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Miitopia II is a sequel to Miitopia created by Lonely Dreamer. The storyline occurs after the events of the first game, and follows a new protagonist on their quest to stop the Princess (or Prince) of Chaos from taking over Miitopia.

Major Gameplay Changes

  • The overworld is seen from a semi-top-down perspective and the protagonist can be controlled freely.
  • All spots on the overworld map are distinct areas rather than straight pathways.
  • Inns have their own spots on the world map. There is one in every major region.
  • Inns have expanded features.
  • HP Bananas and MP Candies have been replaced with Berries, which fill a similar and expanded role. There are HP Bananas that can be eaten in Level 10.
  • The Safe Spot has a limiter to prevent abuse of it. After healing and/or restoring the status of a character, it can't be used for 2 turns. Also, it can only hold someone for 1 turn at a time.
  • Shakers (previously known as Sprinkles) make a return, though only three types may be used at once, and more types have been added.
  • Personalities have been changed, and many more have been added.
  • Some Jobs have been changed, and more have been added.
  • Enemies can be afflicted with more status effects, and bosses can as well, albeit with a lower rate of success. Also, more status effects have been added.
  • The Antique Charm can be used to perform special attacks in battle. One new special attack is unlocked for use after every chapter.
  • Items specifically for use in combat have been introduced.


Most characters come with preset names and appearances based on their genders, if the player doesn't feel like choosing/making them.


Name Description Default Names
Protagonist The illustrious hero chosen (or created) at the beginning of the game to represent the player. N/A (must be filled in)
Teammates The Protagonist's nine faithful companions met on the course of the journey. N/A (must be filled in)


Name Description Default Names
Guardian Spirit "An ancient spirit residing in an old amulet. It helped the previous hero fight back the darkness long ago." N/A
Great Sage "A wise mage who travels Miitopia helping others. Rumor has it that they were previously the apprentice of another knowledgable wizard." Male: TBA

Female: TBA


Name Description Default Names
Prince of Chaos (Male)

Princess of Chaos (Female)

"A malevolent sorcerer/sorceress who has successfully conquered Miitopia with their army of monsters." Male: Darkon

Female: Matilda

Archmage "A moderately powerful magic-user, and the weakest of the Elite Eight, though they seem to be in denial of that fact. They love hamming it up before and during battle." Male: Defka

Female: Fira

Copycat "A pesky youngster who can create copies of themself and change their form to resemble any Mii. They play tricks on others with their powers. Male: Mimico

Female: Mimi

Samurai "An honorable warrior. They fight with deadly strength and precision." Male: Yamikage

Female: Sashimi

Showman (Male)

Showlady (Female)

"A high-spirited stage magician. They're more interested in entertaining than battling, which is evident in their flashy (yet surprisingly effective) fighting style." Male: Magnifi

Female: Rouliette

General "A no-nonsense leader with a small army of monsters with them at all times. They also have a very short temper." Male: Trumpet

Female: TBA

Mad Scientist "An intelligent, yet rather deranged scientist with nary a grasp of morals." Male: TBA

Female: TBA

Gameplay Elements



Name Description Unlocked by
Knight The classic knight in shining armor, here to defeat the forces of evil! The Knight is a simple job that combines strong offense with tough defense. You can count on it to deal great amounts of damage and survive for a long time as well. Finding the Antique Charm
Mage A master of the arcane arts able to call upon destructive magic to cause major damage. Despite their power, Mages fall easily due to their low HP and Defense. Finding the Antique Charm
Cleric Clerics utilize divine magic to support their allies. They can revert wounds, cure status ailments, revive unconscious teammates, create shields, and strike down enemies with some good ol' godly fury. Finding the Antique Charm
Thief Swift as the wind, with a repertoire of skills designed to confound enemies. Finding the Antique Charm
Chef Cooks up cures and stirs up trouble in equal parts with a trusty frying pan. Finding the Antique Charm
Pop Star Inspires the party with boundless energy and the magic of song! Finding the Antique Charm
Cat Dainty paws…cute little whiskers…vicious, shredding claws. Meowch! Completing Chapter 1
Imp Ever the cause of mischief and mayhem, but cute enough to get away with it. Completing Chapter 1
Scientist Applies the power of science and technology to aid you in battle. Completing Chapter 1
Princess Refined, Charming,  Elegant. Friend and foe alike shall bow to (such) your majesty. Completing Chapter 2
Tank A wicked weapon on wheels, packing a large cannon and plate armor. Completing Chapter 2
Flower Harnesses the power of nature to brighten up everyone’s day. Completing Chapter 2
Vampire This beauteous immortal flourishes the forces of darkness with flair. Acquiring the Bat Charm
Elf An elf of the forest, armed with the power of an enchanted bow. Acquiring the Elf Charm


Name Description Unlocked by
Artist A class for those who like to paint Finding the Antique Charm
Outlaw An outlaw who has the wits of a fox Completing Chapter 1
Doctor A person who has a steady hand Completing Chapter 2
Psychic Use the powers of the psychic to be a real head-ache against the enemy team Completing Chapter 3
Bookworm It uses books and intellect against the enemy Completing Chapter 3
Capt'n The Capt'n is a ferocious leader Defeat General " Mii "
Forecaster Completing Chapter 4
Conductor Completing Chapter 4
Dragon Acquiring the Dragon Charm
Magical Girl/Boy
Copycat A copy cat who can be really annoying Defeat Copycat " Mii "

Acquiring the Smash Bros Charm

(And 26 Friends)

Sword-Fighter Acquiring the Smash Bros Charm

(And 26 Friends)

Fox Acquiring the Animal Charm

(And 26 Friends)


Several personalities and their quirks have been added and changed.

  • Kind
  • Energetic
  • Lazy (previously Laid-back)
  • Cool
  • Stubborn
  • Ditzy (previously Airheaded)
  • Cautious
  • Brainiac (NEW!)
  • Polite (NEW!)
  • Serious (NEW!)
  • Jolly (NEW!)
  • Prideful (NEW!)
  • Rowdy (NEW!)
  • Pesky (NEW!)


Status Effects


Shakers and the Safe Spot

Special Attacks