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Miitopia Extended, also known as Miitopia Deluxe in Japan, is an upcoming port/remake of Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch by LoneShadowStar. Owners of the original 3DS version can receive the port for free by updating the game. The extension, while it stays faithful to the original game's story and some aspects of gameplay, it also features various enhancements not found in the original games, such as the inclusion of a world based on the Japan-only Tomodachi Collection game for the Nintendo DS.

The most notable change made to this game is in its gameplay, being changed to be more similar to the Paper Mario series.

List of Changes

As stated above, Miitopia Extended remains faithful to the original game, with many new features being included:

Area/Design Changes

  • Quests have been radically altered. Rather than helping a randomly generated Mii battle a monster or rescue a friend in randomly-generated areas, various NPCs from towns in the game will come and ask for certain favors, such as an errand, a request of information, or a request for an item, such as Grub. These changes are very similar to the Trouble Center from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
  • The Traveler's Hub is now featured as a town in Greenhorne, instead of being a seperate world.
  • Galados Isle is removed, being replaced with an area based on Tomodachi Collection.
  • The Tower of Dread is extended from 8 floors to 100 floors, and is remade to be more similar to the Pit of 100 Trials from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. It replaces the entirety of New Lumos.
  • Towns are much larger and more common, and thus support more NPCs.
  • Each Town features a Guide at the entrance to every town in the game, which will provide the player a map of its location, as well as where to find each towns' shops. These incluce characters such as the Carefree Guide of Greenhorne Village, the Dancing Guide of Neksdor Town, the Scaredy Cat of the Elven Retreat, and the Town Guide from the Traveler's Hub. Each guide also allows you to check your medal progress, similar to the Town Guide in the original game.
    • Because of this new change, the Carefree Guide, Dancing Guide, and Scaredy Cat do not have their faces stolen. Instead, the former is replaced by the Dubious Mayor's face.
  • Many enemies, including Golems, Mummies, and Armors, have been redesigned to appear more similar to their counterparts in Find Mii. The only exception is Slime enemies, which retain their original Miitopia design.
    • Armor enemies use the appearances of the "Armored Ghost" series of enemies from said game, such as the "Teammate" Armor having the same appearance as the Armored Archfiend boss from said game's sequel.
    • Fiends are replaced with the "Reaper" series of enemies from the game's sequel, though they still have the same behavior.
  • The Nintendo Fan is now featured as an NPC in the added Arcade areas, rather than in a random spot on the map. There are also now  multiple Nintendo Fans for each world.

Story Changes

  • A prologue is added to the game, which is simply the first part of the Greenhorne arc, up to the Butterfly "Carefree Guide", who is the end-boss of the prologue.
  • The story arcs in Greenhorne, Neksdor, and the Relm of the Fey are tweaked slightly.
    • Greenhorne remains mostly the same, except the King's face is not stolen when he is introduced, instead being stolen around the same time the Princess's face is stolen.
      • Addtionally, the Princess and the King both have their face stolen at the wedding between the Prince of a Nearby Land and the Princess, which is interrupted by the Dark Lord as the two individuals begin to say their vows. In the original game, the Princess's face was stolen offscreen while the player went to gather Calming Fruit.
      • The King's face is attached to the General "Princess" boss instead of the Golem boss, which is converted into a regular enemy in this game, though he is still encountered in Nightmare Tower. To balance this change, the Princess's face is instead attached to the "Traveler" Medusa, which replaces the General as the end-boss of Greenhorne.
        • The Gold General "Princess" still appears as a boss in the Sky Scraper due to still having the King's face, but is now fought alongside the Dark "Princess" Medusa, which is a conversion of the Dark Medusa enemy into a boss rematch.
    • Neksdor's story arc is also the same, except the Prince of a Nearby Land has a much greater role in this arc.
    • The Relm of the Fey's Arc is the most heavilly altered, as it now tells of a series of battles between various factions in the Relm over control of the area. The Fab Fairies, who represent the Elf faction, are defeated and sepparated, leaving only the youngest sister.
  • Powdered Peaks, Peculia, and Nimbus now feature their own story arcs.
    • Powdered Peaks describes a kingdom that has been tormented by ice storms by the dreaded Ice Queen, with the Prince of the kingdom declaring that he will one day end the menace.
    • Peculia describes a town of dubious people that are under the superstition that the mayor of their town is a Vampire, and want him to be exterminated. In reality, the Puppet "Traveler" is playing off of their fears to kill off the mayor and take command of Peculia.
    • Nimbus describes a group of atheistic scientists industrializing a cloud environment, and come into conflict with its native people, who settle for a more simplistic, theological society. Eventually, an old computer from the Sinister Plant awakens and takes control over the scientists' robots.
    • The Ice Queen "Traveler", the Puppet "Traveler", and the "Traveler"puter now appear as the end-bosses of each world, respectively, with their respective Sky Scraper rematches being the Wind Queen "Traveler", the Brand-New Puppet "Mayor of Macabre", and the "Minister of Science"puter Mark II.
  • Otherworld is no longer a separate area from The Sky Scraper. It instead leads directly to the Darkest Lord Battle.
  • The Prince of a Nearby Land is given a much more significant role in the Neksdor arc, such as accompanying the player into the Underground Passage when chasing down the Genie of the Lamp. In the original game, he would cry out in the Desert, after freeing the Genie, for the rest of the game.
  • The Besmirched Noble's Son is no longer an ordinary townsperson that eventually gains higher ranks. Instead, like his father, who is added to the game, he is a noble of the King's court. Even so, he is still incredibly weak.
  • The Prince's mother, who was only mentioned in passing in the original game, appears as a major character in the Neksdor Arc, which depicts her as someone who spoils her children. She also replaces the Desert Celebrity as the victim of the stolen gold.
  • New NPCS, such as the Lady of Powderia, the Dutchess of Powderia, the Mayor of Peculia, and the Minister of Science are introduced.
  • The Dark Lord, in addition to stealing faces, also kidnaps six Magnificent Sages to exploit their power, imprisoning each under his sub-bosses - the end-bosses of each world.
    • The Great Sage is also tweaked to see the Magnificent Sages as their personal heroes, being the thing that caused them to become the Great Sage in the first place.
  • The Darker Lord is now fought at the end of the Sky Scraper, prior to Overworld, who battles similar to the Evil Sage in the original game.
  • The Cheery Granny now owns an item shop in Greenhorne Village. This shop is taken over by the Worried Mother while she is faceless.
  • The Shady Merchant Family own an item shop, although it still sells items at ridiculously high prices. The Shady Merchant Daughter also does not have her face stolen.
    • As a result, his face is attached to the cobra boss instead of the Prickly Husband's face.
  • Both members of the Prickly Couple in Neksdor have their faces stolen, as opposed to only the husband having his face stolen in the original game, and are attached to the blade and shield bosses, replacing the Shady Merchant Family's faces.
    • The wife's face is attached to the "Prickly Wife" Blade, while the husband's face is attached to the "Prickly Husband" Shield"
  • The player does not face the Darkest Lord's hands before facing the Darkest Lord himself. Instead, they fight the Darker Lord's base form.
  • There are only four variants of each specific enemy, including variants that are bosses.

Gameplay Changes

  • The Map has been entirely removed, and the player can now move freely as they could in Towns.
  • Enemies no longer appear randomly. Instead, they will appear in the field and rush to the player upon sight, similar to the enemies in Paper Mario.
    • Some enemies use a basic attack as they rush over. If the attack hits the player, the enemy will have their turn first, regardless of speed.
    • Additionally, if the Player approaches the enemy from behind, they will have the first attack, regardless of speed.
  • Progression from world to world is made more similar to the Chapter system from Paper Mario.
  • Due to the free-environment shift in gameplay, many puzzles and maze-like layouts have been added to the dungeons of the game.
  • Inns are significantly altered from the original game. Rather than being an area where the Player and their teammates interact, eat, and buy things at the end of each stage, Inns function in a more traditional manner from RPGs, as they now function as a way of instantly recovering HP and MP. At least one appears in every town.
    • The features of Inns in the original game is succeeded by the following areas: Restaurants (Eating Grub), Arcades (Using Game Tickets), and Shops (Buying HP Bananas, MP Candy, Weapons, or Clothing).
    • As a result of this change, the player's Mii and their teammates do not randomly request an item.
  • Grub is no longer dropped by Monsters. Instead, the food each monster would have dropped becomes available for purchase in a Restaurant after that specific enemy is defeated.
  • Battles are now more similar to the battle system from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, as the player must now input Action Commands when performing a skill.
    • If a Mii with a class that can only attack one target attacks, the player must press the A button just before they attack, similar to the "Jump" action command in Paper Mario.
    • If a Mii with a class that attacks all enemies attacks, the player must hold back the Control Pad until a red light flashes, upon which the player must release the Control Pad, similar to the "Hammer" action command in Paper Mario.
    • Whenever a Magnificent Sage is rescued, the player can unleash a Magnificent Attack on an enemy using UP, or Ultimate Points. The points can be restocked by successfully inputting action commands.
  • The Safe Spot has been removed to increase difficulty, although the Sprinkles remain in the game.
  • HP Bananas and MP Candy do not upgrade when the player eats a certain amount. Instead, each would-be upgrade is sold as seperate items.
  • The item Life Tonic is added, which functions the same way as Life Sprinkles.
  • Badges, a mechanic from Paper Mario and its sequel, are implemented.
  • The player can now control the actions of their teammates. However, guest party members remain AI Controlled.


Opening: The Dark Lord's Wrath

The opening, from the Instruction Booklet:

Long ago, in an ocean far away...
There existed the world of Miitopia
A world where every Mii can live in peace and harmony.
But then...
An Evil fiend came and stole everyone's faces!
"I'll take those, thank you! Hahaha!"
What could he want with all these faces? The answer?
He gave those faces to monsters!
Far and wide, the Dark Lord used the faces of many Miis to build his army of monsters.
Miitopia was in deep peril!
Without a face, Miis cannot live normally, and Miitopia fell into deep despair...

In Other Languages

Language Name Translation
Japanese プロローグ: 大魔王 攻撃!; Purorogu: Dai Mao kogeki! Prologue: Great Demon Lord Attacks!

Prologue: A Traveler from Affar

The game quickly opens not long after with a team of four heroes confronting the Dark Lord, the scene being similar to the "Chosen Ones" trailer from Miitopia: Casting Call. After a long battle, the protagonist, who represents the player's mii, prepares to strike a final blow to the Dark Lord, only to be interrupted by the Ferocious Dragon, the Dark Lord's guardian. Finally, the Dark Lord uses his power to seal away the powers of the hero and fling them out, sending them to the other side of Miitopia.

Some time later, the Sassy Child, who is out walking with his mother, stops and notices the unconscious hero, and quickly alerts his mother on what he found. The two take the protagonist to an inn, where the hero awakes with no memory of who they are or what they have done. The innkeeper quickly notices that the hero is now awake and takes them outside to Greenhorne Village. After moving around town and talking with various people, a shadowy being appears over the town: The Dark Lord. The Dark Lord quickly invades the town and steals the faces of several townsfolk, including the Sassy Child, before quickly leaving. The Mother of the Sassy Child, who is distressed and frightened over the entire thing, quickly approaches the hero to see if anything can be done. The hero promises to save the face of her son, and is given the task to find and reclaim her son's face.

Just before they leave, however, the Worried Mother calls in one of her servants to assist the player, as dangerous monsters roam outside the town, alongside her antique charm. After casting who the servant can be, the two quickly set off after the Dark Lord, only to find he is nowhere in sight. Instead, a gigantic, muscular gorilla appears before them, claiming to be the General of Nightmare Tower. In his arrogant gloating, the General reveals the sassy child's face, which is attached to a Mini Slime. After leaving them to this slime, both of them realize their mistake as the slime approaches, only for the antique charm to suddenly glow before them.

This light, claiming to be a guardian spirit, gives both the hero and the servant jobs to use, which they utilize to quickly defeat the Mini Slime. This frees the face of the Sassy Child, which flies off back to the village. With the child's face restored, the protagonist is thanked tremendously by his mother for saving her son, before the Protagonist sets off to recover the other stolen faces. However, immediately after leaving, they are confronted by two Rock Moths, which serve as a tutorial for fighting multiple enemies. Both of these moths are soundly defeated, and the protagonist makes their way through Easin Hills. At the far end, however, the party is confronted by the Buttermaster, a lackey of the General to impede the hero's progress, as well as the wearer of the Dubious Mayor's face. The Buttermaster is defeated, and the Dubious Mayor's face is restored. Once all of the townsfolk's faces are restored, the Dubious mayor sends the Protagonist to meet with the King, hoping they can be warned about the attack.

Finally, the castle appears in view, but the General suddenly interrupts them, promising that he will obliterate the hero in the Dark Lord's name. As he prepares his charged punch, a sudden blast of magic hits him and knocks him down. The source of this magic is revealed to be the Great Sage, a powerful mage that idolizes the Seven Magnificent Sages. The General, undeterred by this, attempts to attack the Great Sage, only to be interrupted by his master: Medusa, the Queen of Nightmare Tower, who tells the General that the Great Sage is out of his league. Frustrated, the General decides to retreat, with Medusa following close behind, though not before telling the Hero that she has plans for "that useless king" of Greenhorne, and that they will meet again. After some introduction, the Great Sage tells the protagonist about the Dark Lord, who kidnapped the seven Magnificent Sages to exploit their power, with the Sage being on a quest to rescue them. The hero continues on, promising that they will help rescue the Magnificent Sages.

Chapter 1: Dungeons, Kings, and a hidden Love

After much traveling, the Hero reaches the Castle of Greenhorne, only to find that they are too late, as an army of Imps had attacked the castle. Even worse, the King and his royal subjects were being held in the Castle's Dungeon. A castle guard quickly runs up, explaining frantically what had happened, but now was hoping to rescue the King and his daughter, the Princess, from the dungeon. Unfortunately, however, the Imps had stripped them of their weapons. The guard, after being assigned a new job, becomes the Player's second teammate.

After fighting their way through Imps in the dungeon and defeating the Naughty Imp guarding the King, the royal subjects are freed from their prison. The King, grateful for their help, rewards the party with 1500 Gold. Most grateful as well is the Princess, who had been separated from her love, the Noble's Son, when the Imps attacked. However, she is immediately reprimanded for this by the King, who had already arranged for the Princess to marry the Prince of Neksdor in a deal with the Neksdor government. Unfortunately, however, the Prince has no way of getting to the Castle, bringing up the hero to help them out. However, the Noble quickly objects to it, saying that they are too weak to travel alone. Thus, the King sends another guard to support them, who becomes the player's third teammate.

The group travel all the way to the Arid Frontier thanks to a train in Greenhorne Village, and after scaling the area, manage to find the royal Court of Neksdor, who are waiting to be escorted back to Greenhorne. Back on the train, the locomotive is suddenly attacked by Nose Rocks, who take each of the Neksdor Royals prisoner. After saving each royal member, the Train resumes its original course.

Back at Greenhorne Castle, the Noble's Son and the Princess are seen talking with one another while both of their fathers discuss the wedding that will take place. At that sudden moment, the Prince bursts into the Castle, catching the Noble's Son and the Princess off guard. Infuriated, the Prince and the Noble's son get into a heated argument over who truly loves the Princess, catching the attention of both the King and the Noble. The Noble quickly steps in and stops the fight by restraining his son and trying to calm him down, as the Prince yells words of spite at him.

The next day, the wedding begins, as the Noble's Son sits in the aisles crying profusely next to the protagonist, who tries to comfort them. Unfortionately, just before the vows are spoken, Medusa, accompanied by the General, appears once again, this time accompanied by the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord steals the faces of many wedding guests, including the King, the Princess, and the Noble, and takes them to Nightmare Tower, while giving the Princess' and King's faces to Medusa and the General, respectively. The Prince, flustered by the situation, runs off back to Neksdor. The Nobleboy, however, decides that he must get the Princess's face back, wishing to accompany the Hero as they journey into Nightmare Tower. Upon entering the Tower, they are immediately confronted by two Golems, who are acting as guardians of the Tower. The golems are defeated, but the protagonists quickly fall for a trap, causing them to land in a large arena.

Inside the arena, the General appears once again, impressed on how far they have gotten. As the hero notices the King's face, the General explains that if a face is attached to a monster, the original powers of that monster are amplified dramatically, and the more complete a face is, the more powerful the monster becomes. The Noble's Son tries to attack the menace, but is easily defeated by his power. The protagonist and his teammates quickly step in not long after, defeating the General and reclaiming the King's face. Medusa, who had watched the battle, is infuriated and retreats to the top of the tower, awaiting the hero and their party.

Upon reaching the top of the tower, Medusa finally confronts the hero while gloating about how she has the Princess's face, believing that she now possesses true beauty. The hero asks Medusa why she is so elated by this, to which she explains that she envied the Princess's beauty, while Medusa herself was a monster that everyone feared. Because of this, she allied with the Dark Lord upon learning he could steal faces, and began plotting revenge against Greenhorne by taking the Princess's face for herself, before declaring that she will never give up the Princess's face, angering the Nobleboy and begining the battle. After a tough fight, Medusa is defeated and the Princess's face is restored. The Great Sage appears shortly thereafter, saying they had witnessed the whole battle unfold as they were searching for the First Magnificent Sage, who had been held prisoner directly in Medusa's quarters. The protagonist, keeping to their promise, frees the first Great Sage, completing the chapter.

Back outside the tower, the first Magnificent Sage thanks the hero for rescuing them, and gives them the power to harness Ultima Attacks, with one Special point to mark it. At that moment, a group of Nose Rocks suddenly attack, acting as a tutorial for how to use Ultima Attacks. Thanks to the Magnificent Sage's bestowed skill, the Nose Rocks are defeated, as the Hero returns to the sight of the wedding, where the King rewards the party with 2000 Gold. Due to the prince running away like a coward, the original wedding had to be canceled. In fact, it was the cowardice of the Prince that makes the King reconsider the wedding, allowing for the Noble's Son and the Princess to love each other without restrictions. Thus, the marriage is reconstructed to be between the Noble's Son and the Princess, who both gladly accept it.

As the wedding concludes, the Great Sage appears again, saying that they have discovered the location of the next Magnificent Sage. The second sage is located somewhere in Neksdor, the home kingdom of the Prince. After trekking through the Arid Frontier again, the protagonists find the borderline into Neksdor, which they cross over by mentioning the Prince's name. There, on the Neksdor side of the border, the party decides to set up a camp site. There, the Miis gather around a campfire as the protagonist tells a horror story to the other teammates. The third teammate, depending on their personality, either loves the story or is too scared of the story, which results in a rise in relationship or resentment, respectively. After a long time of talking, the teammates turn in for the night.

In Other Languages

Language Name Translation
Japanese ステージ 1: 王様と人々の悪夢; Sutēji 1: Ōsama to hitobito no akumu Stage 1: Nightmares of the King and the People

Chapter 2: The Mystery of the Lamp

Unfortionately, as they are asleep, the Dark Lord swoops in and kidnapps the hero's teammates, as well as seals away their powers. The protagonist awakes the next day to see the damage done by the Dark Lord, much to their dismay. The guardian spirit, however, simply bestows another job for them, as the protagonist, with their newfound job, travel further into Neksdor. Meanwhile, the other three teammates awaken in the Dungeon of the Dark Lord's Castle, wandering how they got here. After seeing that the hero is not with them, they decide to wait until the hero comes to save them. Back in Neksdor, the Hero immediately notices the Great Sage again, who is searching for a mysterious lamp they had somehow misplaced. The hero, questioning the Sage, is told that the Great Sage had, long ago, battled and sealed away a powerful genie that was troubling Neksdor, but now has lost the lamp that was used to seal away said Genie. Asking to find the lamp before the Genie is freed, the hero decides to search for the lamp for the Great Sage, and travels further into Neksdor Desert.

As they trek through the Neksdor Desert, the hero quickly realizes the dangers of traveling alone, as the desert is hot, vast, and full of Scaredy Scorpions that can attack at any time. Unfortionately, one Scaredy Scorpion is encountered as the hero is traveling, and is instantly knocked out by its Lethal Sting. A traveler, who is exploring the Desert, chases away the Scaredy Scorpion and checks on the Hero, and takes them to their campground to help them recover. As the hero awakes inside of the traveler's tent, they question where they are before heading outside, seeing the traveler waiting for them in the night. The traveler, explaining themself, decides to guide the hero throughout the rest of the desert, becoming their fourth teammate. After traveling some time, the hero notices the Prince in the distance.

Not long afterwords, the Prince quickly takes notice of a mysterious lamp, with a voice speaking to him to rub it. Unsure at first, the Prince decides to rub it anyway, setting free the Genie of the Lamp inside. The Genie flees and leaves the Prince behind, just as the hero and their teammate approach him. The Prince, spiteful at first, explains that as he was being taken back to Neksdor, his guards encountered a griffin that decimated the entire troop, and quickly demands that they escort him back to Neksdor Castle in their place.

While traveling back, the Prince will not assist the party in-battle, instead boasting about himself or using other members as human shields. Eventually, they manage to reach the end of the Desert, but are suddenly attacked by the same griffin that attacked the Prince earlier. After defeating the monster, the Prince tries to take credit for the entire battle, before noticing the castle of Neksdor in the distance. The party follows close behind, entering the castle to meet with the Queen of Neksdor, who appears as the polar opposite of the King of Greenhorne. Not only is she not obese or glutinous, she is also much more strict and demanding, while the King was more laid-back, and spoils her own children. The Queen notices how far they have come to reach the castle, but are suddenly interrupted as the Genie appears, stealing all of the Queen's gold for himself and retreating to the Underground Maze. The Queen, upset about her lost gold, sends the hero to reclaim her gold from the Genie, alongside two of her guards, who become the protagonist's fifth and sixth teammates. The hero, reluctant at first, refuses the task, as they are searching for a Magnificent Sage. The Queen brings in the Second Magnificent Sage, who was found wandering outside of the Great Pyramid, knowing that the Magnificent Sage was who they were after. The Queen promises to free the Sage if they reclaim her gold, to which the party agrees. Just before leaving, the Queen begins to wonder how a genie even came here to begin with, causing the Prince to shuffle behind a corner.

After the protagonist catches the Queen up to speed, the Prince is sent with the Protagonist as punishment for releasing the Genie, as well as for being sick and tired of his cowardice. After entering the Underground Maze, the Genie appears, noticing that they are following him after the gold he had stolen. At that moment, the Dark Lord appears next to him, to which the Genie contacted to ensure no one tried to take back whatever he stole. This causes the Prince's face to be stolen and attached to a "Prince of a Nearby Land"otaur deeper into the maze. The party eventually catches up to the Genie and the Minotaur, but the Genie slips behind a door while the Minotaur battles the party. The minotaur is defeated, as the party continues to the Genie, who is basking in his gold. The protagonist, approaching the Genie, demands that all of the gold be returned to the Queen and to Neksdor as a whole, chanting the Genie's name to seal him back in the lamp he came from. Eventually, the Genie agrees to return the gold, and returns to the Castle to give it back. Back at the Castle, the Genie apologizes for all of the gold he had stolen to the very angry Queen, to the Queen's delight. Not long after, an ominous voice is heard, saying that a curse has been brought onto the land of Neksdor, by the evil Pharaoh. At that exact moment, the Queen and Genie's faces are both stolen.

The Prince, once again frightened, runs away to Neksdor Town, with the heroes close behind. In town, the townspeople are seen being harassed by dozens of mummies, whom are all defeated by the hero. The magistrate of the town, the Desert Celebrity, quickly takes notice of the hero's work, explaining the townspeople's plight. As the hero looks around the town, they notice that many of the townspeople have had their faces stolen when the Pharaoh caused a curse on the land. The Celebrity, begging the hero to save the faces of the townspeople, asks them to venture into the Great Pyramid, where many of these faces are held. The Prince reluctantly follows them into the Pyramid, where they are immediately attacked by the "Queen of Neksdor" Cobra. This guardian is defeated, as the Pharaoh's voice is heard again, giving an ominous warning to the heroes that dare enter the pyramid. Despite this, the party continues onwards, encountering the "Prickly Wife" Blade and the "Prickly Husband" Shield, the Lizard"Shady Merchant Father"man, and the "Rambling Old Man" Mummy inside. Each time one is defeated, the party receives another warning from the Pharaoh.

Finally, the party manages to reach the Pharaoh's chamber, who is wearing the Genie's face. The Pharaoh, who had warned them numerous times about entering the Pyramid, condones the party and battles them. After a tough battle, the Pharaoh is defeated as his curse on Neksdor is lifted. Back at the Castle, the Genie finally admits to his mistakes and decides to no longer cause mischief, instead acting as a servant for the Queen. The Prince, as well, decides that he should no longer be an arrogant, demanding coward, after seeing how brave the hero was. Keeping to her word, the Queen releases the second Magnificent Sage, clearing the chapter.

Just outside the castle, the hero meets the Great Sage again, who had discovered again where the third sage was located. After taking the Great Sage's directions, the party continues onward, with them setting up another campsite as it becomes dark.

In Other Languages

Language Name Translation
Japanese ステージ2:邪悪なファラオの砂; Sutēji 2: Jaakuna farao no suna Stage 2: The Sands of the Evil Pharaoh

Chapter 3: Battles of the Elven Relm

Much to the Hero's dismay, the Dark Lord once again steals the party's teammates away from them and seals their powers away, forcing the Guardian Spirit to give them a third job. Back at the dungeon, the Greenhorne teammates are seen tired and hungry, before taking notice of the Neksdor teammates nearby, who quickly explain their aquaintance to the hero. The now six teammates decide to escape the dungeon and meat the hero after the escape, and begin discussing plans.

Meanwhile, the Hero has traveled into the Relm of the Fey, as had been explained by the Great Sage, and realize that they are unfamiliar with the gigantic landscape and are lost. It is at that moment that a traveler approaches them, asking if they are lost. The hero, explaining who they are, asks the traveler for directions to an area known as the Elven Retreat, where the Great Sage had told them to go for assistance. The traveler agrees and takes them across the landscape after being given a job, encountering various Poms, Twerkeys, and Mouthy Tomatoes along the way. Finally, they reach the Elven Retreat, where the town residents, the Elves, are gathered together in awe, as an event is underway. Speaking with one elf, the player learns of a ritualistic series of battles in the Fey Relm, known as the "Trials of Judgement".

Every four years, the four dominant factions of the Relm: Spiders, Owls, Frogs, and Elves, compete in a series of battles to determine who is the best of the four factions. Each faction selects up to three champions to compete in these battles. If a faction wins, they are able to take two of the three champions for themselves to use for the next event four years later. The Elven Champions, the Fab Fairies, have been undefeated for over a decade, greatly upsetting the other factions. Today was when the next series of trials was to begin, and the elf mentions a "mysterious human" being selected for the Frog faction. The hero, realizing that this human could be the next Magnificent Sage, decides to investigate, sitting with the elf they had just spoken to. Upon entering the trial arena, the hero quickly sees the competition begin, as the undefeated Fab Fairies enter the stage to a huge standiovation. The three sisters, posing and winking for the ecstatic crowd, quickly begin their first battle against the first Frog champion: the Frog of Lotus Lake. After an epic battle, the Frog is defeated.

However, the Frog says to not gloat yet, as he reveals his newly acquired, undefeatable champion: the Third Magnificent Sage. The Fab Fairies, who can't compete with the Sage's magic, are brutally crushed and loose the battle. This gives the Frogs an ultimate win, and the Frogs take two of the Fab Fairies for themselves, leaving the youngest sister behind in a distress. The hero, who is disappointed that the Magnificent Sage is under the control of the Frogs, decides to leave and come up with a plan to rescue them. As they are leaving, however, they are interupted by the Youngest Fab Fairy, who overheard them speaking of getting the Magnificent Sage from the Frogs. She decides to strike a deal with the hero: If they can travel into the other factions and rescue her sisters, she will help them enter the Frog faction to save the Magnificent Sage, as the trials have already ended.

The hero agrees, and begins their journey by rescuing the Middle Sister, whom the Frogs had secretly given to the Spiders of Citrus Cave. However, the three of them could never defeat so many spiders alone, so the elf the hero spoke with earlier decides to go with them, after being given a job. After battling through the Citrus Cave, the party discover the Dark Lord once again, who is with the Spider champion: the Arachno. The Youngest Fab Fairy approaches him, demanding where her sister is. The Dark Lord laughs as he reveals the Middle Sister's face, explaining that because of the Elves constant winning streak, all three of the other factions had allied with him to get back at the Elves, with the Frogs having possession over the Magnificent Sage, and the other two having two of the Fab Fairies after defeating them.

It is at that moment that the Middle Fab Fairy's face is attached to the Arachno, creating the Arachno"Middle Fab Fairy" and initiating a battle. After a short fight, the Arachno is killed, and the Middle Fairy's face is saved. The Youngest Fairy, who decides to return to the Elven Retreat, asks her older sister to help them rescue the eldest sister, who is being held by the Owls of Bigg Forest. As the four of them travel into the woods, they suddenly encounter a border guard, who at first begins to question them before recognizing the Middle Fab Fairy, allowing them to pass. Additionally, the Guard offers to help them through the Frontier-like woods, as they were the only one that knew their way around the area. The hero agrees, and they become the tenth and last party member for the player.

After navigating through Bigg Forest, the team manage to find the Owl champion: the Mega Owl, who unfortunately already has the Eldest Fairy's face in their possession. After fighting and killing the Mega Owl, the Eldest Fab Fairy's face is restored. All of them decide to return to the Elven Retreat to cool off after what they had experienced. Back at the retreat, the two older sisters are immediately greeted by the Youngest Fab Fairy, who explains to the other sisters her promise to help them free the Magnificent Sage. The Fab Fairies decide to keep the Youngest Sister's promise, explaining that the Frogs exist past a door only they can open. Following a ritualistic dance, the door opens, only to see the Dark Lord and the Frogs on the other side, who had been waiting for them to open the door. The Frogs, who grab the Youngest Sister, leaves the Dark Lord to steal the Youngest Sister's face, sending it back to Lotus Lake.

The Dark Lord than attacks and devastates the Elven Retreat, stealing the faces of many townsfolk in the area. The Eldest Fairy, who feels she was responsible for all of this happening, decides to accompany the Hero for the remainder of the journey. The five quickly enter Lotus Lake, battling through the legions of Frogs situated there, as well as the Tomato Bros. and Twer"Mischievious Witch" guarding the doorway to the Frog champion. After entering, the Frog quickly sees all of his work undone, and in his rage uses the Youngest Fab Fairy's face. After a tough battle, the Frog at last is killed, and the Youngest Fab Fairy's face is restored. After returning to the Elven retreat again, the Fab Fairies realize that it was their pride and arrogance that caused all of this to happen, and decide to abolish the Trials from that point on. They also provide the Magnificent Sage that was rescued with the Youngest Sister, which clears the chapter.

As the hero leaves the Elven Relm in search of the Dark Lord, the Great Sage appears again, explaining that they are traveling to the land of Karkaton, where the Dark Lord's Castle is located, as a fourth Magnificent Sage is being held there. The hero decides to travel with the Sage this time around, as they need all the firepower they can muster to combat the Dark Lord. The Great Sage agrees, and the group decide to camp for the night.

In Other Languages

Language Name Translation
Japanese ステージ3:妖精とカエル; Sutēji 3: Yōsei to kaeru Stage 3: The Fairies and the Frogs

Chapter 4: Showdown with the Dark Lord

As expected, however, the Dark Lord attacks once again. However, the Great Sage had anticipated the attack and protected the Hero, meaning they do not loose their powers this time around. The two of them decide to follow the Dark Lord in hopes of rescuing the hero's friends.

In the Dark Lord's Castle, the escaping teammates are nearly out of the castle after battling through several monsters, before noticing the Fey Relm teammates in front of them, who had just been brought into the castle. Confused at their arrival, the first Greenhorne teammate asks who they are, saying they are planning an escape from the Castle. After an explanation, the Dark Lord suddenly appears before all nine of them, seeing that they have escaped. As punishment, the Dark Lord steals all of the Teammates' faces, placing them onto various monsters in preparation for the hero's arrival.

Meanwhile, the Hero and the Great Sage discover the third teammates from each world, who are all faceless and scared. The Great Sage, who realizes that their faces have been stolen, suggests rescuing these three teammates' faces before going after the Dark Lord, as they can't hope to beat him alone. Scouring the landscape, the player fights and defeats the monsters holding each face: the Magma "Party Member" Slime, the "Party Member" Tower, and the "Party Member" Golem, before traveling directly into Karkaton Volcano, the only pathway to the Dark Lord's Castle. Inside, the team is briefly split in two by a rockslide, but manage to reunite once again. Just as they catch a breath, however, the Cerberus appears, possessing the faces of the second teammates from each world. After defeating this powerhouse, the faces of these teammates are restored, until the Dark Lord suddenly appears in the foreground. Seeing that they have just defeated one of his best minions, the Dark Lord mentions that he has lost his good mood, and the hero WILL pay for defeating such a beloved minion.

Continuing onwards, the party finally makes it to the Dark Lord's Castle, but are suddenly split by another rockslide. The hero's team travels through the Death Hall, where they encounter the first Neksdor teammate's face stuck to the "Party Member" Demon. The other team fights through the Grand Hall, where they encounter the first Fey Relm teammate's face stuck to a Study of "Party Member". After each respective team fights and defeats their respective bosses and rescues each face, the team reunites again, continuing into the Armory of the Dark Lord's Castle. There, they encounter the First Greenhorne teammate, who's face is stuck to the "Party Member" Armor. The rouge armor is swiftly defeated, as the Hero declares everyone rescued. The full group thus travel into the Dungeon of the castle, setting free the fourth Magnificent Sage, before traveling through the Inner Passage straight to the Dark Lord's throne room. There, they see the Dark Lord again, who had been waiting for them to arrive. The Dark Lord remarks that they have come full circle, since the first time the Hero traveled and attempted to attack him. The hero, however, does not remember this confrontation, asking what he is talking about. The Dark Lord dismisses the thought and beckons the hero to attack them, which they quickly jump to the opportunity.

Just like last time, though, the hero is interrupted by the Dragon, who hits the hero so hard they suddenly remember everything. They realize that they were an elite hero sent to slay the Dark Lord, but the Dragon had interrupted them as they prepared to deal the final blow. The Dark Lord, laughing at the fact they finally remember, leaves them to battle the Dragon. After a long, hard battle, the Dragon is defeated, turning into a friendly dragon named Dominic. Dominic, who has no memory of how he got here or what happened when the Dark Lord controlled him, apologizes to the party before falling asleep. The Great Sage stays behind, wanting to supervise the Dragon in case it attacks again. With the Dragon out of the way, the party presses on into the Dark Lord's throne, finally confronting the Dark Lord himself. The Dark Lord, remarking at their arrival, laughs them off at first, but soon engages in a long, hard battle. Eventually, the Dark Lord is finally defeated, and the hero believes they have finally claimed victory.

However, as the defeated Dark Lord lies on the ground, a mysterious spirit suddenly appears from his medallion, leaving the Dark Lord behind. The Dark Lord suddenly turns into a normal human as well, whom leaves the castle in bewilderment. Just outside the throne, the Great Sage asks if they defeated the Dark Lord, just before the mysterious spirit appears again, trying to possess the player. At the last second, however, the Great Sage stands in the way, leading to them being possessed instead. This possession leads to the birth of the Darker Lord, a combination of the Dark Lord's and the Great Sage's powers, making the enemy twice as powerful. Gloating at his new power, the Darker Lord leaves for parts unknown, leaving the party shocked and clueless. It is at that moment that Dominic wakes up again, offering to help them chase down the Darker Lord. The party agrees, and the group fly out of the castle away from Karkaton.

In other Languages

Language Name Translation
Japanese ステージ4:対決! 大魔王 ; Sutēji 4: Taiketsu! Dai-maou. Stage 4: Showdown! Great Demon Lord.

Chapter 5: A Kingdom of Ice

Up in the sky, the hero suddenly spies the Darker Lord in the distance. Confronting them, the Darker Lord suddenly sees them and blasts them out of the sky, causing them to fall into the Powdered Peaks below. Dominic, who was injured in the blast, cannot fly until they find someone to help him. Thus, the party decides to look around in search of help, coming across the town of Powderia. At that moment, however, the Darker Lord suddenly appears again, whom various townsfolk mistake for the Great Sage. Insulted by this confusion, the Darker Lord steals the face of the town Mayor and places it on a "Chatty Mayor" Wind, sending it to attack the town.

Following this wind monster's defeat, the Mayor expresses gratitude for saving them, saying they deserve to meet with the Prince of the region. Reluctantly, the party travels to Powderia's castle through Ghontu Waste, meeting with the Prince of the region. The ecstatic mayor quickly explains to the prince of the heroics done by the protagonist, such as saving his face from the Darker Lord. The prince, however, tunes out the mayor's praise and turns his attention to the hero (with the mayor's text rendering as "blah blah blah" in the background), thanking the hero for what they've done.

At that moment, another person bursts into the room: the Lady of Powderia, saying that she heard prattling and had to investigate. Upon seeing the mayor in the room, still rambling about the hero, she rudely interrupts him and shoos him out, much to his displeasure. Taking notice of this, the Prince introduces the hero to the Lady of Powderia, his fiancé, with some of the player's party members commenting on how beautiful and elegant she looks. Following the introduction, the Lady asks the Protagonist what they're doing in Powderia, to which the hero responds that they crashed while riding a dragon, and were now looking for a way to heal him. The prince, having a realization, remembers that he knows someone skilled in medicine: the Dutchess of Powderia, and asks the Lady of Powderia to escort the hero to the Duchess' estate. The Lady is reluctant at first, but agrees to help nonetheless, as she's been dying to see the Duchess again.

Upon reaching the estate, however, they discover that the mansion has been attacked by the Ice Queen and a group of Yetis. Taking notice of the Party, the Ice Queen introduces herself to the hero before showing the Duchess, who has had her face stolen. The Lady, seeing this, asks the Ice Queen what happened to her face, to which the Ice Queen laughs and says that she's hidden the face deep in the mansion in the clutches of her pet. She then leaves, leaving the party to travel through the ruined mansion in search of the cure. After encountering and defeating many Yetis, the party finally encounters an Orochi possessing the Duchess' face at the top of the structure. The Orochi is defeated, allowing the party to reclaim the defrosting medicine and restore the Duchess to normal.

As the Duchess comes to her senses, she sees the Lady standing in front of her and realizes that she is back to normal. The Lady expresses joy at seeing her friend again and hugs her, which the Duchess nervously reciprocates. The hero asks the Duchess if she has any healing medicine for Dominic, only for the Duchess to say that she has none, as all of her medicine was destroyed in the attack. Shocked by this, the Lady asks the Duchess why the Ice Queen would even attack her in the first place, to which the Duchess explains that she has been trying to find a way to help those who are suffering from the Ice Queen's storms that are tormenting Powderia's citizens, by creating a way for people to not become frozen. The Ice Queen, wanting to prevent this, attacked her and froze her in ice.

Appalled by the story, the Lady offers to take the Duchess back to the Royal Palace so she could recover, and possibly create another cure. The Duchess agrees and accompanies the party back to the palace. Upon reaching the palace, however, they find the Chatty Mayor, in distress, with the prince again. The Chatty Mayor frantically explains that Powderia Town was attacked by the Ice Queen with help from the Darker Lord, and the Prince was just about to set off to help them. Directing the Lady to stay, the Prince asks the hero to help them fight off the Ice Queen. The hero agrees and they set off back to town.

Back in town, the Darker Lord is still attacking the town, with the Ice Queen commenting on the devastation the Darker Lord is causing. It is at that moment that the hero arrives, causing the Darker Lord to chuckle at seeing the hero again. He explains that the Hero is too late, as he has already stolen the faces of many townspeople: The Thieving Family, the Zealous Priest, the husband of the Lukewarm Couple, and the Scholarly Pioneer. He then leaves, but not before saying that he has something special planned for his fiancé. The prince, realizing that he means the Lady of Powderia, frantically rushes back to the castle, with the hero close behind.

Back at the castle, the Lady of Powderia is relaxing while the Duchess works frantically, telling the Lady that she would appreciate some help from the latter. The Lady snobbishly brushes away the request, much to the Duchess' annoyance. It is then that the Darker Lord appears, stealing the face of the Lady and giving it to the Ice Queen, causing her to laugh about her increase in power. The two of them then leave, leaving a distressed Duchess behind. The prince and the hero arrive shortly after as the Duchess explains what happened, angering the Prince. Vowing to recover the Lady's stolen face, the Prince decides to travel to the Ice Queen's palace atop Tschilly Peak. As they travel up the mountain and throughout the palace, they encounter monsters possessing the faces of the townspeople: a "Zealous Priest" Crystal, a Snow "Lukewarm Husband", a Snow Griffin with both of the Thieving family's faces, and a Blue "Scholarly Pioneer" Mouse.

Eventually, the group finally manages to find the Ice Queen, still in possession of the Lady's face. The Prince declares that he will defeat the Ice Queen, which causes the Ice Queen to laugh and express deja vu, as this was exactly what the Prince said when announcing that he would become king. The hero gives a look of confusion to this, to which the Ice Queen continues to say that she allied with the Darker Lord out of fear for her life, and got all the benefits that come with it. She then arrogantly boasts that with her power, she will bury Powderia in an avalanche with her biggest storm yet, prompting the battle. After a long, hard battle, the Ice Queen is finally defeated and relinquishes the Lady's face, leaving the party to return to the castle, though not before discovering the fifth Magnificent Sage and rescuing them.

Back at the castle, the Lady expresses gratitude at seeing her face restored and thanks the hero for saving it. The Duchess also appears and reveals that she has finally created a healing medicine to help Dominic, which the hero had, admittingly, forgotten about. They thus return to Dominic after saying their final farewells to the Powderia royalty and heal him, prompting Dominic to lift off once again.

In other Languages

Language Name Translation
Japanese ステージ5:氷の女王の嵐; Sutēji 5: Kōri no joō no arashi Stage 5: Storm of the Ice Queen.

Chapter 6: The Shadow of the Peculia Vampire

Chapter 7: Marks of Skyland Progress

Chapter 8: The Madness of the Darker Lord

After freeing all of the Magnificent Sages, the hero finally manages to enter the Sky Scraper, using the Sages' powers to gain access into the tower. After entering, the party immediately encounters the Ex-Dark Lord again, who's face is attached to the "Ex-Dark Lord", The Replica Dark Lord. After facing this monster, the Ex-Dark Lord joins them throughout the rest of the journey. After navigating the fortress and defeating the various monsters within, including stronger versions of each end-boss from each chapter, they finally encounter the Darker Lord, who battles them in an intense battle with the fate of everything hanging in the balance. Eventually, the Darker Lord is weakened by this battle, and desperately flees to the top of the tower, not wanting to repeat his defeat as the Dark Lord.

As the party gives chase, they finally corner the Darker Lord on top of the Sky Scraper. With nowhere to run, the Darker Lord absorbs various faces across Miitopia, becoming the all powerful Darkest Lord. With nearly the strength of a god, the party is no match for the Darkest Lord's overwhelming power. The hero, facing death in the eye, prepares for their ultimate defeat, reflecting on how they failed to stop the Dark Lord and rescue the Great Sage. It is then that a sudden surge of energy appears, interupting the Darkest Lord before he strikes the final blow. From this blast of energy, all of the friends that the hero had rescued in each chapter cheer on the hero, helping to give them the strength to defeat the Darkest Lord. As all of these cheers occur, the Darkest Lord suddenly begins to feel week, as the Great Sage manages to summon their conscience to wish one last cheer on the party, giving them the last of their strength to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all. With this newfound encouragement, the hero defeats the Darkest Lord, freeing the Great Sage.

(NOTE: The rest of this chapter is exactly the same as the ending of the original game, with only minor changes.)

In other languages

Language Name Translation
Japanese ステージ 最後の:怒っている 超魔王; Sutēji Saigo no: Ikatteiru Chou-maou. Stage Final: Mad Super Demon Lord

Bonus Chapter: Tomodachi Nostalgia