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Miitwopia is a fanmade sequel to Miitopia taking place three years after the events of Miitopia. it is also a fancomic, which has a page here!

The fan comic is a part of a bigger fanon called Miitopia: Seven Cursed Beings.



Three years after the event of Miitopia, a new threat looms over Miitopia: The Keeper Of The Night. The Great Sage and the Protagonist have disappeared all of the sudden as well! Now the Reborn and co. have to stop her!


Miitwopia's Plot


See the page here!


You can choose whether or not you control your whole party, just your mii, or no miis at all. Once the you beat the game, you have even more control over what miis you control.


The relationship cap has been increased to 150, rather than 99. You may also choose to ship your miis together, regardless of gender if your miis are above level 100. There are new animations every 10-30 levels, instead of stopping at 30.Here is a list of all the relationships above 0.



Sprinkles, of course, return to Miitwopia. However, there are some differences in the sprinkles, and some new sprinkles added!

Type of sprinkle Effects changes Color Max Amount
HP sprinkles Restores HP HP sprinkles go up to 1,000 instead of 999. Yellow 1,000
MP sprinkles Restores MP MP sprinkles go up to 1,000 rather than 500. Green 1,000
Life Sprinkles Restores a Mii who’s HP has reached 0 to full HP. There are optional side quests to increase life sprinkles up to 3. Pink 3
Hyper Sprinkles Hypes up a mii, making attacks more powerful but limiting a mii to just it’s basic attack. Also speeds up the music. No change Purple 5
Shield Sprinkles Protects a mii from the next attack, resulting in the mii taking no damage You can upgrade shield sprinkles to 10. You can also put up to 2 shields on one mii. Blue 10
Anger Sprinkles Angers a mii, causing a mii to have two turns, but restricting it only to attacks. Also speeds up the music. There are 5 of these. New addition Red 5
Lethargy sprinkles Makes a mii lethargic, causing its attacks to be less powerful, also restricting it to just a normal attack. However, its defences are significantly increased. Also slows down music. There are 5 of these. New Addition Dark indigo 5
Clearing Sprinkles Clears any physical status effects (I.E. burning, covered in spiders, etc) without wasting a turn New Addition Pale Orange 1


Just like in Miitopia, Miitwopia has personalities and their respective quirks. However, some things have changed, including:

  • Old personalities being altered
  • New personalities being added
  • A Mii can have up to two personalities at a time.
  • Personalities are grouped

Personality types:




















Unlocked After Beating Mosscave

  • Princess
  • Flower (Lily, Daisy, Rose)
  • Tank
  • Vampire

Unlocked After Beating Sanddollar Coast

  • Gamer
  • Brawler
  • Artist(Drawer, Painter, Sculpter)

Unlocked After Beating The Saltbed

  • Sage
  • Angel(Virtue, Power, Angel)
  • Cowboy

Jobs That Need Charms To Unlock

  • Ghost
  • Elf


Main Game Monsters

Postgame Monsters

  • Greenhorne Monsters
  • Neksdor Monsters
  • Realm Of The Fey Monsters
  • Karkaton Monsters
  • Powdered Peaks Monsters
  • Nimbus Monsters
  • Peculia Monsters
  • Sky Scraper Monsters
  • Otherworld Monsters
  • Galados Isle Monsters
  • Melon Jungle Monsters
  • Tableland Monsters
  • Moonlight Spire Monsters

Other New Mechanics

New Events

Inn events

  • Two miis are playing a video game. the winner is randomly decided. depending on the personality that wins it can either raise relationship or resentment.
    • If, for example, two kind miis are playing together, relationship will raise no matter what.
    • if a kind mii and a stubborn mii for example are playing together and the stubborn mii wins, relationship will raise.
    • if a kind mii and a stubborn mii are playing together and the stubborn mii loses, the stubborn will get resentful of the kind one.
    • if two stubborn miis are playing together, the two will grow resentful no matter what the result is.
  • Two miis can draw a drawing and show it to the other mii. The drawing can be of the other mii(which raises relationship a full level) of the surrounding area (which raises relationship a quarter level) a random enemy (which raises relationship a random amount up a quarter level) a mock drawing of the other mii(will only happen in a quarrel, and raises resentment.)
  • The miis will enter a rap battle(word chains in Japan), similar to tomodachi life. It functions similar to the video games, with a random winner. depending on who wins and the personalities involved it can either raise relationship, resentment, or both.
  • The singing event is expanded on. Sometimes the Miis will sing the songs from Tomodachi life and Tomodachi Collection. Also, the Miis may also harmonize HORRIBLY, but this does not affect gameplay.

Mii Maker additions

  • There is an in-game Mii maker similar to the 3DS version of Miitopia, as opposed the the Switches version that just uses the console's Mii maker.
  • You can now create a genderless Mii in the Mii Maker.
  • Makeup returns from the switch version of Miitopia, and it's added to the in-game Mii maker instead of being a separate function.
  • Ditto for wigs.


  • The horses from the Switch version of Miitopia return!