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Miitopia 2 the Disparadise takes place in the future 10 years after the events of Miitopia.

The New Stuff

There is a new area called Bubbliane a island near the mainland .

A new main character, which is your pet dragon, which can be named.

A new mechanic called Special Arts.

And a new plot.


Our story begins long ago...

Miis used to live in huge pieces of land.

Where the sun shined and the the sea glimmered.

But then...

Evil fiends flowed out of a cursed box - Pandora's Box.

They attacked with no mercy and many lives were lost.

They cornered the Miis into a small island - Miitopia.

The council of justice made a barricade out of standing stones.

And this is where the story begins...


The game play is like No No Kuni

There are 8 elements: Blaze, Forest, Ocean, Lightning, Heal, Light, Dark and Wind

There are also Types. They tell how you attack, and your stats. There are Fighter, Defender, Wizard, Speedster, and Teacher.

There are 2 modes, Story and Tomodachi.


Greenhorne (Disparadise)

Neskdor (Disparadise)


Items are things you can buy.

Main Article: Items (Disparadise)


Only one job was cut,which was Imp,because of religoius reasons.

Some jobs were rebranded like Cat is Animal, Tank is Robot, and Scientist is now Techinian and Doctor. Some new jobs are Unicorn and Brawler. In all jobs there is a branch that will lead into certain moves. this is unreverseable.

Returning Jobs

Warrior (Disparadise) - Wielding huge swords and the powers of light and dark, warriors are a force to be reckoned with!

Mage (Disparadise)- Zapping foes with magical energy ( the occasional overcharge ), this class is truly powerful!

Thief - Silent as the wind, and strong as their blade, these guys are like phantoms!

Chef - Cooking up gourmet heals and trouble these guys can be cooking up delicious food one second and be creating fire the next!

Cleric - The angel‘s best friend. These guys shall bring with them not only holy might,but salvation as well!

Popstar - These guys are very powerful. They heal quarrels, they give monsters concussions, and they destroy eardrums!

Princess - Gazing at their kingdoms in peril these regal fighters may look beautiful but like a rose they can very sharp thorns!

Vampire - Don’t worry these guys won’t hurt you but they still have their blood thirsty urges so watch out monsters!

Elf - Once a long lost job years ago this job has been found! With the powers of wind, earth and water on their side they will crush their foes!

New Jobs

Animal - Choose between a loyal canine or a calm feline both have one thing in common - claws sharp as knifes.

Brawler - Fear this classes immense strength and speed. With great power of the dragon in their soul these guys will give you a K.O.

Techinian - Logical and intelligent. They will build robots, send a rain of lasers, make bombs, blow something up and command a robot army!

Fairy - Beautiful wings, adorned with flowers and the power to shrink, fairies will leave biting the fairy dust!

Magical Girl - Beautiful and powerful, two words that describe this job. They will leave you burned or leave you tied up in golden ribbons

Unicorn - From the land of dreams and hopes I present to you the guardians of the castle of dreams itself!

Mermaid - Swimming through the crystal blue ocean and singing a beautiful song, they hold the power of the sea.

Pirate - Sailing the 7 seas with a sharp scabbard and huge cannons these guys are no stranger to oversea battles!

Gamer - A rare job only wielded by those you posses the power of amiibo this power allows you to smash your way through boredom!

Samurai - Graceful as a flower on the wind and powerful as a dragon. This is the job of true honor.

Magician - Now you see them, now you don't! This job allows for clairavoyance, illusions and a lot of doves.

Robot - The newest model and a gamma ray that harnesses electricity leave this guy alone or have an entire school destroyed!

Dancer - Watch as this graceful job spins and twirls through the air and kicks you in the face. Don't let their elegance fool you!

Painter - Painting beautiful pictures to designing statues this job brings the pain (bow)!

Sage - The ultimate paradox of jobs. With elements unknown only a few can use this job!

Mama - (joke job)

Sub Jobs

Musician (Popstar) - Play an elegant melody or make eardrums explode with a loud rock this job is a force to be reckoned with!

Idol (Popstar) - Sing a energetic song to make monsters dance or give your teammates an invigorating song!

Cook (Chef) - Cook up a delicious barbecue or give a spicy dish to friends this is the job if you want to cook up some trouble!

Confectioner (Chef) - Add sugar, spice, and a pinch of pranks this job can cook up a delicious cheesecake and also give monsters a caramel burn!

Warlock (Mage) - Casting spells and writing runes this Mysterious job is dangerous!

Witch (Mage) Conjuring up potions and Riding on brooms you might find yourself turned into a frog!



Laid Back




Air Headed





Special Arts

Special Arts are very powerful Moves. The Great Sage teaches you it. Each job has 2.

Warrior - 1000 Slashes, Dragon Blade

Warlock - Arcane Cannon, Pheonix Blaze

Witch - Extreme Liquids, Starlit Ride

Thief - Deadly Dive, Knife Storm

Cleric - Holy Light, God's Judgement

Cook - Spiced Core, Gourment Buffet

Confectioner - Monster A la Mode, The Ultimate Pastry

Musician - Axe of Harmony, Sound of Bravery

Idol - Fan Favorite, Final Perfomance

Animal - Petrefing Pounce, Stampede

Techinian - Death Ray, Lightning Rod

Brawler - Dragon Kick, Galatic Punt

Princess - Midnight Rush, Princess (insert mii's name here)

Robot - Total Annihilation, Drone Prototype #1041

Magician - Sword Trick, The Great (insert mii's name here) Show

Doctor - Bye Bye Ouchies!, Healing Shower

Fairy - Life Nectar, Thorny Brambles

Unicorn - Prismatic Blow, Hopes and Dreams

Magical Girl - Twinkle Beam, Dream Pirouette

Dancer - Dancing Lights, Swan's Lake

Gamer - World of Light, Please Insert Coin

Pirate - Whirlpool, Blazing Cannonball

Mermaid - Symphony of the Sea, Song of the Storm

Vampire - Dracula’s Bloodthirst, Midnight Flash


Character Side Title
Protagonist Shooting Stars ????
Teammates Shooting Stars Your 12 Faithful Companions
Orakuru Shooting Stars The Lazy God
Great Sage Council of Justice The Powerful Peacemaker
The Royal Queen Council of Justice Queen of Greenhorne
The Royal King Council of Justice King of Greenhorne
The Royal Prince Council of Justice The Future King
King of the Desert Council of Justice The Arrogant Ruler
Genie Council of Justice The Protector of The Village
The Eldest Fab Fairy Council of Justice The Lily of the Valley
The Middle Fab Fairy Council of Justice The Quiet Stream
The Youngest Fab Fairy Council of Justice The Twirling Breeze
The Apprentice Council of Justice The Regretful Punster
Mad Hatter Council of Justice The Crazy Host
The Sugar Gardener Council of Justice The Innocent Gardener
The Warm Hearted Warlord Council of Justice The Kind Warrior
The Cold Hearted Priest Council of Justice The Heartless Worshipper
The Former Dark Lord Council of Justice The Brash Guard
The Lead Scientist Council of Justice The Eccentric Inventor
The Native Chief Council of Justice The Traditional Leader
The Mermaids of the Morning Council of Justice The Fun Loving Fish
The Mermen of Midnight Council Of Justice The Warlords of the Deep
The God of Chaos The Shadows of The Light The Chaos Loving Sorcerer

Prolouge A New Beginning!

You start in your room during your birthday and your parents call you down for your birthday. The present is a pet dragon. It had black fur white markings and a rainbow diamond on it’s forehead. Your friend looks at it and remarks how tough it look. In the present you and your pet which you name, but the officall name is Blaze. You walk over to the shop to pick up your friend whose family owns the shop. Your friend is swamped with orders for the unicorn crepe cake - a delicacy made from unicorn milk all the way in Miiradise kingdom. After wave after wave there was only 2 slices of the cake. You take the 2 slices and 2 cups of vanilla and mascarpone sauce you walked out side to the dining area and ate the cake while chatting. Until a voice echoed out of the alley way.. It was a small purple, cracked, and sparkly pendant. The voice asks for a vessel when suddenly Blaze grabs the pendent and runs off to your house. He is in your room and when you catch him the pendant shatters on your Mii pad (an i pad in this universe) the pendant turned into a glowing ball of energy and fused with your mii pad. The mii pad started to glow and the energy fused with it. The mii pad fell to floor. Suddenly It’s case turned into a space pattern and the straps turned into silver ribbons. The mii pad booted up and a face was on the screen. It introduced it self. It’s name was Orakuru. Suddenly a dark cloud spiraled into the town and a woman with an extravagant dress came out. Her role is the “The queen of Vanity” which I’m going to call Mirage. She is apparently is going to steal peoples faces. After that, many peoples faces where stolen. You, Blaze, and your friend hurry outside the town into the Easin Hills. You find Mirage with your friend’s grandma’s face. It is placed onto a slime. Orakuru quickly summons it’s divine powers and creates 6 jobs. You get 1 of the jobs and your friend gets one too. The defeat the slime and Mirage flees. You return back to town.

Chapter 1 A Family Torn Apart

You save a handful of people‘s faces And you reach Riverdeep Cavern. You see a traveler collapse into the glowing water. Blaze jumps in and saves them. In turn they save you from a banshee. They become your new teammate. You soon find a guard at the Castle View. Unfortunately he cannot let you through unless you have permission. Orakuru suggests that they should focus on saving all the faces first. It should be enough to convince the mayor to give is permission. You Go to the Old Battlefield. In there you find your sister‘s face and the playful child’s faces. You find Mirage again but to stop you she tries to blast a ray of energy to reduce you into a pile of dust. Luckily the Great Sage saves you. You start to freak out because you are a big fan of him. He tells you that he met the first protaganist the same way long ago. The friend says what a coincinendence. When make it to the inn Orakuru begins to Get a call from the 4th teammate. As you continue your journey you make your way to the Castle View and give the guard the Mayor's introduction. You see the Roaming Gourmet's face on a 'Roaming Gourmet' Hamburger. After you save it they thank you for your work and give you some Plain Rice. Your team and you head into the castle to meet the Queen (Aurora), The king (Leo) and their baby (Percy). When you tell them whats happening back in Town they get flashbacks to back what happened back in the first game. Just as this happened Mirage steals Leo's and Percy's face This prompts the queen to Help you with your journey. A guard will join you and they are your 5th Teamate. She uses the Princess's Royal Wave and Eau de Parfum and the Cleric's Cure. Leo's face is found on a Dormant Armor 'King' that wields a giant Axe. This battle introduces you to special actions during battles which allow you to get some good hits in. this one is firing a cannon at the Dormant Armor to Drop the axe and reveal its weak spot. Half way through the battle it will swap its axe for a flail and sniper rifle. When you save Leo's face he will join you and Aurora will leave the team. He has the key to the Old Rose Tower. Leo's moveset has the Warrior's One Mii Army, and Spin Slash and the Thief's Whirlwind Blades. As you go up the Old Rose Tower you will find the Rose Bouquet with 3 faces on it. the action for this boss is you need to cut the lacy ribbon holding it together. Finally at the top of the tower you find Percy's face on a Prince 'Baby' Charming. The action in this one is used the perfume bombs that are around the battle field to burn off ( the suprisingly cardboard ) armor. finally when all this is all over you save Percy's Face and you head back into the castle. However it is in ruins with collapsed guards and a faceless Aurora you go To the Arid Frontier for the final battle in Greenhorne. her face is on a 'Queen' Ghost. The action in this find is to fire a beam of light to blind her. Mirage runs away and you return the faces. However during the night Mirage kidnaps your friends and seals away your powers.

Chapter 2 The Disappearing Citizens?!

When you wake up you investigate on what happen to your friends and powers. Orakuru saye they were probably kidnapped by Mirage. As you choose a new job you wander into Neskdor Desert to find it hard to adventuring alone again. You soon find a traveller from Sunalla Town with heat stroke. Then a herd of Cobras and you fight them the traveller soon wakes up and aids you in battle. They are your 6th teammate. As you venture into Sunalla Town you are greeted by the faceless Traveling Musician at the outskirts of town. Then you fight the ’Traveling Musician’ sarcophagus. The gimmick in this battle is you have to fire a cactus at its core when it opens up.

Chapter 3 The Great Spirit Tree's Plight

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