + Nuedaun

Neksdor + Evapourae

  • Downpour
  • Fish Out of Water
  • Brewing Sandstorm

Realm of the Fey + Abbadun Facilities

  • Breaking the Barrier
  • Lost in the Supermarket
  • Fabulousness is Forever!

Karkaton + Passage of Time

  • From the Ashes
  • Igneous-rance
  • Blast from the Past!

Powdered Peaks + Driftaweigh

  • Thin Ice
  • A Streak in the Night Sky
  • What Remains

Peculia + Nullenvoyd

  • Twisting the Dimensions!
  • Mind Your Manors
  • Field of Premonitons

Nimbus + Stratos Pier

  • Factory Reset
  • Sky High Culture
  • Follow that Rainbow!

Traveler's Hub Arc (Eclipse Arc)

  • Lost Souls at Sundown
  • Casting a Shadow
  • From Bad to Worse

Galados Isle + Last Resort

  • Tidal Trouble
  • Shipwrecked
  • Ever Deeper, Ever More New

New Lumos + Tower of Existential Dread

  • The Blackout
  • No More Regrets
  • Chaos Eternal!

Rush Finale

  • Rematch! Monarchs on the Rocks!
  • Rematch! Curse of the Prince!
  • Rematch! As Cold as Iron!
  • Rematch! Past Comes Back to Haunt You!
  • Rematch! Changing the Climate!
  • Rematch! Return to the Vortex!
  • Rematch! To the Power of Zero!
  • Rematch! Survival of the Fittest!
  • Rematch! Chaos at the Edge of the World!

Elsewhere + Magnathrok

  • Ascending the Axle
  • Generation Gap
  • Forget-Mii-Not