The Owl Sage is a stronger version of the Wizened Owl.

It is blessed with divine magic, despite being a monster. It is especially dangerous to Imps and Vampires.


Owl Sages have golden eyebrows and white bodies, with gold feet. They hold a pair of Mii eyebrows and Mii eyes.


Action name Description
Double Peck Pecks 2 Miis with its beak.
Gust The Owl Sage flaps its wings and strikes the whole party with twin tornados, dealing damage.
Righteous Anger Deals damage equal to double the target Mii's level.
If the Mii has the Evil status or is an Imp or Vampire, they are instantly killed with the message 'Begone!' above their head.
Divine Field (auto) Any Imp skills used against the Owl Sage will miss and Vampires cannot Revive while the Owl Sage is alive.