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Miitopia Insanity is a game created by CrazyMew37. It is a mix-up of Miitopia: Harsh Edition and Miitopia (Maskaloop Version). This game is the third and last in the Goldie Trilogy.




  • Goldie Narrates the entire game.
  • Like in Harsh Edition, the difficulty increases, but only by a little bit.
    • Grub isn't as filling.
    • There are less sprinkles. (750 for HP, 400 for MP)
    • Your attacks aren't as strong (X0.85 as strong.)
    • There is a 1/3 chance that you will do a weak attack (50% less than normal).
  • Until the Post-game, you have to play as 4 certain Miis named Eric, Emma, Sarah, and Billy, respectfully.

    The Warrior is Eric, the Mage is Emma, the Cleric is Sarah, and Billy is the Cat.

    • This does mean that you only have 4 Miis, so that means the Dark Lord just lowers everyone's level to 1 and takes their jobs after an Area has been finished.
  • There are now 15 Minigames during the Post-Game to play, and you have to get the high score on all of them to get 100% on this game.
  • There are 6 new Jobs that are unlocked after beating a certain amount of Minigames (1 is unlocked per 3 High Scores Broken).
  • There is a lot of lore about Goldie and the Miis revealed in this game.
  • There are now Weaknesses and Strengths against every Monster in the game. Most of them are logical. (I.E. The Flower, Elf, and Vampire are Weak to the Fire Demon, while the Mage, Imp, and Tank are strong against it.)
    • Strengths mean the attack will always be 2/3 as strong, while Weaknesses mean the attack will always be 1.5 times as strong.


  • There is at least 1 story for each supporting character.
  • There is a new Cheat Mode after 100%ing the game, which allow the options to toggle Harsh Mode (Harsh Edition-style game-play) on or off, enable or disable Instakill, Invincibility, and Unlimited G.
  • After 100%ing the game, a New Superboss is fought.
  • The Green-Eyed Lady now has her Right Eye covered in hair. No matter what hair type you give her, the eye will still be covered.
Miitopia Insanity
New Classes


New Enemies

SirenFreezing MummyCoolpoleUltra Dangerous BombUnicornGrape CloudEggletFlameEvil FlameShadow SlimeAlternate PuppetDawn FawnDusk FawnChip CoinControllerInsanity Creature???
Retroputer IIIReader of DreamsBright LordBright SageBright Sun"Traveler" Bucket"Friend" ShovelCorrupted MayorRainbow CumulusShadow LordBetter?!?!?!
Bold = Boss

New Grub

Plump Fish TailPlump Fish Tail ★Plump Fish Tail ★★Fluffy HorseshoeFluffy Horseshoe ★Fluffy Horseshoe ★★OmgletHot SticksHot Sticks ★Hot Sticks ★★Tender AntlersTender Antlers ★Tender Antlers ★★Insanity Meal

New Locations

Minigame PalaceRealm of Insanity


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