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Nightmare Griffin is a fan-made monster that appears in Level-Up Dimension.

Nightmare Griffin: i love you?


It's a black Griffin with yellow shading. Like the Dark Griffin, it holds six pairs of Mii eyes on its wings.


Action name Description
Attack Inflicts physical damage to one party member.
Mega Barrier Cancellation Casts a spell from the Griffin's wings to inflict damage on one party member and other party member(s) adjacent to him/her. Destroys any damage-cancelling barriers on the affected target(s).
Two More Times! (auto) Allows this monster to perform three actions in one turn, each aimed at a different target.

Tanks with max Speed will be eventually outsped by the Nightmare Griffin's increased Speed as the challenge goes on due to how the battle mechanic in Level-Up Dimension works. If one plans to use a damage-reducing barrier (like Barrier or Forest Aegis), it can be easily rendered useless by the Nightmare Griffin's magic attack. Its high offensive stats, combined with its high Speed and "One more time!" trait that activates twice every time it gets its turn, can easily decimate low-defense parties, requiring high defensive stats, lots of healing, and Safe Spot abuse.

Like all Level-Up Dimension monsters, there's a rare chance of a level skip after a level is cleared, the likeliness of it happening increasing the more party members are in a critical state (less than 25% of their max HP). In Nightmare Griffin's case, skips are no longer given if its level is 46 or above.