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Miitopia: Harsh Edition is a DLC-pack that makes the game very hard, adds in new bosses, and more stuff that was created by CrazyMew37. This DLC-Pack costs $5.99. This DLC Pack is the first in the Goldie Trilogy.


Changes to Miitopia

Combat Changes

  • All Bosses (Excluding New Bosses) have their HP raised twice as much (Greenhorne - Realm Of The Fey) then up to their Post-Game HP (Karkaton - Otherworld).
    • Post-Game Mosters/Bosses have their HP 1.75 times than before. (EX: Minotaur (Miitopia) 250, (H.E.) 438)
      • H.E will equal Harsh Edition.
  • New DLC Bosses
  • Enemies have more defense
  • There is now a chance of weak hits, causing the attack to be half as strong.
  • Enemies appear more often in areas.
  • All Bosses go for the strongest Mii first, regardless of anything (Except for a Secret Boss).
  • There are new Weapons and Armor.
  • The HP and MP Sprinkles have decreased by 50%.
  • The Damage count rises from 999 to 99,999.
  • You are able to control every Mii instead of just your first.

General Changes

  • There is a 25% Chance that the Personality you chose would be instead the Sensitive Personality.
  • To balance the Difficulty a little, the Inn can now hold up to 16 Miis.
    • This also means that the player has 16 Miis (Not counting the Villa).
  • The Maximum level is 35 instead of 50.
    • But this can be raised up by completing The Golden Flight.
  • Getting ill happens a little more often.
  • HP Bananas and MP Candy are slightly more common to balance the difficulty a little more.
    • Miis buy HP Bananas and MP Candy more often now.
  • Grub is much more rare, and Miis are much more hungry.
    • This means that stats raise less then normal when Grub is eaten by a Mii.

Location Changes

  • There are two DLC Islands where you can fight new Bosses and do other things like re-battle bosses to earn awards (EX: ★★ Grub, Rare Armor, Etc.).
  • A tower in DLC Island called The Golden Flight is obtained by earning everything in the game that is non-DLC.

Other Changes

  • If the game is pirated, and if the game detects that it's pirated, You would immediately encounter Goldie (But not in battle form) and tells you about how the game is Pirated and you need to actually buy the game, and then she kills your Mii with a golden scythe attack, which makes the game unplayable.
    • The music is a messed-up version of the Greenhorne Town and the Miis sing a messed up song.
Miitopia: Harsh Edition
New Classes


New Enemies

SirenFreezing MummyCoolpoleUltra Dangerous BombUnicornGrape CloudEgglet
Retroputer IIIReader of DreamsBright LordBright SageBright SunRainbow Cumulusƃoןpıǝ
Bold = Boss

New Grub

Plump Fish TailPlump Fish Tail ★Plump Fish Tail ★★Fluffy HorseshoeFluffy Horseshoe ★Fluffy Horseshoe ★★OmgletOmglet ★Omglet ★★

New Locations

DLC Island(s)The Golden Flight

New Personalities