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Miitopia: Fiend's Call is an updated re-release of Miitopia for the Switch that has been updated to be 'fiendishly' harder created by Jewelraffe.


Changes to Miitopia

Combat Changes

  • Bosses without a face such as the Minotaur will become rare normal enemies.
  • More bosses!
  • Enemies recieve buffs.
  • Elements like Fire, Ice and Lightning actually have an effect now. Some enemies will resist or be weak to certain elements.
    • By default, ice-themed enemies and Crystals are weak to Fire, fire-themed enemies and Lizardmen are weak to Ice and water-themed like Tadpoles and Frogs are weak to Thunder. Imps and Demons are weak to Light.

General Changes

  • Jobs will receive new skills and levels will be changed.
  • To balance the new difficulty, all party Miis are now controllable, except guests.
  • The Journal has been upgraded:
    • Memories in the Journal can be bookmarked.
    • Enemies can be 'test fought' like in Earthbound. There is no reward or penalty for winning or losing.
    • Weapons can be 'previewed' complete with animations.

Location Changes

  • A brand new locale, the Labyrinth of Fear, will appear in Galados Isle at the same time as the Tower of Dread.
  • After defeating the final boss, the Great Sage will reappear in Haven Hollow and s/he will allow the player to upgrade certain skills for a gold fee, granting new effects.

Quest Changes

  • The Travelers' Hub has been expanded and can hold 20 travelers.
  • Quests reset every day and multiple quests (up to 10) can be accepted at once. Quests involving the same dungeon cannot both be accepted at once.
  • All difficulty levels will appear when unlocked.
    • A new level: 'EXTREME'. Contains powerful 'Shining' bosses. Very rare. EXTREME Quests have black icons and red text.
    • If a Shining Boss appears in an EXTREME Quest, it will not reappear for 4 more EXTREME Quests.
Miitopia: Fiend's Call

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New Enemies

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Shining Bosses
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