Here are the new monsters appearing in Miitopia: Fiend's Call.

Alongside the new ones, old monsters will all also return, albeit moved around, which will be noted.


Name Location(s)
Medusa Arid Frontier (Greenhorne)
Replaces boss Griffin
Magnetaurs Great Pyramid (Neksdor)

Replaces Kind Golem pair

Mimic Eye Anywhere
Snatcher Eye Traveler Quests
Metadrone Greenhorne
Vyrodrone Neksdor
Medidrone Realm of the Fey
Pyrodrone Karkaton
Cryodrone Powdered Peaks
Psydrone Peculia
Shining Butterfly EXTREME Quests
Shining Twerkey EXTREME Quests
Shining Banshee EXTREME Quests
Shining Spider EXTREME Quests
Shining Armor EXTREME Quests
Shining Queen EXTREME Quests
Shining Sage EXTREME Quests
Ancient Golem Labyrinth of Fear
Final Weapon Labyrinth of Fear
Miitopia: Fiend's Call

WarriorMageClericThiefCatChefPop StarImpScientistTankPrincessFlowerVampireElf

New Enemies

MedusaMagnetaursMimic EyeSnatcher EyeMetadroneVyrodroneMedidronePyrodroneCryodronePsydroneAncient GolemFinal Weapon
Shining Bosses
Shining ButterflyShining TwerkeyShining BansheeShining SpiderShining ArmorShining QueenShining Sage


Shining DishShining Dish ★Shining Dish ★★