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Miitopia 2 would be another adventure taking place after Miitopia. It goes on the Switch


Since the Dark Curse's rescue, the same fate before happens to another Mii. Now, a worse Dark Lord even more monsters take over Miitopia's newest island, Miitopian Island. A new team would have to step up to defeat the reborn Dark Lord as even more faces as usual are being stolen.


The protagonist starts from the islands. However is curious by all the random faces floating around the sky. Though as soon as a grasshopper came, a face attached and the others flew away.

Chapter 1

After retreating to Tropica Town, the protagonist finds any townspeople, try's to warn them about what happened, but gets rejected since no one believes him/her, except for the Tropical Mayor. However, sooner the new Dark Lord invades, stealing most of townspeople's faces