Miitopia Fanon Wiki

Here are the rules of the Miitopia Fanon Wiki. Do keep them in mind, but if you're a good user, you have little to worry about. Those who have contributed a lot may have a lower chance of being blocked.

There is also an FAQ for becoming part of the staff located at the bottom.

Rule List

Rule(s) Examples Ban length
  1. Do not deliberately offend/upset another user!
  • This includes racism, discrimination, threatening, cyberbullying or insulting another user.
  • "Since you only have twenty edits, you suck!"
  • "That user is a new student at my school and everybody hates him/her! We should bully him/her here!"
  • "I swear if you don't join my wiki I'll stalk you for the rest of my life!"
  • For offending a user, the block will be for one week for five times. If you do it a sixth time, you will be banned for 1,000 years.
2. No Spamming! This includes:

  • Adding irrelevant categories
  • Spamming categories
  • Excessive minor edits
  • Creating unneeded/spam pages
  • Editing someone else's fanon without their permission or sharing someone else's fanon
  • Adding categories such as "fwefwe", "Donald trump" and "WhO eVeR rEaDs ThIs WiLl DiE iN 28 dAyS"
  • One edit: The quick brown fox jumped ober the lasy dogk. Next: The quick brown fox jumped over the lasy dogk and so on.
  • Creating a page named Iebwibf
  • For adding irrelevant categories, spamming edits and creating uneccesary pages: a three-day block will apply. If you repeat this offence, a one week block will apply then one month.
  • If both users agree to share a Fanon without consent, the page will be deleted, no matter how hard they worked on it or how much they get mad. If someone edits another person's Fanon without asking them to edit, a warning followed by a block. The page will not be deleted, but will be reverted.
  • Collabs are now officially allowed, however:
    • You MUST post a message on an admin's message wall stating who you want to work with. Then the admin will tell the person they want to collab on their message wall. They must accept the offer before you are allowed to collab.
    • Maximum people allowed on a collab: 2. In the future this value may change but since not many people contribute to this wiki, 2 is a fair amount.
3. Swearing
  • Swearing is not allowed on this wiki
  • Censored swearing such as f***, s***, wtf are allowed
  • Uncensored swearing will result in a block
  • Swearing will result in a week-long block. Repeating this offence may be subject to a permanent ban
4. Fanon
  • You are allowed to use content from Miitopia to put in your game.
  • If you want to link unedited Miitopia content, link to the Miitopia Wiki's page.
  • Miitopia Fanons must include either Miis or focus on another canon element like an enemy.
  • Allowed: Creating "Banshee" or "Realm of the Fey" and/either are in your game.
  • Not allowed: Creating "Banshee" or "Realm of the Fey" and it is not in any fanon.
  • Not allowed: Putting information from the Miitopia Game on any page, including in the comments section. These can be found on the Miitopia Wiki
  • The page(s) will be deleted
5. Profile

  • Do not put thoughts about other users on your profile page, regardless of intent.
  • Do not edit someone else's profile page.
  • Avoid putting personal information. A page's history is visible even if you delete the text.
  • Putting up a table describing every user's positives and negatives as well as an overall rating out of ten.
  • Editing someone's favourite pages into yours.
  • Putting your birthday, country you live in, age, last name etc.
  • All offences: month-long block.
  • Personal information is up to you to remove.
6. No Edit Wars

  • An edit war is when multiple users disagree on what a page should look like and repeatedly undo each other's edits.
  • When an edit war starts, let an Admin or Bureaucrat know at once.
  • A possible block from ALL USERS involved in the edit war.
  • Do not abuse powers or block without good reason.
  • Saying "I only blocked him/her because I was testing!". No excuses.
  • Upgrading someone who only started editing two days ago into an admin.
  • Power(s) will be removed and blocked for one month
8. Blocked Policy

  • If you have been blocked, you cannot follow the blocker to another wiki to complain.
  • If you are blocked on another wiki, it is not okay for you to come to this wiki to complain.
  • If you wish to terminate your block early because of a misunderstanding, you are more than welcome to tell the admin it was a misunderstanding on their message wall on Community Central as well as providing evidence (a screenshot is best) to terminate your block.
  • Also Bad: Hey (admin), WHY DID YOU GET ME BLOCKED ON (other wiki's name). I WISH YOU WERE DEAD
  • Good: Hey (admin), I'd like to inform you that it was just a misunderstanding and it was this user who did it. Here's a screenshot to show it wasn't me.
  • Complaining about a block here, the block will be extended for a week.
  • Complaining about being blocked at another wiki will result in a week-block here.
  • Lying and trying to frame another user; The block will be extended for a week.
9. Copying other's creations
  • You are allowed to use someone else's work BUT the owner MUST be okay with using their creations AND must be credited.
  • Random Goblin Thing (original creator: [Username])
  • Failing to credit a user will result in a two week block and the page being deleted.
10. 'Mature' content
  • As this is a Mii wiki, no 'adult' or 'R18' content will be allowed.
  • Making a dark fanon with excessive violence.
  • Adding sexual elements to your fanon.
  • The pages will be deleted and the user receives a block based on how bad the content was.


  • I am 12 years or younger, will I get blocked? Yes. If you are found to be 12 years or younger, you will be blocked until you turn 13. So if you are underage, please wait until age 13.
  • Is Sockpuppetry allowed? Sockpuppeting is not allowed. If you are blocked and try to create another account (a sockpuppet) to evade that block, both accounts will be permanently blocked.
  • Does Grammar matter? If you are not a native English speaker, grammar mistakes are allowed, but deliberately leaving grammatical errors is not acceptable.
  • Does a newly-created page have to be massive? Not necessarily, but a new page MUST be at least 200 bytes. Small pages are signs of spam. You will receive a warning if you break this rule, and a block if you repeat it again. 200 bytes is not that big, so unless it's spam, you shouldn't fall afoul of this rule.
  • Do I have to add categories to a page? Yes, although no block will be considered for not adding categories to a page. Even the Staff forget sometimes!
  • How long should comments be? Comments should not be long, not be spam and must be relevant to the page. One and only warning if you break those rules.
  • Do these rules apply to the Miitopia Wiki? No, these rules are only for THIS wiki to follow.
  • Will these rules ever change? Maybe, but a notification will be put on the wiki's front page noting the change.
  • Which form of English should I use? Any type of English is fine.
  • I'm a new user here, and I'm scared I'm gonna get blocked for doing something wrong, help! Don't freak out! An admin can leave a message on your message wall so you won't repeat the offence again. You would have a lower chance to be blocked if you've contributed a lot. We all make blunders.

If you specifically signed up to break these rules, these rules won't apply. A banhammer will be applied to your forehead, though.

FAQ about Adminship

  • How long do I have to contribute before I become admin? You must have contributed on this wiki for at least 3 months to be eligible to become an admin and having a reasonable amount of productive edits.
  • If I have ever been blocked, will this affect how I become admin? Not much, but you cannot sign up for admin if you got blocked in the past 30 days. If you have been blocked at least three times, you are not allowed to become an admin.
  • Do I have to be 13 or over to be an admin? Yes, according to Wikia's Terms of Service.
  • How active do I have to be to become an admin? Reasonably active. If you have made less than 10 edits in one month, you will be demoted to a normal user.
  • How do I become an admin?
    • Firstly, you must not have been nominated and failed to become one in the past 30 days, or been blocked 3 or more times.
    • Tell a BUREAUCRAT (either Fanofkinopio or Jewelraffe) if you wish to be an admin and explain two good reasons WHY.
      • (Good reasons include: Active for a very long time, good and productive edits, been praised for my edits a number of times on this wiki etc.)
      • (Bad reasons include: I want to feel what it's like to be admin, I work as a doctor in real life, my friend is a bureaucrat on this wiki etc.)
    • BOTH Bureaucrats (Fanofkinopio and Jewelraffe) MUST confirm the request, then an official voting will begin. After one week, if the user receives AT LEAST 50% of votes, (s)he will be promoted. If no one votes, then another week will be set to vote and after that, a promotion will not happen.
  • What about being a chat/discussions/rollback moderator?
    • If an admin thinks you have worked hard enough, the admin may tell you on your message wall if you would like to be promoted. (It's okay if you don't want to be one)