The Mini-Goblin is a fan-made monster.


The Mini-Goblin is basically a tinier version of the game's Goblins, hence the name. Its coloring (and stats) depends on what Goblin variant it's based from, though it has half the strength of said Goblin variant and can't use the special skills from certain variants (like the Mage Goblin's magic attack). Only one Mii eye is attached to this monster.


Action name Description
Attack Inflicts physical damage to one party member.
Show Off (assist)

If an ally monster is present, this monster may inflict more damage.

Only Space Mini-Goblins can perform this action.

Stumble (auto) When trying to perform a regular attack, this monster has a chance of stumbling instead, preventing its attack from working and wasting its turn.

Mini-Goblins can randomly show up in late-game Goblin (of any variant) encounters where they have a chance of joining the battle at the end of a round, ranging from two to four Mini-Goblins depending on how many monsters are present (none will show up if the number of participating monsters has reached the maximum). What variant depends on what Goblins are currently present during such battle. Unlike the regular Goblins, Mini-Goblins have a 3% chance of dropping a basic-quality Goblin Ham (can't drop Goblin Ham ★ and Goblin Ham ★★) and won't drop G.

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